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Part 118: Update CXIV: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Yon: Moon Princess

This ending isn't a game over, but it's similar in tone. Basically, to get this ending, reach 30,000 and become the official alchemist of Arls and all that business, but fail to trigger any ending flags, including the one achieved after getting a population of 100,000. Again, just running around the world map is the best way to waste time, since you won't be interrupted by scenes while just wasting time.

For the record, for the Castle Life trophy, this is the ending you want. The previous three endings were all game overs and don't count toward getting that trophy.

Music: Atelier Meruru - Normal Ending

I really thought I did my best these past five years, but maybe I needed to just...try harder. I really did have big plans, though! I mean, I got to become an alchemist like I wanted. So that's good, I guess. But still...

Meruru, you can't just lie around all day. You're getting in the way of my cleaning.

I'm so booored. I don't have any requests or anything!

Well loafing around like this certainly isn't helping. You're going to turn into a no-good bum!

Ghh, that's not good! All right, I gotta do something! But...what? At least before, I had a goal to work toward. But now what do I have? Nothing! I need another goal as clear as "make Arls super successful before we merge with Arland!"

It does seem rather difficult to come up with another goal as well-defined as that one.

Right? It's not like I'm just being lazy. I'm using all my energy to figure out what to do next! It's just matter how hard I think, I can't come up with a conclusion.

I guess I did used to be like that. Maybe I've settled down, now that I'm older.

Well what are you doing that for!? You need to get active, Meruru, find that energy!

Whoa, you never get all excited like this, Keina! What's gotten into you?

I want that energetic Meruru back. I wish for that more than anything.

Keina...I didn't mean to make you worry like that. Okay, then! My new goal is to find a new goal! With that decided, it's time to get to work!

Are you really okay with such a vague goal?

I feel like we're right back where we started...but at least she's gotten some of that energy back.

Castle Life

Atelier Meruru - Normal Ending
I thought a lot about what to do for the ending song. I made a list of several candidates to use for the arrangement, and I settled on the workshop. Now that I think about it, that workshop song was made with Meruru in mind rather than the workshop itself.

Castle Life ending