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Part 119: Update CXV: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Go: At the End of the Fondest Wish

This ending is acquired by defeating Airshatter with Gio in the party, capping off all those scenes relating to Sofra. Obviously, this is one of two endings that are New Game+ only.

Leave the cleaning to me. I have a knack for tidying up. But... After putting everything in order...the workshop feels so lonely.

It's so sad to say goodbye...

Wow, good work! You're almost done. You must be exhausted. Looking at it now, it's so spacious... Even though it's filled with five years' worth of memories.

D-Don't say stuff like just makes me so sad. *sniff*

Aww, don't cry, Meruru. It's not like the workshop is gonna disappear. You should be excited at moving into an even bigger one. Come on, cheer up!

We should get going. There's still a lot to do at the new place.

You're right...let's go!

Music: Atelier Meruru - True Ending

Didn't you? Her reputation as a great alchemist has spread beyond the very borders of Arland. She does our country proud as an alchemist, and her talents are requested far and wide.

One of only...two endings Gio is in.

Without a doubt, her skill in alchemy is essential for our continued growth. worries me to see my only child devoted so fiercely to alchemy. I guess it just makes me sad she has no time for me anymore. When I heard she'd be returning, my heart soared. But...

When she begins working, she's blind to everything else. Her concentration is perhaps her greatest weapon.

I know. That weapon saved our kingdom. But as a father, I'm not sure this was the best path for her.

What better path could there have been? People flock to her for help every day. That should be answer enough.

*fade to black*

Ah, Meruru. You have a customer.

Just a second, I'll be right out! ...Welcome! Come in, come in.

Mini Master, I have completed the task assigned to me. Please give me my next task.

Huh? Oh, well...maybe you could run some errands for me.

That reminds me, Meruru...the due date for the item Ms. Hanna ordered is coming up soon.

Oops, I totally forgot to deliver that! Sorry Keina, could you head over there real quick?

Of course. I'll be back soon.

Meruru, the three Komets are done.

I don't know how I feel about Totori's outfit in this CG. It's really nice, but it's hard to top the one she wears for most of the game. Oh well. Points for something different, at least. At least she looks like she'd be in her 20s.

I'm done, too! The pie's all finished. What do you want me to do next?

Umm...that needs to be delievered to Pamela's Store...I think?

Nope, that's my order. You seemed so busy, I decided to stop in and pick it up myself. So why not throw in a bonus?

Oh, May. It's because you accept every request. I'll look into your accounts, you just do your alchemy.

Ohh, thanks Hanna!

Mini seems a customer has been waiting by the entrance for quite some time now.

Darn it, I totally forgot! I mean, I didn't forget. I just...didn't remember. Anyway, come in. Tell me what you need! Oops, I almost forgot to say it again...


Meruru artwork
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Atelier Meruru - True Ending
For the true ending. Dandy men, I long for that. Silver-grey hair, I long for that. My family line goes bald easily, so I'll never get to experience that. Maybe I'll open a weapon shop...

True Ending