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Atelier: Arland Trilogy

by Sylphid

Part 120: Update CXVI: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Roku: Command and Control

For this ending, just get to 100,000 people in Arls, and get the ending flag events with Totori and Filly. After that, just finish the game, and there you are.

Hiya May, do you have a second? I was hoping you could help me with a job. I need to get 5 Elixirs by next week, and - huh?

Wow, you look really busy.

Ah, Hanna! Sorry, I kinda have my hands full right now! Keina, where are those documents? I need the contract for the lodging facility!

They're on your desk, next to the noise complaint petition!

What petition!? All I see are the park blueprints!

It's under there! The petition should be underneath the blueprints, and the contract shoudl be right next to it! Ahh! We've got trouble, Meruru! Smoke's starting to pour out of the cauldron!

Ahh, make it stop! I don't have enough hands for this!

Holy cow. You really ARE busy. I guess I won't be able to give you any work for a while. I was hoping we could grab some lunch together, but I don't think that's really an option right now. I don't want to intrude. I'd better get going. Good luck, May!

*Hanna leaves*

The "Chief" is just my dad, right? Postpone it!

Gaaah! I need to take care of all these documents before they drop another pile off this afternoon!

Mr. Rufus will be here soon to help. Just hang in there a little bit longer!

Approved! Next!

This is a rough draft to upgrade the sewage and water system in Arls. Do you approve?

Approved! Next!

Your father, Lord Dessier, has sent a personal request for dinner -

Denied! Next!

The president of the Society for Eating Lunch With the Lovely Merurulince has requested a personal interview.

Erg...I really want to, but denied!

Next, regarding the residential development and tree-planting initiative -

Meruru, are you doing okay? I'd trade places with you if I could...

No need for pity. This is the path the princess chose. She must be content with it. Anyway, moving on. Ms. Rorona has made a demand. Her exact words were... "Let's go play".

There is no point in such fantasizing. You must keep your mind focused on the reality before you. Okay, the next issue is -

Ahh jeez, I don't even have time to do alchemy! But...but somehow, this is all... It's really getting me fired up! Okay, I can do this...let's gooo!


Topsy-Turvy ending