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Part 122: Update CXVIII: An Apprentice and the End of her Journey, Hachi: One Man's Comeuppance

For the hot spring sidequest, of course. First up, the scene capping off the hot spring events. This comes up after Spa Land's construction finishes.

You won't find such a magnificent tourist spot anywhere, not even in Arland!

For sure. That place will definitely be the high point of anyone's trip to Arls, I guarantee. And with that said...let me work there! Please! I'll do anything!

Wow, that's really sudden. Don't you already have a job as a coach driver?

No! The spa is my new home now. I can't go back to that awful carriage!

Heh heh heh...bathing with a beauty... Rinsing each other off...spending a romantic night under the stars...

Huh? What are you mumbling about now, Peter?

N-Nothing! Anyway, my hot spring has finally arrived. Peter's time has come!

And now, onto the ending.

You look really tired. You've got gigantic bags under your eyes and everything. Are you okay?

Hmm...maybe not. I've been so busy the past few days. I got crushed under a ton of jobs all at once. But now that's it's all finished, I can finally just relax.

Oh, we're here just in time!

Wah! Don't come barging in like that! And what was that about a hot spring?

Well, we were just talking over a few drinks and we decided we wanted to go to the hot spring.

Drinking at noon isn't good for your health, you know. You should really cut back.

I heard you've been workign late and wearing yourself out. I think it's just the thing for you.

I think you're just looking for an excuse to go yourself. But...a hot spring does sound pretty good.

Okay, then! All the participants are already gathered here. Chop chop! Get your things together and let's go!

What, right now? Why do we have to rush...?

*fade to black*

Oh, Peter. What are you doing here?

Why shouldn't I be here? It was my idea in the first place. To celebrate the growing number of hot spring visitors, I wanted to invite everyone out who's been working so hard!

Oh, I had no idea. Well then, I'm looking forward to it!

Yeah, actually, some time after you deliever Peter's request with the Pipes and stuff, all that stuff shows up in the otherwise empty hot spring area on the world map. I just found it kind of weird they added all that to a location that you otherwise never need to visit again.

*fade to black*

Ahh, this is the good stuff. I feel like I could just spontaneously come back to life.

Kyaah! Don't freak me out like that! Ghosts need to stay ghosts!

But that figure of hers is such a waste without a body to go with it. Don't you think so, Mimi?

What are you asking me for?

Come on, don't be so hard on yourself. Personally, I find your physical self-restrating admirable.

Grr...I don't need YOU mocking me, too! I'm glad I don't have any extra baggage. It keeps an adventurer like me nimble!

Extra baggage...?

Hehe. Oh, that's right. It's been a while since we've all been together. Why don't we see who's been...developing?

Great idea! With all us girls together like this, we need to make every second count.

Ms. Astrid, Ms. Esty...I think you've had a little too much.

Hot springs and sake are the perfect team! Totally inseparable! Sooo, where were we? Heh heh heh.

Kyaah! Watch those wandering hands! Ahh, stop!

Squish squish squish...mmhmhm. That coy response, this supple get an A+!

Uwah! Keina's in trouble. I gotta save her!

Oh, so you're next in line, huh? Okay, if you insist...lemme check that growth.

No, w-wait! Get away from me! Stooop! Noooooo!

You can't run forever...gotcha!

Wait, what?

It sounds like they've having a heck of a time.

What's the matter, Lias? You're bright red. Are you feeling faint?

N-No, I'm fine. How come it's not getting to you?

Oh, this kind of heat is nothing to me.

Whyyy? How did it end up like this? I was supposed to be splashing and carrying on with the girls! Why am I stuck here scrubbing Baldy's back?

Come on, put some muscle into it! Stop being such a little girl!

Yes, sir! Sorry, sir! Is this better?

Hey, we're all out of soap!

O-Okay, coming right up!

Can I get another drink over here?

Yes, yes, of course, one moment please! Jeez...why am I the only one working here?

You're in charge of this facility, are you not? It's your duty to work hard while everyone else unwinds.

It's always nice to bare yourself to the boys. Wouldn't you agree, Lias? Bwaahahaha!

Stop laughing like that! It's making me sweat...

DAMN! Why...? My dreams are crumbling all around romance!

Well Peter, I think you've had this coming for quite some time.

Boys Bath

Hot Spring ending