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Part 52: Update XLIX: An Adventurer and the Kitchen

Welcome back to the front lines. You best start digging in, because a new update is about to hit.

First up is a scene from last time I forgot. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but I might as well get it in now. This happened shortly before that last big scene with Sterk at the start of year 3.


What's wrong? You're scowling.

Teacher... I guess it's faster if I just ask you.


Yup. Chim parts.




Fun fact, but even in non-dubbed scenes like this, Chim still talks. Mostly because Male Chim and Female Chim don't have an English voice actor. But then again, you don't really need a new voice actor to say "Chim" once or twice.

Um, so how is Chim made?

Huh? Well...

Hmm. It's not that hard, but...


I do like how Rorona is taking on the job of Totori's mother at this point. It's pretty cute. Then again, Totori will eventually find out what the secret ingredient is, and remain similarly prudish when this subject is broached again.

What? Why?

*Rorona leaves*

When you put it that way, I just feel more curious. Right?


Fascinating. But let's skip ahead to where we left off last time.

Hm, we've been doing a lot of syntheses lately, so we're finally in range for the next regular bomb. The Bomber Ice and Lightning Quartz are still a little out of our reach, though.

After way too much deliberation on my part, I made a Bomb to my liking. Combined with Cannons and Solvent, we have a pretty potent combination of explosives. Naturally, one of the Chims will start replicating this.

After leaving the atelier, I ran into this scene. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori talking about her giving Marc ideas.

Thank you!

You're welcome. Take good care of it. Bring it to me right away if it breaks.

*fade to black*


You sem to be popular with the kids, Marc.

That sounds like a compliment, but you make it seem as if I'm popular among no other demographic.

N-No! That's not what I meant!

I'm sorry. I twisted your words.

You seem stressed out.

Do I look that way?

You don't seem as cheerful as usual. Maybe it's just my imagination.

If you'd like to talk about it, I can try to help.

Internal conflicts often occur with geniuses like myself. It's something I have to solve on my own.


About those kids. Did they really look happy to you?

I thought they did. You don't think they were?

If that's what you saw, I'm sure that's how it is.

Yes, that's true!

But why only them? There are many more children who live in this city, but fewer than ten even visit me at all.

Maybe the other kids are busy. Or maybe they're just not interested? What about that girl? She didn't like the robot, but she loved the cat.

You have a point there. If I were to consider the tastes of all the children in town...

You really love kids, don't you?

How did you arrive at that conclusion?

Hmm. I love children, you say?

You didn't notice it yourself?

I hadn't even considered it.

This also explains why I agreed to cooperate with you and your work.

Because you see me as a child, too?

Differences in taste do exist. You said as much before.

Yes. But, but, it could be tasty. Or maybe big...

*strange noise*

Your face suddenly lit up!

That's right. THe answer was there in front of my eyes. The solution I always seek is the simplest!

N-Not at all.

Now, on to do some work! I have much to prepare. I better get moving. Farewell. Be sure to help me when I need it!

Sure. Good luck.

*Marc leaves*

I just wonder what that nut has in store for us. Guess we'll know soon enough.

Let's have a chat with Sterk.

Hm? Oh, it's you.

You don't seem too happy. Did something happen?

...You didn't know?


Wait! I didn't mean that! Um, um... You look really cool, Sterk!

It's a bit late for false compliments.

Meaning for a while, you were unable to look at me in the face?

W-Well, you know... Why are you letting it bother you now?

Oh...I'm sorry.

Sorry? For me or the children?

For the chil...


Anyway, this isn't like you! You always look so much more resolute!

Thank you, but this will be the last time you hear them. Oh, and if you don't mind, keep what happened here a secret.

Sure. I won't tell anyone.

Thank you. Now, if you'll excuse me.

*Sterk leaves*

I didn't know Sterk thought about those things.

Quite. Now, for some reason, I decided to stop by the Sunrise Cafe. I didn't intend to, but I did trigger this scene. Video goes until Iksel says "Maybe I should have let her call me that"


What are you looking at? Never seen a guy cook before?

I'm sorry. It's not that. I think you're really good.

I don't really cook... I just help out when my sister needs me to.

Teacher is a good cook?

You didn't know? She just mixes stuff in her cauldron, but something really amazing always comes out. I consider her to be my rival, even as a professional cook.

Oh... Hmm... Um... Will you please teach me how to cook?

What's gotten into you all of a sudden?

If I learn, I might be able to help my sister out, too.

I'm terrible at teaching others, you know. If you want to learn from me, you'll be using a knife and a frying pan.

Actually, I want you to teach me how to cook using alchemy.

Then ask Rorona.

But you don't mind asking me?

You won't teach me?

Oh, I'm not going to be your apprentice or anything.

Th-Thank you!

Let's start with the basics. Surely you can make this. Bring it to me once you're done. We'll have a little taste test.

Sure! And, um...

What is it?

Give me a break. That sounds like what you'd call a blacksmith.

It was good enough for the barkeep in Catherine. But I dunno, calling Iksel "Boss' just doesn't sit well. If he were a lot older, maybe.

How about... "Head Chef"! Can I call you that?

Head Chef? I like the sound of that.

Good luck.

*Totori leaves*

Head Chef... Maybe I should have let her call me that...

Basics is right. Both recipes are very easy to make, and don't fret the quality. Another fun fact for you is that you can complete this whole cooking sidequest in about a week. Very easy, and definitely worth the time.

Upon another trip to Artisan's Way, another scene. Video goes until Totori says "I should pretend I didn't see or hear anything"

Isn't that Sterk? I don't usually see him around here. Hello there. What're you doing here?

What?! Uh, it's you. Hello.

What's wrong? Is something the matter?


H-Hey! Don't come out here!


Gahhhh! Go! Get out of here! Fly far, far away!

*Pigeon leaves*

So...pigeons can talk?

Yes. But he's gone through some special training.

Oh. So... Sterk...that pigeon, did it just say Teacher's name?

Ah ha, so meeting the pigeon in Rorona is actually canonical. Good to know.

Oh, but...

Just forget about it!


Forget everything you saw here. Don't tell a soul about it. Please...

S-Sure. I just forgot everything.

*Sterk leaves*

I should pretend I didn't see or hear anything...

Let's see what Mr. Cocky thinks of these...

But first (sure am getting interrupted a lot, but this is actually a pretty neat scene), another scene. I believe this Rorona and Sterk need a certain friendship level each to make this show up. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thinking about the conversation.

Totori! Come on over here.

S-Sure... Are you holding a party?

No, we just all happened to meet here.

You were talking up a storm yourself.

That brings back lots of memories. How's she doing?

Aranya and Horoholo were yelling at her because she messed up during her act.

I told her that, too. But remember when she fainted after looking at Sterk's face? That's still bothering her.

How am I supposed to react to that?

I-I'm not saying it's your fault...

Oh, him? Heh, heh. You won't be seeing him for a while.

Hah. Right. You're probably the last person he wants to see right now.

Man, I never saw it in person. You guys only talked about it.

That's why he's not seeing anyone until his hair grows back. He locked himself up in his office.

He shaved his head? Why?

I brought it up in the thread when someone asked, but of all characters, Tantris is the character who made Astrid's ending the actual one. Only one ending had Tantris stay in Arland that wasn't just a variation of another ending, and that was Astrid's.

I think it ended up for the best. He's actually working for a change.

Why don't we go see him? If you ask, he might come out here.

Nice recap scene. Anyhow, let's hand over what we've made and let Iksel appraise them.

That was faster than I thought. Let's take a look.

Here it is!

Hmm. At least it looks good. Let's see how it tastes.

I can't wait...

His reaction depends on the quality of the item. This is probably the worst I've ever done, but I care little.

What?! I-It's that bad?

Try it yourself.

I don't want that talent...

I'm still worried, but it's important to keep trying the basics. I was thinking of giving you something harder next, but can you handle it?

I-I can! Let me try.

Another batch done. Let's see.

I've been expecting you. Hmm... Well, it looks pretty good this time.

Hopefully, it also tastes good, too.

What? Is something on my face?

No, sorry. It's nothing. All right. Time for the taste test.

Yes, please!

I can't tell what you're thinking. Was it bad? You can just say so...

I don't know if I should be happy. I'm not sure what to think.

That's...exactly how I feel about it.


Oh... But i want to make it taste good. Um... I only need to make one dish?

That's the hardest part...

One more thing. If you use regular ingredients for this recipe, it'll definitely come out bad.

What? Then what am I supposed to use?

Right... Okay, I'll try to bring something good!

That's the spirit. I look forward to it.

Alrighty, so the gimmick with this part of the sidequest is that if you don't make the next dish at 80 or greater quality, like Iksy says, this sidequest is over. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do this, though.

This synthesis is made much easier by the fact one of the ingredients is a magical item, under which the Sylph Breath falls. Sylph Breath is one of those items that increases quality naturally as long as it's in the Container, much like the Ankh does.

Even with some sub-par ingredients, I made it. Let's turn it in.

I like the way you sound. You confident about it this time?

Hehe... Well, why not try it out?

Just not bad? But it turned out all right. Phew.

Hmm, what to do now. I didn't think about what to teach you next.


Mmm... I thought I did okay this time...

Huh? This recipe only has ingredients listed. Not what to do with them.

Yeah. Your next theme is to create an original dish!

Original dish?

B-But I've never done that before. I've just followed what I've been told.

You can't stay that way forever. If you want to be a first-rate cook, you must make a few original dishes.

I'm not trying to be a cook, though...

Okay. If you say so, I'll try my best!

Yeah. Good luck. I expect a lot.

Iksel's final recipe is the Totori Brunch, which is another item you have to make at 80 or greater quality, this time to finish the sidequest. It's not necessary to go back to Alanya to get the next scene in this sidequest, but it is the more amusing option. Plus, there's another good reason to head back to the village.

But first, more weapon upgrades. This time, Sterk and Mimi will be getting them. We'll want Sterky around for a while while we head down south.

Now we're headed down south. There is much to be done.

Actually, before the Totori Brunch, we have a short Pamela scene. Video goes until the screenshot of the teddy bear.

Hmm? I just heard something. Maybe I imagined it.

Mmmhrmm... *snooze*

There's no one here... Is it coming from the teddy bear? She did say it was her bed...


No way. It's gotta be my imagination. I think I'll come back later. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Next up is a very important scene, even if it doesn't seem like it. This is a scene that kicks off a whole long chain of events that will be continuing for more than two more years in-game. Video goes until Totori says "Yeah..."

It's the Flauschtraut.

Youngsters never know their limites. That's what they get for being greedy and going that far offshore.

Don't say that. You might be next. Our living depends on it, you know?


Hey. You here, too?

Oh, Peter. What happened?

So what's this Flauschtraut thing?

Huh? Huh? What makes sense?

It's nothing, really. The Flauschtraut is a dangerous monster living in the waters around here.

I didn't know about a monster like that. Is the fisherman all right?

He'll survive, but he won't be able to go fishing for some time.

Don't even try to remember. It's not like you travel on ships. It probably won't concern you.


Oh, Peter. You've obviously never played a video game before.

Now, I did take Sterk and Mimi out on an adventure to the southwest peninsula, but it...uh, didn't work out so well. So let's scale back our expectations and just make that brunch already.

Bastard won't know what hit him when we present this. Speaking of which...

What should I call it? Um, um... Yeah! Totori Brunch! That's its name!

If you do this scene in Arland, Totori just acts surprised Iksel barged into the atelier. But I like this version more, where he traveled across the entire continent because he sensed the awakening of a potential rival.

Huh? Wahhh! I-Iksel?

Huh? Huh? W-What are you doing here?

I said I was waiting for you to create your original dish!

Don't sweat the small stuff. It means I was really anticipating it.

You wanted to try out my cooking so bad? That can't be it...

That's just part of it. The true reason is...


It's not sudden at all. I've been thinking about it for a really long time. Come on, let's do this.

I can't! I don't even understand what's going on!

Why do we have to hold a contest?

Because we're cooks!

He's not making any sense...

Really? I guess I understand why you want to do it...

Yeah, exactly. So this is a perfect time to do it!

No, it's not! Um, how do I say this?

Oh, right... How about this? If you accept my challenge, I'll teach you my secret recipe.

Secret recipe? For having a contest? No matter if I win or lose?

If you don't like how it turned out, you can make it again if you want.

If that's all, maybe I don't mind...

I'll prepare my best dish and find an objective judge, too. Come soon! You better not run away!

*Iksel leaves*

But before we head back to Arland for our inevitable triumph, another scene. Video goes until Totori says "It's so tiring to deal with Gino"

That voice... Could it be...

Who cares what I call you? Come on, please?

I knew it... Should I stop him?

Get off me! I won't take anyone as a student!

Never! I won't let you go until you agree! I want to become a strong adventurer like you, old man!

I'm not an adventurer! I'm a knight!

Whatever! I don't care as long as you're strong!

You're not making any sense. If you only seek strength, there are others you can follow.

But you saved my life!

If I were stronger, I wouldn't have needed to rely on you! But I was weak... You know what could have happened!

So you'll make me your student?

Really? Yes! Thank you, Master!

Ugh... Don't call me that. It brings back too many bitter memories of someone I know.

Then what am I supposed to call you? I can't say "old man" or "Master."

*Sterk and Gino leave*

Sterk gave in. He's in for trouble. It's so tiring to deal with Gino.

Don't we know it. But we've got more important things to do.

Like making a Gnardi Ring. Like in Rorona, we can drop this off at Tiffani's for an endless supply of them. They aren't quite as valuable in this game as they were last time, mainly because you need really high quality Rings for a power increase, and this just gives us speed. But, it will suffice.

After making that, another scene. Last one in Alanya this update. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori staring at a door.

Hi, Gerhard. Dad's... Oh, there he is.

What's Gerhard doing here? He came to the house instead of my workshop.

*fade to black*

And that's why I need your help.

It's that bad?

Gerhard! I thought you promised not to bring that stuff up with my dad!

Still! Think about my dad's feelings!

There, there. Everyone at the village has already done so much for us. It's about time I paid them back a little.

Dad! But...

Thank you. And I'm sorry. I'll make sure this is the last time I ask this of you.

Oh? Dad can fix ships?

Totori! How long have you been there?

Huh? I heard Gerhard, so I was just wondering what was up.

This is important adult talk. Can you go play with your cauldron?

Huh? But...

Wahh! W-Why are you mad at me? Fine...

*fade to black, Totori leaves*

Wasn't that a bit excessive? It's not like Totori did anything bad.

I know... I'll apologize to her later.

Thank you.

*fade to black*

No time to dwell on that, let's head back to the big city. We've got a chef who thinks he's hot shit to cut down to size.

Time to school this loser. Video goes until the screenshot of Totori thinking about becoming a cook.

You're the one who forced me into it... So how do we do this competition?

Oh... Where's the judge?

By your feet.

Wahh! Chim?! What are you doing here? Wait, Chim's going to be our judge?

Oh... I'm in luck, then. Chim might let me win.

Don't be so confident yet. I made sure to give away some food every time Chim left your workshop.

What? Is that true, Chim?

Bad Chim! You shouldn't take food from strangers!

Come on. I'm your cooking teacher and I'm a stranger to you?

Oh, sorry...

Maybe he gets like this when he's feeling competitive. He's normally so nice.

Let's start. You mind if I go first? First one always gets the advantage.

And he's being immature, too. Fine. Do whatever you want.

*fade to black*

Feast your eyes on this! My masterpiece! Years of continual improvements have made this the perfect dish!


Eat up. Eat enough so you don't have any room left for Totori's dish.

*munch* *munch*

Lucky... Um, can I have some, too?

We're in the middle of a match.

But it looks so good...


*fade to black*

Huh? Whoa, you're done already?!

You ate all of it! Why didn't you... Oh, right. We're in a competition.

Chim, are you full? Can you eat mine?


Great. Here you go. This is my dish.

Really? I put a lot of effort into making it.

Chim! Chim!

Wah! Don't rush me like that. Here you go. Chew at least 23 times.


*fade to black*

Music: This Looks Bad

The moment of truth. Are you ready?

That's it, Totori. Feel the burning hatred of your enemy deep in your heart. Do it.

All right, kid! Proclaim your winner!


This is the only way things could have happened.

What? I won? Really? Hooray! I beat Iksel!

What...? Why? How did I lose?!

Chim, no one understands you, silly.

You have failed to heed the lessons Astrid taught you so many moons ago. In the words of Zeus from God of War, this fate is of your choosing.

What? You actually understood?

Ooh! I can't carry that many...

I hate to admit it, but I'll consider you my worthy rival! I won't lose next time!


It's not that. I thought you promised to let me eat your dish.

*Iksel leaves*

But! He's gone... It was a lot of work, but I think I had some fun.

I will see you in another time, another place. Well...not so much that last one. Whatever. See you all later.

Unlikely Party

This Looks Bad