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Part 11: Chapter Eleven: The Bald Blacksmith

Felt and Gray left Agito Cove and set out for the mountain known as the Holy Path. High atop the mountain, they found the only man who could repair the Dynasty Horn.

Video- “Hagel the Blacksmith”

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Hey, Hagel!
Um, hello. Max told me that you can help us repair our ship…
He’s been like this for a long time.
I think we’d better find ourselves another blacksmith…
We have no other choice…

But as they turned to leave, Hagel turned and realized that his long search was over.

That sword at your hip, is it the Azoth?!
How do you know about this sword?
Come on now. Swords are my life. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that!
You’ll let me see it, right?
Alchemy… Creating somthin’ from nuttin’. One of the dark arts.
The Azoth was forged from the essence of alchemy.
It can topple mountains and part the sea… The sword of legends.
Does it really have that much power?
If it doesn’t, it’s way overrated in the legends.
Anyway, man, I’m beggin’ ya! Lemme get a good look at that sword.
I don’t see why not…

However, the Azoth itself had something to say on the matter.

It… it spoke!
Azure Azoth: I do not perform at birthday parties for the amusement of infants and blacksmiths.
As lowly as an alchemist as you are, you should still know that already.
Look, without his help, we’ll never get to Altena Church.
I promise, I’ll do anything you want me to. Just let me hold the sword.
Azure Azoth: ……
Haha! I’ve finally touched the legendary Azoth!
Hooah, hoah, oh that’s nice…
Azure Azoth: Errr…
Such an elegant blade… A wealth of history in the hilt… It’s perfect!
I bet it even tastes perfect!
Azure Azoth: That’s quite enough. If he persists… stab him.
Okay, okay. Stop!
Haven’t you seen it enough?
I could stare at this thing forever.
Azure Azoth: ……
You made us a promise. Now, please follow us.
Ohhh, alright.

As they left for Agito Cove, Viese was speaking to the shopkeeper Yach outside of the workshop.

I have a favor to ask you. Would you mind doing it for me?
I’ll give you the recipe for an item called Flay Hammer.
Well, it depends on the favor…
I heard you can make Wonder Grow. Can you make like 10 of them for me?
10?! What do you need them for?
Uhh… No reason.
…? So, you want 10 of them, right?
Yes. 10 should do nicely. So, will you make them?
Okay, I’ll do it.
Thank you! Here, I’ll even pay you in advance.
System Message: Received [Blacksmith 101]!
You now have the recipe for [Flay Hammer]!
Hey, w, wait!
…Too late. I guess I have to do it now. 10 Wonder Grows…

Viese quickly whipped up the Wonder Grows, and when Yach came by later she was ready.

10 Wonder Grows, right? I made them already.
You did? You’re amazing, Viese.
Here you are.
System Message: Handed over 10 [Wonder Grows].
Thank you. I knew I could count on you.
So, what do you need these for, anyway?
Heh… Do you promise to keep it a secret?
Yes, I promise.
…Well, as you know, many parts of Eden were destroyed by the quake.
I want to plant some things in the abandoned parts of Eden.
So I need some Wonder Grows to help them grow quickly.
That’s great! That should really help out around here.
Well, I found some seeds in my store’s inventory, but I don’t know what kind of plants they are.
So, I thought I’d plant them instead of throwing them away.
Well, see you!

He also swung around after she made the Flay Hammer.

Hello, Viese.
Hi Yach. What’s going on?
I was thinking about what I have for sale, and I wanted to add new items to sell.
Then I thought, “Hey, maybe Viese has something I can sell.” So, uh, do you?
Well, I don’t think so…
Hey, that hammer…
It’s the Flay Hammer. I made it from the recipe that you gave me.
I thought it looked familiar. So, what does it do anyway?
I’ve had the recipe for a long time, but I never found out what it does.
You can use it to break open rocks.
But, some rocks are too hard for this hammer.
So… the Flay Hammer isn’t that useful after all.
But… once the rocks are broken, you might be able to find precious gems inside.
A mining rush is always good for business.
Will you sell some Flay Hammers to me? I’ll pay you for them.
Please… I think 5 will be enough to start.
Okay, I’ll do it. I just have to make them first.

Viese synthesized the hammers and then returned to Yach.

You did?
System Message: Handed over 5 [Flay Hammers].
Oh, thank you. Is this enough to cover them?
System Message: Received 800 Cole.
I’ll try them out later.

Felt, back in Belkhyde, had reached Agito Cove with Hagel in tow.

Video –“The Teacher”

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Hey Max! It’s been a long time! Keeping busy?
That’s great! So where are these broken parts that need fixin’?
Oh, they’re in the back.
Alright then, let’s get this over with.
Doesn’t he look too happy to be crazy?
He’s been this way ever since Felt showed him the Azoth.
Huh? Is this all the work you needed me for?!
I’ll have all this done in an hour…
Wonderful! Will you proceed then?
Now, uh, Felt, our new mission is to rest until we’re ready to leave.
Can I talk to everyone else first…?

Felt asked Hagel how the repairs were going, which led to a bit of a work slowdown.

It’s fine! Now that I’ve taught them what to do!
Hey, why don’t I teach you how to blacksmith?
Great, it’s settled. You know, blacksmithing is a lot like fencing.
Uh, I’ve never heard that before…
As the Master of the Azoth, it wouldn’t hurt to know this.
And I’m sure you’ll make an excellent blacksmith.
Come on, let’s do this!

And so Felt’s training as a blacksmith began.

But, I never agreed to become a blacksm…
It’s been decided! Now, concentrate!
Focus your attention!
You know, I’m a pretty good blacksmith trainer if I do say so myself!

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Weapon Synthesis
Weapon Synthesis behaves in many ways like normal Synthesis. In order to synthesize a new weapon, we need the item (always a Mana or Alchemy Item) and Mana required for it. There is another requirement that isn’t in a normal synthesis, though. Each character’s weapons come in a sequence, and we can’t synthesize one until we’ve synthesized a weapon that directly comes before it. So if somehow we’ve got an item and Mana required for a later weapon before its forebears we aren’t allowed to jump ahead. Weapons have our usable Skills in them, so we’ll use them for a while to learn those.

After this blacksmithing lesson, Hagel got back to work.

Video- “Ready to Go”

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Excellent. What took you an hour would’ve taken us a month.
The proper way to show flattery is through song.
Um, so, uh, Fernando, tomorrow’s the big day!
It’s Felt…
Let’s have a feast tonight to celebrate! I’ll cook!
That’s a wonderful idea!
Hagel! I know you’re tough, but come on!
Huh? Whattaya mean?
I hope ya’ll are hungry!
Here, eat up…
How is it, Felt?

Noin had also been at work it seems.

It smells burnt and doesn’t have much taste…
Trust me. That’s a good thing!
What does that mean?! You want to hear my ‘hit’ single too?
System Message: Noin has joined the party!
The Dynasty Horn will take us to the eastern continent in no time.
Just let us know when you’re ready.

And so they were prepared to head to the eastern continent and the Simsilt headquarters.