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Original Thread: East of Eden [Atelier Iris 2]



East of Eden [Atelier Iris 2]

Video- “Iris 2 Intro”

Click To Watch the Opening

So what the hell is this then?
Atelier Iris 2 was, as noted above, created by Gust. They’re notable for their really quirky alchemy based rpgs as well as being responsible for the Ar Tonelico games.

Wait doesn’t that ‘2’ mean this is a sequel?
In a thematic sense yes, this is a ‘sequel’ to Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. Story wise it’s set way before and there are so few actual connections that it’s hard to even call it that. Still, the fair question is why not the first game? My succinct answer is that it’s really unpleasant to play. It’s got some cool ideas but as Gust’s first real foray into making a ‘proper’ rpg it just isn’t that fun to play. Gust went totally back to the drawing board at that point and actually succeeded in a lot of ways at making a fun game.

So what’s horribly wrong with this game?
Yeah, so this is a Gust game that’s not Mana Khemia and therefore it has some horrible flaws. The main one is that it’s laughably easy with a few minor exceptions. It’s got some pretty strange character design and contains so many clichés that the developers might have had a checklist. At the same time, they do a lot right. The characters are better than average, the voice acting is generally at least non-terrible, and the setting isn’t actually as generic as it might first appear.

Any video content will be as the intro above, watch for bold text and a link. There’s a lot of voiced stuff that I didn’t want to split into two minute videos in the first bit of the game, so it’s contained in larger videos with some walking bridging things. For later updates there will be fewer talky scenes and I’ll edit things more closely.

Table of Contents

Dramatis Personae:

An inhabitant of Eden. An orphan, he lives with fellow orphan Viese in a workshop in Noir. While he has a lot of natural talent, he lacks the patience to become a proper alchemist and would rather swing a sword than read a book.

An inhabitant of Eden. An orphan, she lives with fellow orphan Felt in a workshop in Noir. As of the story’s beginning she has been recognized as an alchemist officially by the Eden Temple.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. She's a member of the Simsiltian Anti-Imperialist League.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. A powerful warrior known as the Dragonslayer.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. A member of the Altena Church sworn to destroy the Crimson Azoth.

An inhabitant of Eden. He's a Fairy, a race that resembles the Wood Mana.

A girl encountered in Eden by Viese.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. Leads the Simsilt Anti-Imperialist League. Cannot remember Felt's name.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. The Imperial Consul, he rules in the name of the Emperor. His tyrannical rule has caused a lot of problems.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. One of the three Imperial Champions.

An inhabitant of Belkhydge. One of the three Imperial Champions, known as the Lightning Blade.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. One of the three Imperial Champions, and also somehow close friends with Noin.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. Head of the Altena Church.

Caretaker of the Gardo Continental Drive.

An inhabitant of Eden. He is the head of the Eden Temple, which effectively makes him its leader. He’s pretty chill.

An inhabitant of Eden. She’s the librarian at Eden Temple. She’s a Plua, a Dark Mana.

An inhabitant of Eden. Loves flowers.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. A blacksmith obsessed with the Azoth.

An inhabitant of Eden. She is a Siren, a Sound Mana, but is ironically very bad at singing.

An inhabitant of Eden. Runs the general store in Noir. He comes from a long line of merchants.

An inhabitant of Eden. Runs a store in Noir. She's an Eital, a Light Mana.

An inhabitant of Eden. Works at Melona's store. She's a Silwest, a Wind Mana. She's also very clumsy, and prone to breaking things.

An inhabitant of Belkhyde. A traveling merchant of the Zwital Merchant's Association.

Dour are the Mana of Wood. Their Holy Ground is the Great Tree in Marmel Forest.

Zuvelk are the Mana of Metal. Their Holy Ground is in the Great Cave.

Nymphs are the Mana of Water. They have no Holy Ground in Eden, which means Pacts can be made with them anywhere.

Aroma are the Mana of Fragrance. They have no Holy Ground in Eden, but are attracted by things like flowers.

Uru are the Mana of Fire. Their Holy Ground is the Shrine of Everlasting Flame in the Scarlet Temple.

Siren are the Mana of Sound. They have no Holy Ground in Eden, but are attracted by music.

Jiptus are the Mana of Poison. Their Holy Ground is the Aquitto Spring.

Diemia are the Mana of Stone. Their Holy Ground is beneath the Eden Temple.

Faustus are the Mana of Dreams. They have no Holy Ground in Eden.

Silwest are the Mana of Wind. Their Holy Ground is Weathervane Hill.

Eital are the Mana of Light. Their Holy Ground is the Crystal Monument.

Plua are the Mana of Darkness. Their Holy Ground is the Moon Tower.

Aion are the Mana of Life. The rarest of Mana, they have no Holy Ground in Eden but can be found in areas related to their mother Lilith.
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