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Part 15: Chapter Fiveteen: Fire in the Wetlands

Their mission now clear, Felt and his allies left to find the Workshop Eizlen told them was within the cave known as the Source. The cave was behind a waterfall in a region known as the Wetlands.

And deep within that cave, they found a strange stone door.

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But, it won’t open.
I am the only one who can enter.
He’s gone!

In a flash Felt was gone, and reappeared inside the Workshop.

Azure Azoth: To be precise, these are known as the Paradies auf Eden.
These workshops absorb stone elements to create new lands.
Igniting this workshop will restore the Fire Mana’s holy ground.

The Workshop didn’t seem to be damaged, it was merely inactive for some reason. Restoring it was the work of a few minutes.

Azure Azoth: In due time, these workshops will restore Eden.
I thought you said people were the root of all evil.
But, if you believe that, you should have told me from the start.
Azure Azoth: …I sensed it from the day I chose you.
Your abilities, your virtues…
I am beginning to regret my decision to involve you in the first place.
Azure Azoth: You allow your emotions to sway your judgment. You are incapable of acting rationally.
You were aware of the threat that girl posed to us, yet you saved her.
And, you fail to grasp the severity of the Crimson Azoth.
Azure Azoth: You do not possess the proper insight to wield the Azoth effectively.
Even with my power you will be unable to destroy the Crimson Azoth.
I didn’t travel all this way to fight with you now!

Felt was one of those crazy sorts of people who seriously believed that good intentions will win the day despite all evidence to the contrary.

And believe it or not, I do know how dangerous the Crimson Azoth is.
But, I’m here to save Eden…
To save Viese and everyone else there.
Azure Azoth: ……

Felt returned, successful but far from his final goal.

How’d it go?
I was able to fix a part of the problem.
Well, you should get sleep before fixing the rest of the problem.
That’s not a bad idea.

They returned to camp to plan their next move.

So you must restore Eden, one workshop at a time.
What is it, Gray?
I know I’ve seen a door like that before in Grand, to the east.
You have?!
Yes, but I don’t quite remember where… My memory is a bit fuzzy.
At least we know where to start looking.
We might as well get some rest and head for Grand in the morning.
At least I restored the Fire Mana’s holy ground…
I wonder what Viese is up to…

Back in Eden they were in an uproar, as the Scarlet Temple had indeed reappeared.

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Come in!
Have you heard the news?!
The Shrine of Everlasting Flame has reappeared!
Everyone’s talking about it. And if you don’t hurry, you might miss it.
Gotta go. See ya later!
Felt was right about everything that’s happening.

There was a huge disaster caused by… the [Crimson Azoth]. It was that other Azoth, which this guy Chaos has. I fought him, but he was much stronger than me. Gray saved me, but I’ve seen how much stronger he truly is…
Anyway, it seems that something has happened to the Gardo Continental Drive that separates Eden from Belkhyde. That’s why parts of Eden disappeared. Now I have to find these workshops that support Eden and fix them.
Hard to believe, huh? I’m not sure that I even believe it yet. But if it is true, then the Scarlet Temple should reappear soon. We don’t know where all the other workshops are, but we’re working hard to find them. Please let Kreuz know about this.

It seemed the Azure Azoth was correct about the results of repairing the Workshop.

Belkhyde and Eden. The result of an alchemy disaster.
A disaster caused by the Crimson Azoth.
I don’t understand how this all happened.
But Felt is right. I have to talk with Kreuz.

Viese noticed Klavia seemed if anything more upset than last time and stopped in to chat with her again.

You don’t look well. Are you still worried?
I wonder what purpose a Mana like me can have…
Don’t get so down on yourself.
But, a canary can sing so beautifully without even trying!
I’m a Sound Mana. Wonderful singing is supposed to come naturally to me!
But… I’m terrible at singing…
Why was I born to this horrible fate?
Well, why don’t you practice? Practice makes perfect, after all.
I don’t think practicing can help my voice…
You’ll never know until--
No. I was destined to be a bad singer. Nothing can change that…

Viese at this point was quite finished listening to this little pity party.

It’s easy to be bad at something when you first start!
But if you persevere and keep practicing, you will get much better!
Besides, canaries and other Sound Mana might be practicing behind your back!
It’s so sad that you’re giving up on ever getting better…
I’m sorry… I’m being too hard on you…
No… It’s okay…
…I’m gonna start practicing. Thank you.

After that, Viese hurried to the Eden Temple to tell Kreuz what was going on.

Ah, Viese. Have you heard about the Shrine of Everlasting Flame?
Yes, that’s what I came to talk to you about…
We must consider all possibilities regarding the Fire Mana’s shrine.
Can such a connection between Belkhyde and Eden really exist?
It would seem so. Felt believed he had restored the Fire Mana’s shrine…
And, it has reappeared here in Eden.
That is true.
I’m going to do some research on Belkhyde.
I may find some information that Felt can use.
Yes, do that…
You should begin your research at the Noir Historical Society.
The Noir Historical Society…
That’s the building in the middle of town square.
Oh, it is currently cloaked in darkness, so you won’t find much.
But, if you use a Glow Lamp inside, you should be able to look around…
A Glow Lamp…
You have my approval to keep anything you find in there that will help.
Well, anything that will help Felt.
I understand.
I’m going to do it!
I’ll just make a Glow Lamp and then I’ll search inside.

Viese saw a familiar face on the way out of the Temple.

Video- “Viese and Iris”

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It was a shame you had to run off so soon the other day.
Oh, I’m sorry…
No, don’t be. It’s okay.
It’s nice to see you again.
Do you mind… if I go with you?
Huh? Won’t your parents be worried about you?
They aren’t here.
Oh, I didn’t know…
Okay. You can live with me as long as you want.
You really don’t mind if I stay with you…?
We should notify a responsible adult, but we can do that later.

Viese and Iris headed back to Noir together. She didn’t have a recipe for a Glow Lamp, but luckily Yach did.

Hello Yach. You’re in a good mood today.
Oh, yeah. I organized the store room today.
I found a lot more items back there.
Are you going to sell them?
Absolutely! I’d even sell my parents if it wasn’t totally illegal!
You would sell your parents?!
Once I’m elected to Congress and make it legal, you bet.
I think that is precisely the reason why you’re running this shop and not in Congress…
Oh, and remind me never to vote for you.
Okay, well, please look at my new merchandise.
There’s a scroll that contains the recipe for Glow Lamp.
It’s in [The Light].

He’d also tried out the Flay Hammers Viese had given him, with somewhat poor results.

Huh? You don’t look so good.
I tried using Flay Hammers all over the place.
But instead of getting precious metals or jewels, all I got was cheap ore.
Well, you can’t expect to find expensive things that easily.
I was hoping that it wouldn’t take much skill to break open those rocks.
I guess you learn something new everyday. At least it was a good workout.

Viese then took Iris back to the workshop.

He’s my best friend. He’s far away right now.
But, you can stay here whenever you want.
Just think of this as your place, too. So come by whenever you want.
Thank you!

In order to make the Glow Lamp, though, Viese would need a pact with a Fire Mana. And next time, we’ll find out how complicated a certain individual made what should have been simple…