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Part 52: Chapter Fifty-One: Hail to the King

With Yuveria repaired and a Dragon Tongue needed for the Reptile Egg’s recipe, the next task seemed pretty clear. They prepared to return to the Lalizatt cave and end the Dragon King Ardgevald’s reign of terror once and for all. First, they stopped by nearby Claire village, where rumor sent them.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: Secret Shop

Claire Village’s secret shop can be accessed once you have Megido’s Key, it sells the recipe for the incredibly powerful Globe item and dragon bits. We can’t make the Globe yet but we will eventually be able to do so.

Someone else was hunting the Dragon King.

Oh, it’s you guys…
You don’t have to be so rude!
You haven’t recovered from your injuries, have you?
I’m fine.
I heard the Dragon King showed up again.
So, I thought I might risk my life to protect the people.
As an Imperial Champion, I caused a lot of suffering for the people.
This is my shot at atoning for my misdeeds…
So, let me do my job.
I don’t think he’s easy to defeat, but…
He is going to fight Ardgevald.
He is at a great disadvantage.
Let’s catch up to him. We can still help him!

Galahad was already fighting the Dragon King when they arrived.

Video- “Ardgevald 1”

Watch the Story Unfold

But he was too badly injured to stand much of a chance.

Are you alright?!
I was worried about this…
I told you, you don’t know your own limits.
Besides, that’s my enemy you’re fighting!
I’m the dragon slayer, and it’s time to slay this one.
Only one of us is leaving this cave, and it’s time to see which one!
Here I come, dragon!

Boss Battle: Ardgevald 1
This fight with Ardgevald is basically identical to the last one we had in Lalizatt Cave. Ardgevald doesn’t do much that’s really dangerous and he’ll go down pretty quickly.

Ardgevald attempted to flee, but there was no escaping this time.

Video- “Ardgevald 2”

Watch the Battle

Oh, no it doesn’t!
It’s coming back down!
Now’s our chance to slay it!

Boss Battle: Ardgevald 2
Now we’re fighting him for real. Let’s talk about what Ardgevald is bringing to the fight that’s really dangerous. One of his attacks does fire damage to everyone several times and debuffs their defense. Another does a bunch of lightning damage to one person. The third does damage and debuffs everyone’s elemental resistances. His final attack is the real pain in the ass, though, his Flare Cannon. This does massive fire damage to the whole party. Don’t be like me and try to rely on just buffs to save you from it, use accessories like the Fire Brand to just immune it out. Noin is actually pretty good in this fight because her Healing Light skill will dispel debuffs. Viese’s heal over time stuff is great for keeping everyone topped off for Flare Cannon, again just be careful because it’s really easy for her to get dropped instantly by it. Eventually you should be able to slug the Dragon King down, though it’ll be long and tough for an Iris 2 fight.

With Ardgevald slain, they had their Dragon Tongue.

I won…
Woohoo! We finally killed the Dragon King Ardgevald!
I’m alright, Noin.
Thank you.
Look, Dad, you have to start taking care of your body.
Alright, let’s go.
Yes, back to Riese Palace.

And could create the Reptile Egg, a component of the Ruby Prism.

So, Ardgevald’s tongue was turned into an egg… Alchemy sure is strange.
But, why did it turn into an egg?
It appears that the Ruby Prism needs the concentrated power of life found in a large egg.
We could make the best sunny-side up eggs with this.
Do you want me to kick you? Because I will…
I was joking… Ha ha, heh…
This egg… It’s warm… And soothing…
That’s nice, Fee.
It must be the power of life within it.

But the road would only get more difficult from here. Their next stop would be Alha village, hometown of Chaos, which carried a secret none of them expected.