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Part 43: Chapter Forty-Two: Storming the Castle, Part 2

With Galahad out of the way, the fighting had moved to the upper levels. Once again things were beginning to stall.

Simsiltian: The Empire’s best soldiers are up here…
We’ll need the best Simsiltians to fight back.
Hold them off until we get the best to help you.
Simsiltian: Please hurry!

They worked hard to relieve the Simsiltians in battle elsewhere so they could move to the front.

Simsiltian: Thank you!
Sorry for the trouble.
No problem. I’m just glad you’re okay.
We need our best soldiers. Are you still up for a fight?
Simsiltian: Yes, I’m fine.
I’ll go help them out right away.

Even Poe managed to help out a little, and take credit for much more.

Flashbang Poe, the Gun Mana to the rescue!
Are you okay?
Simsiltian: All thanks to you, uh, Flashbang Poe.
Don’t worry about it. I always help my friends. There’s no need to thank me.
But if you still have some strength, we could use some help on the front line.
Our friends are battling the best Imperial soldiers.
Simsiltian: The front line, huh? I’m on it.
Take care, Flashbang Poe.
Flashbang Poe?

The Imperials were pushed back from the second floor hallway.

Yeah, our front line is pushing ahead.
We better hurry.

They were making their last stand at the stairs leading to the third.

A coward like him will have a lot of guards.
Simsiltian: We’re sorry, but we don’t have enough power to push our way through…
Fighting in this narrow space will be hard on our soldiers.
Simsiltian: You’re right. We need more of our stronger soldiers.
So… should we go find some tough guys for this job?

Fortunately, Simsilt’s hardened veterans were easily found.

Bully: Ah, it’s just a flesh wound.
When this is all over, the Empire’s hold in this region will be gone for good!
We’re all struggling in the hall that leads to the 3rd floor.
Can you help us out there as well?
Bully: Of course I will!
The hall leading to the 3rd floor, right?
Yes, thank you!

For some it was just a matter of telling them where the fighting was now.

Bully: There aren’t any more enemies in the courtyard.
That’s good…
You can help us in the hall leading to the 3rd floor then.
We need our strongest soldiers up there.
Bully: Strongest, eh? That’s me!

The Empire’s defenses were broken, leaving Theodore exposed.

Simsiltian: All that’s left is the 3rd floor. That’s where the consul is.
We’ve made it.
Simsiltian: It’s only fitting that you land the crushing blow, Princess Audrey.
Be careful…
I will. Now let’s go up there and get Theodore.

Theodore was waiting up on the third, though it wasn’t clear why he hadn’t fled.

Video- “Theodore”

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It’s time to face your judgment!
My, my. I must commend you for getting this far.
And we’re not giving up now!
Well, aren’t you adorable!
And here I was, thinking I’d never get to test out my new toy!
You’ll be the first to test the power of my brand new alchemy weapon!

And so Theodore’s secret weapon was unleashed.

It was built for war, so let’s give it one!

Boss Battle: Quetzlcoatl
Veterans of the first Iris game were surely ‘pleased’ to see this returning foe from that game. So, let’s look at what he does. His main offense comes from his Zecksclaw attacks. He has three, the Ein Zecksclaw, Zwei Zecksclaw, and Drei Zecksclaw. These unleash six attacks total on either one, two, or three characters. The real danger of this is, though, one of his other signature skills, Towznetkarz. This Curses and Poisons the whole party, which makes them impossible to heal until we cure them. This is even more dangerous if he unleashes his last move, Null Sphere, which will on his next action do massive damage to the whole party. People will probably get taken out, so revive anyone who does. The Mana Item Uroborus Pill can cure Curse, which helps a lot.

The terrible machine was smashed to bits, leaving Theodore defenseless.

He’s defenseless now!
You, you monsters!
Stay back!
Don’t you touch me!
Don’t get any closer!
Accept your defeat like a man, Theodore!
Get back here!
After him, quick!

Theodore was not able to stay ahead of them forever.

Video- “Victory”

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The Simsiltians are right behind me! You must protect me!
Galahad, did you heard what I said?
As an Imperial soldier, I command you to protect me!
Ha! I’m not an Imperial soldier anymore.
You stripped me of my rank yourself.
Then, as Imperial Consul, I hereby deputize you!
Wait! Don’t you know the consequences of…

Unfortunately for him, Noin did not know the consequences of kicking him into a door.

A fitting end for such a coward.
Alright, lock Theodore up in the lighthouse!
The Simsiltians have won!
We did it!
Simsiltian: We won!
We’ve defeated the Empire!
We did it, right Fee?
How are you holding up?
I’m fine.
You overdid it this time, didn’t you.
This is a great victory!
Has the lighthouse been liberated?
We’ve wiped out all Imperial control from the region.
It’s time to celebrate!
The little guy’s right!
Let the celebrations begin!
Okay, I’ll let everybody know.
Azure Azoth: It’s not over yet…
Chaos wasn’t here for any of the battles.
We must find him…

After all the partying, though, reality set in.

That’s because they were under Imperial rule for the last 12 years.
But, thanks to everyone’s help, that’s all over now.
Thank you all very much.
You don’t need to thank us. That’s the whole point of having friends.
He’s right.
Speaking of friends, I haven’t seen Poe in a while…
Knowing him, he’s probably out with that Mitsue girl.
He is getting used to married life, after all.
Besides, it’s not like Poe was popular with the ladies…
Well… now what?
Fee, what are you going to do now?
There’s a lot of work to be done here, like restoring the order in this land.
The Slaith Dynasty will return with Princess Audrey on the throne.
Basically, Fee will be the new queen.

She was less than excited by this turn of events.

Can you really imagine him wearing a crown?
I’ll catch up with you all later.
I guess I have no choice…
So, what will everyone else be doing?
Noin, you really should make up with your dad.
Yeah, yeah.
Maybe you’re right.
I think I’ll enjoy the peace and quiet for now.
As for me…

And everyone was unhappy about Felt’s news.

Ah… You miss your home.
Hmph… I bet…
You have all helped to restore Eden.
For that, I’m grateful.
You’ll come back and visit us sometime, right?
That may be a little difficult.
After all, we’re supposed to be sealed away.
I’m afraid this is goodbye.
Fee, just let him go.
Oh, Felt, give Viese my best.
Take care of yourselves!

In truth, Felt did not want to involve them in what he had left to do.

…I won’t drag any of you deeper into my own.
Azure Azoth: We must be on our way…
Right, back to Eden.
Right after we take care of Chaos and the Crimson Azoth.
Now, it’s just us and them.
Ready to kick some Azoth?
Azure Azoth: Affirmative.
Chaos and the Crimson Azoth weren’t here.
That may indicate they’re approaching their goal.
They may be going to Gardo…
So, we better hurry and get to Altena Church.

One thing was certain, the ultimate showdown was approaching…