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Part 46: Chapter Forty-Five: Friends in Belkhyde

Viese left the oasis for Tatlia Village, still looking for any sign of Felt.

I wonder if anyone here knows about Felt…

Someone did, sort of.

My name is Viese. I came from Eden to find a boy named Felt.
He was wearing blue clothes. Have you seen him?
Mayor: A boy wearing blue clothes… Could he have been the kid who came here with Noin?
So, you know about him?!
Mayor: Yes, but I don’t know where he is now.
But, he came to this village…!

Another man had good advice as to where she could search.

Tatalian: How can I help you.
Well, I’m looking for someone…
Tatalian: Oh, I see.
Do you know him?
Tatalian: Sorry, I don’t know who you’re talking about…
You might want to check a bar in a big city like Riesevelt if you’re looking for someone.
Now that it’s been freed, the people are a lot more helpful to strangers.
The bar in Riesevelt…

Viese headed out of Tatalia towards the big city.

At least I know a better place to look for information…
Okay! I guess I should go to a place called Riesevelt!

Viese found the city quite impressive.

I wonder how big the recipe to build this is…

Viese headed to the bar in the city.

A boy named Felt…
Bartender: Felt?
Wait, is that the boy who always wears blue and has a strange sword?
Yes! That’s him!
Do you know him well?
Bartender: Just a little. He helped us out with a few things…
But, I don’t know where he is now.
I think he was fighting in the Queen’s unit during the revolt.
If you could ask the Queen, she may know where he is.
So, where can I find the Queen?
Bartender: I think she lives in Riese Palace now…
But, she’s pretty busy now, so it may be tough to meet with her.
Well, I have to try.
You never know if you can do something until you try!
Bartender: That is good advice…

Viese headed into the Palace, which was now open to all. When she reached the courtyard, something odd happened.

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Maid: Where could she be?
I never heard of someone running away from a maid while they were changing clothes before!
Excuse me, miss. Did you see a girl run through here?
Huh? Oh…
Yes. She ran that way.
Maid: Oh, thank you very much!

With the maid misdirected, the girl came out of hiding.

I can’t thank you enough.
But, why did you help me? You don’t even know who I am.
I don’t really know why. I guess because it looked like you were in trouble.

That sort of explanation reminded Fee of a now-absent friend.

Oh, I doubt that. I saw too much suffering in your eyes for you to be an assassin.

A friend in more trouble than any of them knew.

Besides, I can usually tell if someone is good or bad.
You look like a good one.
If you say so. Thank you.
Oh! Will you do me a favor?
I have to escape the palace without being seen by that maid.
Will you help me, please?
So, you want to get out of the palace without that maid seeing you?
That’s right.
I can do that.

They did escape the maids.

Let’s go, quick.

They did not escape another old friend, though.

I’m uh… getting out of here.
And why are you doing that?
It was my duty to become Audrey and succeed the Royal Family.
But, I did it to liberate the people from the Empire.
Not to become a dress-up doll for the maids to play with.
I know what you’re saying…
But it’s important that you look like a queen that people can look up to.
A queen?
Then you’re the one!
What? Who is this girl?

Now that she realized who she was helping, Viese thought it best to introduce herself.

You’re Felt’s childhood friend?!
Wait! You know who Felt is?!
We don’t just know who he is…
Felt and I fought to free this land together.
We even fought to save Eden together. That’s where you’re from, right?
So then, why in the world would you come to Belkhyde?
I came because…

They adjourned to the throne room as Viese explained the situation.

We thought Felt had returned to Eden…
Something must’ve happened to him along the way.
…I’m worried about him.
Do you have any idea where he might be?
If he was going back to Eden, he’d be at Altena Church.
Besides, that’s where he said he was going.
Altena Church…
Alright, I’m going with you.
I want to make sure you two are okay.
I’m going, too.
Not like that, you’re not. The queen must never go out in public like that.
Felt’s the reason we were able to liberate this country in the first place.
It’s my duty as queen to find him.
Besides, I haven’t been back to Altena Church since I became queen.
It would be improper to not make an official visit.
Fine, you can come along.
But you have to dress appropriately first.

Having gotten dressed for fighting evil, Fee was ready to go.

Next time, we’ll learn how they got to Altena, and what they discovered there.