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by Feinne

Part 47: Chapter Forty-Six: Stone and Sea

Viese checked out that recipe Iris had given her before she left Eden, it was some totally useless item for curing fossilization, as though that could ever be useful.

This orb can cure people who have been fossilized…
This item displays the wonder of alchemy…

Unfortunately, the quickest way to Altena Church was impossible.

It was heavily damaged during the revolt…
So, how do we get to the eastern continent?
I think the Dynasty Horn is docked at Agito Cove.
We can cross the sea in that ship.

When they reached Agito Cove, they encountered another old friend.

Video- “Max”

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Hey, what’re you all doing here?
Gray! Fee! Uh, who’re you?
Hello, my name is Viese. Nice to meet you.
So you’re Felt’s friend, Viese…?
How is he doing?
Viese told us that Felt never returned to Eden.
Noin, do you have any idea where he is now?
No. I’ve been too busy taking care of Simsilt.
All I know is… I have a bad feeling about this.
We all do. That’s why we’re going to Altena Church.
Let’s get the Dynasty Horn ready to cross over to the eastern continent.

By happenstance Noin had brought the fossilized Max to the Cove.

Oh, that’s Max.
He just didn’t feel right at Zeyung or the base camp, so I moved him here.
His dream was to see the world at peace. And I really wanted to show him it…
Hmm, it looks like he was fossilized alive.
Yes, he was…
Iris gave me the recipe for an item that cures fossilization…
I should be able to help him with it.

Viese tried the Mell Orb on Max, with immediate results.

Can you really cure fossilization?
Yes. I’m sure this will work.
Uh… Uhhhh…?
Noin? What’s going on…?
How did I get to Agito Cove?
You really do have the worst luck. You should be used to it by now.
Gray and… Audrey.
Will someone please tell me what is going on?

They explained the situation to Max.

It’s oddly refreshing to wake up from being fossilized to find out the world is now at peace…
Hey, it was hard work to do all that. Right, Fee?
Audrey, or would you prefer if I called you Fee?
You did a great job.
N, Not really…
Hmm, so how were you able to cure my fossilization?
Oh, Viese was able to cure you with alchemy.
So, I have you to thank!
She’s an old friend of Felt’s. We’re helping her go to Altena Church to look for him.
Felt is missing.
Well, we can sail across the sea on the Dynasty Horn.
We can leave whenever you’re ready.

They set out across the sea, much as when they’d rescued Max from the Lighthouse so long ago.

It’s so big and beautiful. Just like Felt told me…
Felt looked out to sea, just like you are.
He was really happy. He wanted to surprise you with this view.
Is that right…?
Well, he didn’t quite say it like that. You know how he is…
The reason he worked so hard and risked his life to save Eden…
Probably was because you were there.
Felt fought his heart our here in Belkhyde to save you.
After meeting you, I just know it.
You are the girl Felt just had to save.
Cheer up. I’m sure Felt will be fine when we find him.
Thank you, very much.
Ah, I’m so stupid for telling her all that. Way to go…

Max wanted to stop by the old base camp on the way.

Is it all right if we stop there first?

As it happened Hagel was fixing up the old camp when they arrived.

It’s been a long time! Or so I’ve been told.
Is it really you? You’re not a short coat rack anymore?
That’s right. You guys have done a lot in my absence. Uh, did you say coat rack?
Don’t worry about it. We were just carrying on.
Oh, but the Queen here, now she’s been through a lot.
I just did what needed to be done.
Well anyways, I’m so happy you’re back! This calls for—
Look, we’re on our way to Altena Church.
Which route do you think we should take?
Oh, well you can either take Onuki Cave or Sessier Plain. It doesn’t matter which.

Max decided to stay behind, he wanted to look into something.

But, why?
I want to find out more about the Lightning Blade.
There seems to be more to him than meets the eye.
You’re… Viese, right?
Thank you very much for saving my life. I hope you find Frank, safe and sound.
He means Felt. Oh, and is it okay if I come with you?
I’m worried about Felt, too.
Yes. I’d love to have you join us, Noin.
Okay, let’s go!

They left to head for Altena Church, the nameless fear they all shared still unspoken…