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Part 6: Chapter Six: The Island City

With the storm lifted, Felt and Noin were free to head to Riesevelt.

Video- “Regenbogen Bridge”

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Yeah. We better make up for lost time.
Then let’s head east. On to Regenbogen!

But in order to do so, they’d have to cross the secure bridge of Regenbogen.

Not a problem. Just leave this to me.
Soldier: What is this? You can’t come through here!
Oh, really?
I came all the way from Tatalia with my little bro to work at the new shop in town…
Soldier: New shop? I didn’t hear about any new arrivals.
Oh no. I heard they weren’t very good with getting permits…
Oh, but, please. The shop is pretty popular with the Imperial troops. Maybe you’ve heard of it.
Soldier: Oh? You work at that store?
I… I’m sorry, but our duty is to close off the bridge.
I know.
Why don’t you stop by the shop. It’s called the Rose Petal…
Of course, for you, everything’ll be free of charge.
Soldier: Whoahohoho. That is some offer.
Okay, fine.
Thank you, thank you!
Soldier: Ehem!
Soldier: Young man, you best take good care of this young lady.
Y-Yes! Absolutely! I’m on the job.
Ah-hahaha, heh.

Their ruse successful, they were able to pass security.

Uh, Felt, you can stop now.
Huh? Oh yeah…
For a second, I thought we were going to fight!
Oh, didn’t I tell you?
Never mind, we got through okay.
Here we go…
We should cross the bridge quickly.
The city up ahead is Riesevelt, the capital of the Empire.
We should stay out of fights then…
No problem. We’ll just have to be discreet.
…Discreet. Right…
We’ll go in the back way. I know someone who can help.

Unfortunately for Felt, he’d already attracted some unwanted attention.

???: …I found it. The Azoth.

Noin’s back way took them through an alley to a run-down bar.

Oh, hi! It’s been so long.
Bartender: Who is… this indiscreet young man?
Oh, my name is Felt.
Bartender: Hmm…
Is he your boyfriend?
Of course not.
He’s helping me with a mission for Simsilt.
So, uh, where’s Max?
Bartender: If you’re trying to save him, stop right now.
Bartender: Galahad, Chaos, and Tolena.
The three champions of the Empire are all in Riesevelt.
Now is not the time to act. Max had come to the same conclusion.
So, what? Are you just going to let him die?!
I can’t let that happen. Max needs our help!
Bartender: ……OK. I’ll tell you.
Max is being held prisoner at Riese Palace.
Thank you.
Bartender: Felt.
Bartender: Don’t let Noin get out of control.
Yes, ma’am.

On the way to the palace, they passed through the park.

Naru: It is true. I saw it myself.
Boy: You’re so full of it, Naru. You always lie!
Naru: I’m telling you the truth! I went into the lighthouse all by myself!
Boy: Just give it up!
Last time, you told me there was a flower that gets cold when you touch it!
Melanie: ……
Naru: That’s also true!
Boy: Gimme a break, loser!
Melanie: ……Hmm.
Naru: It’s true, I swear…

And once they reached the palace, it was quite obvious they were at the right place.

Video- “Heroes and Tyrants”

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Max: What they are doing is simply exploiting the weak. It is pure greed!
Even if I should fall, someone will succeed my legacy and restore the Slaith Dynasty!
What is that racket?!

Theodore, the Imperial Consul, looked down upon the crowd with contempt from his balcony.

Max: Theodore! You had best enjoy your time now!
Because it won’t be long before you face the judgment of the people!
Hmhmhm. You certainly talk the talk, but you have no walk.
And this punishment simply will not do.
You there, take this unscrupulous braggart to the lighthouse. Quickly!
I said quickly! Is incompetence an epidemic?
Is there no one worthy of serving me?
Is there no one in Belkhyde great enough to challenge moi?
What do you plan to do next?
About Max?
Why, we’re going to hold a massive funeral in honor of Max and the other Simsiltians.
No one may insult me or the Empire and live.
Hmhmhmhm hahahaha!

But the Imperial Champion Galahad did not share his confidence.

Do not underestimate the Simsiltian Anti-imperialist League.
You presume to give ME advice?
I am the Imperial Consul! Everything I say comes directly from the Emperor!
…After all this, we still can’t do anything about it.
We can’t do anything here.
Let’s go to the lighthouse and see what we can find there.
It should be directly west from the park.

The lighthouse, though, was locked shut.

This is it…!
Yes… this is the lighthouse.
I heard it was built by the Slaith Dynasty and was used as a beacon…
Now, they just use it to imprison people like us who oppose the Empire.
What if they lock us up in here…
Don’t say that! You can’t give up!
We still have hope, don’t you think?
I, I guess so.
Well, we can’t get in this way. Let’s find another way in.

That was when they remembered the kid from the park. If he was telling the truth, there was some other way into the lighthouse.

Naru: I found a way into the lighthouse all by myself, but no one believes me…
You did what?!
Can you tell us how to get in?
Naru: Nope! That’s my secret! I’m not telling anyone…
Pretty please! We really need to get inside the lighthouse!
Naru: …Okay, but you have to bring me a cold flower first.
A cold flower?
Naru: Uh huh. It’s a pretty, white flower that gets cold when it’s touched.
I’ve never heard of a flower like that…
Naru: But it does exist. It really does!
Are you talking about Huffin?
You know about it?
I saw it in Eden once in Marmel Forest.

Felt, however, had heard of a cold flower before.

Look, Felt! Touch this flower! See, it gets cold when you touch it.
Hey, you’re right.
This flower is called Huffin. It’s pretty rare…
Look at all these sprouts. I know, we should try to grow them…
That must be the flower.
So, we just have to go to Eden.
I’ll pick one for you real quick! But, how do we get there…?

It seemed they needed a bit of help before they could rescue Max…

Extras: Letters

Belkhyde is full of monsters and sand. Lots of sand. But there are no Mana. There’s an Empire that governs this place. I was rescued by a girl named Noin. She’s a member of the Simsiltian Anti-Imperialist League. She’s showing me around.
I have a lead on the cause of Eden’s collapse. I have to go to the Altena Church. But before that, we have to go to Riesevel to save Max, the leader of Simsilt. I’m doing well. I’ll let you know if something happens.
Oh, I almost forgot! The Azure Azoth can speak! It really talks to me…

Have you used the Heal Herb that I gave you, yet? You should always keep plenty of healing items on hand, using [Mana Synthesis]. Be careful. Oh, and please remember to use [Elemental Extraction] so you can keep using [Mana Synthesis].
I was really surprised to hear that the Azoth speaks to you. I guess you really did hear its voice calling. That legendary sword can do great wonders.