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by Feinne

Part 19: Chapter Nineteen: Into the Mists

They returned to the depths of the Ocean Mist forest, where the Empire had recently abandoned a fruitless search for the Gardo.

Looks like the coast is clear.
I don’t even see the Crimson Azoth.
Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.

The mists cleared on a very strange place indeed ahead.

They found themselves in a forest far removed from the rules of reality, where rocks and trees floated unsteadily in an endless fog. In some ways it came as no surprise that one of those strange lithographs was here.

And as the map had suggested, there was a Workshop deep within the mists.

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I’ll be right back.
Just wait for me here.

The workshop was undamaged, which made what needed to be done quite simple.

Azure Azoth: I agree.
This maintains the lower side of Eden. It should restore Aquitto Spring.
Let’s get to it, then.

There was a larger issue to consider, though.

What are you talking about?
Azure Azoth: The other workshop was severely damaged.
It is of grave consequence that it was destroyed.
Chaos and the Crimson Azoth!
Azure Azoth: !
That door wasn’t broken from the outside.
Only an alchemist like me could get inside to bust that door open.
Azure Azoth: Precisely.
The Azoth is the key to these workshops.
He is the only other being who can enter them.

This established, Felt returned to the others.

How’d it go?
Looks like it went well.
We should have Viese check on things in Eden.
So, what should we do then?
Do you think we should head to Grand?
Yeah, it makes up the majority of this region.
I think we definitely need to stop by there.
Well, if you think it’s that important, we’ll go.
What’s wrong, Noin?
Nothing! Nothing at all.
We just need to head down the southern edge of North Grand Plain.
But first, we have to reach North Grand.

Iris had a question for Viese meanwhile in Eden.

Oh? Are you interested in alchemy too?
A little…
That’s great. But, I think it’ll be too hard to learn at your age.

It turned out that Aquitto Spring, home of the Poison Mana, had indeed returned.

What’s going on our here, Coco?
The Aquitto Spring has reappeared.
It appeared right before my very eyes.
I was so surprised, I dropped everything!
…Oh, really?
The owner’s gonna be so mad at me.
Aquitto Spring…

While on the way out to investigate, Viese stopped in to apologize to Yach for the other day.

Hello, Yach. Sorry about the other day.
Don’t worry about it. Really.
I’m just worried about my decrease in profit since the wholesale price went up.
You’re very mature…
I’ve always dreamed about being the world’s greatest merchant and having lots of money.
I can’t be hung up on my parents forever.
…What I can worry about is my decrease in sales.
…So if you’re really worried about me, please buy more stuff.

Viese headed to the poisonous swamp of Aquitto Spring, but it seemed she was not in luck this time.

Jiptus: It looks like the Mana you’re looking for isn’t here yet.
She’s pretty fickle, so I’m sure she’ll be back soon…

Viese happened to be in the library at Eden Temple and caught Lutanus reading on the job.

Ah… I can never read enough.
You sure do love books. What do you plan to do with all that knowledge?
There’s something I want to know, but I haven’t found what I’m looking for.
And with a lot of books, I can tell they won’t have what I want to know, but they hook me with other stuff…
…Don’t you feel that way, too?
Huh… Well, sometimes… I guess…
And with so many books here, how long do you think it’ll take me to read all of them?
Well, what is it you want to know?
Hehe, that’s a secret.
Aww, come on!
No, you’d think I’m too weird if I told you.
No I won’t. I promise.
…No. Well, maybe later…

As Felt and his group returned to the normal area of the forest, they found someone was waiting for them.

Video- “Tolena”

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Tolena, one of the three Imperial Champions.

Couldn’t get a certain boy to notice you?
Sometimes I think you care too much!
Whoa, what a beautiful girl!
Who is she? Do you know her, Noin?
She is Tolena, one of the Imperial Champions.
You’re joking, right?!
What are you doing in a place like this?
Oh, I heard the Imperial Army was chasing after Noin…
So, you came to arrest us.
No, that’s not it at all.
I came to give you this.
What is it?

Tolena handed them a letter.

It says to let Noin travel freely throughout the Empire.
System Message: Received [Tolena’s Letter]!
Be extra careful with it. Don’t damage it.
Wait, we don’t need this.
Well, I gotta go.
See you later, Noin.
What just happened?
Is she really part of the Empire?
Well, she’s… um… different.
But there still aren’t any good people in the Empire.

And so they headed back to North Grand, where hopefully Tolena’s pardon would get them past the checkpoint. Next time we’ll learn what happened there.