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Atelier Iris 2

by Feinne

Part 55: Chapter Fifty-Three: Eternal Rest

With the Mirror of Twilight, they headed out to the mountains north of Tatalia. After passing through the Holy Path they reached a huge rock that previously blocked their path. The application of a Tera Flame allowed them to push on to the mysterious Sealed Ruins.

It worked!
Great, but we still don’t know what we’ll find in there. Be careful.

Feinne’s Fourth Wall Lectures: The Sealed Ruins
The Sealed Ruins is the easier of the two tough late-game dungeons we’ll have to enter to repair the Azoth. It’s pretty straightforward in its layout, there aren’t any crazy teleports as with Vintavne. The enemies are not unreasonably strong either, but they never run out and certainly can drag you down if you don’t heal up when you’re injured. Oh, and there is a lithograph here, make sure you read it because it’s probably the second to last one for you at this point.

When you see a save point take that as a sign there’s a boss coming, because that’s the case.

After battling through the ruins, they reached the resting place of the Crimson Azoth.

Video- “The Hall of the Azoth”

Watch the Story Unfold

This looks like the Plaza of Swords in Marmel Forest.
That means, the Azoth was from around here somewhere…
Chaos must have freed the Crimson Azoth in this temple.
What, what?
???: Someone entered the sealed room, but it wasn’t Chaos.
Extermination protocols activated.
Extermination protocols?!
Look out!

Boss Battle: Evil Servant x 3
The Evil Servants are really only a threat because there are three of them. They have two single target moves, Vampire Sword and Mangle. The Sword drains health but does less damage, and generally you’d prefer they use it because its healing is negligible. They use a skill called Blasphemy that dispels buffs and does decent damage to everyone, and can Curse with a skill called Elder Circle. Just keep the pressure up, once one falls the other two will go pretty easily.

The extermination protocol was not enough to slow them down.

Video- “Rie”

Watch the Tragedy of the Past

The was definitely Chaos’ and the Crimson Azoth’s stronghold…

Past that point they discovered why such stringent security was in place.

Cute, isn’t she…?
But, this girl…
Look, look, I found something over here.
It looks like… a diary.
What does it say?
What is this overwhelming feeling I have. Why must I do so much for Rie?

It was, of course, Chaos’ diary.

I couldn’t bring her any happiness or relief…
Even though I come from a prestigious alchemist family, I can do nothing…
My heart breaks from my disappointment.
I shall revive Rie.
But to do that, I must attain the power of Lilith using the Crimson Azoth.
I know I must break Eden’s seal to save Rie.
That is my only purpose for living…
If anyone finds this diary here…
You must be a great and skilled alchemist.
Here is the recipe for the Verdure Doublet, which has been passed down in my family.
I hope the person who finds this will pass on this recipe in my place.

And so they found the second recipe they needed to create the Ruby Prism.

System Message: You now have the recipe for [Verdure Doublet]!
In the end, he couldn’t find the Eilxir to save this girl here…
Viese, will you use some Elixir on her?
I’m sorry, I can’t.
Once someone is dead, they cannot be revived, no matter what.
Still… I’d like you to do it.
Please use some Elixir… For her…
Fine, here goes.
Please rest peacefully, Rie.

They also found a new motivation for their quest.

While I was here, Chaos and I fought many times over Eden…

The Gardo? What is that?

I already told you, you can’t possibly beat me!

And, I have no intentions of losing!

He was fighting for someone he loved more than himself…
And in the end, he was just a pawn of the Crimson Azoth, Palaxius.
We could try to save him…
We can do it. Let’s save him from Palaxius.
For the sake of Sleeping Rie… We’ll save him…

As it happened, they had everything they’d need for the Verdure Doublet on hand.

Unfortunately, they had to use something rather irreplaceable to do it.

It’s okay. The crown is only a symbol for the people to look up to.
But, this tablet will do much more for this country than the crown ever could.
What does this writing say, anyways?
Nothing is everything, everything is nothing. Use this knowledge of the sages and create the symbols of the elements.
Do you think it’s a warning about creating a Ruby Prism?
Alchemy is just… bizarre.

There was but one place for them to go now, the ancient stronghold of the grim alchemist himself. Vintavne, Palaxius’ workshop.