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Part 27: Side-Note: Alternate Cherrl Parts 1 & 2 (post by Jegan).

Tallgeese posted:

The Holy Sword being at level 20+ does nothing, if I recall right. Just so you know.

Go ahead and confirm if you want, though.

Confirmed. It's the same as any other 27 power non-elemental sword.

Alternate Cherrl Parts 1&2

Krysmphoenix posted:

This also counts as our inventory check before going into the tower. I hand the healing herb over to the doctor.
Oh, Mamoru. As long as we've got this, Cherrl will be cured. We'll keep her in the hospital for a little while for full recovery. You're actually a pretty tough guy, aren't you? I'm sure Cherrl will be more than thankful. You put yourself in danger to get the Healing Herb and bring them here. Any girl would fall for you if you showed such courage to save her. I'll make sure to tell Cherrl to thank you.

: Don't tell her anything. || Yes. Go ahead!
Well, You saved her life. Mamoru Koh has truly matured. I'll admit her to the hospital right away.
A trip to the tower that doesn't involve Koh's death, and....

I've always been like that. Always causing other people trouble. I shouldn't be allowed to get better. Imagine for a moment, Koh, if you had been killed at the tower. Why, why did you go to get the Healing Herb, anyway?
: Because I wanted to go. || I did it all for you, Cherrl.
I guess you're right. You are a monster trainer after all. Ha, ha. And I'm here thinking you went through some kind of trouble for me. I don't know what got into me. I'll do my best. So come again if you have time.
: Because I wanted to go. || I did it all for you, Cherrl.
Never do anything dangerous for me! Don't ever bother me again. I don't want you to suffer pain for me, Koh.
: I wanted to see you well. || Scolded by you is more pain. Both lead to the same conclusion
I'm sorry. I just couldn't forgive myself knowing that I put you through so much danger, Koh... I'll do my best. So come again if you have time.