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Part 31: Fortune's Wrath.

's Wrath.

These monsters were given food based names because of their purpose as only being for Fusion Bait, to awaken hidden spells in monsters. I can't tell if I find this appropriate or disturbing. But now it's time to go check on all of our lovely ladies.

Sadly, this is pretty much all she says. I'm starting to think I may have used up all the unique conversations for Nico already.

Also, whenever Mamoru leaves a building, Mia lurks outside for a moment, but runs away just before we're given control over Mamoru. No, you can't catch her.

: That's not true. || That's right.
: I'm so happy.
At least she isn't spreading crazy and wild rumors about us anymore.

And I pay a trip to the Swimming pool to see Selfi there.
: Personally, I'm more relaxed in my own pool at home. I'm glad I came. I thought there might be a possibility of seeing you if I came. I'm sure this is a sign that we are to be together. Yes, I'm certain.
Now that we have the final house upgrade and get swarmed by most of our girlfriends at the beginning of each morning, I can't help but imagine Selfi being more possessive. And wait, their house has a pool?

I stopped by the Library, and of course Mia wasn't inside, but as I left, this happened. She was looking through the window.
: Oh. Hello. Such a coincidence to meet a place like this…
: Yes. || Why are you following me?
: … You caught me. Ummm… Is it OK?
: That's fine. || No.
I'm being blunt to her, these stalking habits have to go. It's creepy enough and considering how many other girlfriends Mamoru has at this point, it's probably not good for Mia's well being either should one or more of them suddenly get jealous.
: I… I understand… Aaa… Whoaaaa.
And then she runs away. Now when we leave buildings, she's not there anymore.

Meanwhile, Vivian is back at the Theater, and this time when she performed she was exactly on time with the other dances.
Hey you. You weren't all that bad today.
…yeah, you weren't too bad.
But don't be thinking you can slack off now.
Mamoru. What did you do to Vivian? She has completely changed, and practically overnight! You're a special person, Mamoru.
It was overnight, actually. Not practically, literally. Don't worry Fon, you're special too.
: Oh, Mamoru. You came. Did you see me on stage?
: You did great. || I didn't see you.
: Thank you. And for the other… Thank you.
The game places a mysterious [????] in the textbox. I'm not sure if it's from Vivian or Mamoru.
: I'll be sure to show you a much better show next time.
: Sure, I look forward to it. || What was the 2nd thanks for?
: Not for your words of praise, but for you yourself.
And another mysterious [?????]…then Ghosh walks in carrying a bunch of roses.
: Any beautiful thing in the world looks pale when compared to you. In search of something that would reflect your beauty, I brought this bouquet of flowers.
: Thank you Ghosh.
: Unfortunately, I must be going, as I have other plans today.
: The flowers smell wonderful.
First Ghosh leaves, then Vivian. You can actually buy roses at the General Store, but they don't do anything.

Someone got the Jackpot again. Told you it was easy. That's another $60,000.

…I swear, if this is the RNG, I'm going to go to my safe right now and pull out all of my spare swords and just throw them at her.

I didn't get a good picture of the outdoors of the bowling center, but it really doesn't matter much. It has a giant sign of a bowling pin on the front.

And here is a quick tutorial on Bowling, a useless minigame. It's really hard to tell from this still picture, but there is a black line going from side to side in front of Mamoru. This determines the initial angle of your shot. You can also move left to right if you want, instead of using the center of the lane, but as you can see, all eight pins (yes, eight) are in a straight line in front of Mamoru.

And then you can set your curve. You're given these three squares that slowly start spinning in one direction, then slow down and stop (representing no curve) and then spin in the other direction. The ball's arc will curve in the direction relative to which way the squares are rotating and how fast they are.

After you throw the ball, it walks back to you. If you hit all eight pins, it has stars. I could show off all eight stages, but that'd be rather silly. Pretty much they start in simple straight lines, then slowly start wanting you to curve the ball a little bit. Total I hit 55 of the 64 pins. Not bad for just trying this for the first time in who knows how many years. And it will be several years before I return.

Meanwhile, now that I have enough money, it's time to get this thing.
Har, har, har, har. Yeah, that's the spirit. ….. … you serious? It'll cost $30000.
: I don't have enough money. || Money is not a concern.
Hey, I own a casino with easily abused slot machines. I'm not worried about money at all.
I don't believe it. Who are you, anyway? … what, you're Mamoru!? Of course, there isn't a soul in the city that doesn't know your name. In that tower where veteran adults return after only making it to level one or two, I hear you made it all the way to level 29. That's amazing. Just incredible.
I really wish they would stop bringing this up. Although it is the farthest I've gotten…That was a really really stupid mistake and I would be a lot farther ahead by now.
Well if it's you that's offering, Mamoru, I guess it's true. Good. Will you let me manage the place? I'll make sure you're treated royally when you come. If you could call upon the carpenter now, it should be built by the time you come back from one adventure. Har, har, har, har, har. Life is wonderful.

Don't have enough for the full hut (allowing 64 monsters), but a quick trip to the Casino next time should finish hat. Or I could use the Circuit instead.

I think someone a while ago mentioned that the Circuit could be built anywhere. This is incorrect, you have to build over Silver's old home. Meanwhile, it's time to storm the Tower.

Floor 1

First thing, is I fuse Orphan to Kevan to awaken Breath in Keven.

Then I fuse Kevan to Samus to transfer Breath and get rid of LoDown. Unfrotunately, Samus is still a Water-Genus, so I'll need to find a Light seed soon if I want to boost Breath any. Part of the reason I want Breath so badly is because it is a very powerful Fire-elemental spell, and a certain monster I hope to get in the future has Breath. I wouldn't mind getting a few levels in advance. Besides, I wasn't going to use LaDown anyway.

I also had a Hazak seed in my safe for some reason. Fed it to Samus, and her ATK increased by one, and her MAX ATK increased by two, as predicted. I also had a Medicinal Herb stored away. Another boost.

And then I send her home. If you notice, I came into this tower with three monsters, a Hazak seed and a Medicinal Herb. This means only one thing.

It's time for another Manliness Challenge. I haven't done one in ages, and now felt like a good time since I wanted to use up those boosting items early on. Unlike other Manliness Challenges, I'll be doing this one completely naked. This can be very bad because if you don't come with a Copper Sword, you don't have enough attack power to kill a Troll at level one before it kills you, even with a height advantage.

Very luckily for me, I find this early on. An iron sword is even better than a copper sword, although by one point. But at this stage, one point means a lot.

I also find a copper shield, giving me 4 DEF. Although a good weapon is nice for the early floors, you absolutely need a good shield or you will be ripped apart. Even with this shield, I'm still taking more than one damage from Trolls when I don't have a height advantage.

I decide to keep the red sand instead of using it. I'll take it back home and use it on my Holy Sword, since I keep running into rust traps.

Floor 2

Ghosh still falls easily.

Floor 3

Have I mentioned how much I hate Cyclones? They appear right at level 3, and are enough to rip you to shreds, and they have a lot of HP too. For reference, I started this fight with full HP. Fortunately, once I kill this one, I pick up that Steel Sword in the distance, worth 5 ATK.

I could use a height advantage here, but really, I need to run away because I can't take on two at once with this little HP. If I'm lucky, I'll reach a narrow hallway and can fight them one on one.

I run into a third cyclone to screw me over, but I keep running.

Why hello there RNG, how good to see you again.

By sheer luck, I manage to escape with one HP. I could have used my Medicinal Herb there from Ghosh, but I decided against it. I would have been assaulted by more monsters and I can't fight a Monster Den inside the Den. I have to run away again.
: Yes, run. Run like a scared little child because that will save you.

And I use this as my line of defense. I would have wanted a piece of elevated terrain, but this will have to do for now. Only about half of them chase me, the rest probably used the other exits in the room with the Monster Den. I manage to take them all down and still keep about 8 HP afterwards.

: And now you cannot run away.

There is still hope!

: No. No there isn't.
: Huh…you really have it out for this kid.
: He laughs in my face and abuses the slot machines in the casino. No one should gamble with fortune, unless they fear fortune's wrath.
: True…Was there any way for the kid to survive this one?
: The room with the monster den also had an elevator. If he chose to use the elevator while fleeing from the third Cyclone, he would have survived and not triggered the trap. Instead, his greed forced him to continue looting the floor, all while death lurked behind.
: Yeah, but it also would have meant losing a floor of valuable grinding for the challenges you placed on the above floors. There was no easy way out of this.
: The goal of these "Manliness Challenges" is to go as far as you can in the Tower, not to bring back a lot of loot.
: I dunno…surviving a monster den seemed pretty manly to me.
: He was lucky.

Yeah…I was kinda hoping I could go a lot farther, I usually don't get so unlucky during these. I was thinking if I should reload the savefile and try again, but I decided against it. Azure Dreams can be very very merciless. My goal isn't to show off only how you can beat it, but how it can dick you over with Monster Dens and Paralysis traps.


: 18 Pulunpas, 6 Noises, 12 Trolls (Hammer), 3 Flames, 3 Cyclones. 42 KILLS TOTAL


Post-LP Note: Another line that got me to laugh my ass off.

Alpha Kenny Juan posted:

Mamoru. He is sick. Luck no come. Luck is afraid. I ask RNG for forgiveness. I offer RNG cigar, and rum. RNG will forgive.
: Umm… Ahh… Morning is here. It's time to get up. Please get up. ….. Ooooooh, myyyyy! Oh, Mamoru, he's soooo cute when asleep!
: What is it!?|| Shut up.
I thought I told you that stalking me is bad! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU IN MY BEDROOM?
: I…I'm sorry, Mamoru. You looked so cute while asleep, just like a teddy bear.

Well, since I died in the tower, unsurprisingly I have no loot to sell…so this is kinda it for the update. Sorry it's kinda short, but for the three floors I was in the tower, I tried to go into greater detail and it's always fun to point and laugh at my misfortune, right?
Normally I can make it past this floor no problem, but as you can see, the RNG got me good this time. Anyway, this was a nice break to take. Hopefully sometime soon I can climb past floor 29.

And as you can see, Mia is now on here, next to Cherrl. Yay. Once again I'm surprised how suddenly she jumps on the list, like Nico. Unlike with Selfi, Patty and Cherrl, there just wasn't that moment where it becomes clear that suddenly they are in love with Mamoru. This just seems more she's stalking Mamoru in his own home.