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Part 37: Side-Note: Post Floor 31, Selfi (post by Jegan).

Stop making me update so quickly! Also, I just put in new character portraits where appropriate in the Cherrl updates, and a couple where it wasn't.

Post 31 Part 2&3- Selfi Return and Death

What's wrong? You do not look too well.
Koh gets to his feet, and tells her everything. Doesn't seem like Beldo is her father, but it's nothing conclusive.

What? A secret to your mother? Why? Oh, you don't want to worry her. How kind of you, Koh. My heart beat's faster just thinking about you!

Until you finish the game, all the girls who come over will say this. No kisses at the door. Pretty sure it's the same with the 3rd house too, only one girl at a time.

And Part 3.

Oh! This is so moving. The sight of you slowly opening your eyes in the morning sunlight!

Oh Mr. Koh, when the tamed monster brought you home all scarred and wounded, I fainted on the spot. But I'm truly glad that I stayed by your side. This is great! I couldn't see how I could live on without you, Mr. Koh. I think I know a little about the dungeon, enough to ask you to please not overdo it. Please do not overdo it.

Next time, Mia.