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Part 5: Battle 2: Prelude to Campbell Castle

Task Organization

Main Effort

Fires and Effects




Enemy forces have situated themselves along the only useable route to Campbell Castle and are arrayed in a multi-layer defense to protect the route.

Enemy Forces

Terrain: The enemy is dug in in forested terrain that slopes uphill toward Campbell Castle. The enemy's position is open enough to allow clear observation of their positions but limits our avenues of approach. As the enemy is positioned above us no real concealment is available. We do, however, have open fields of fire on the enemy's mages. Key terrain in this battle field are the two choke points that will allow whomever controls them to dictate the flow of battle. The underbrush in the forest is also flammable, which may be utilized to constrain enemy movement.

Disposition: The enemy is arrayed in 3 distinct layers of defense, comprised of an initial screen of regular infantry followed by two groups of mages and heavy infantry past each choke point. Enemy units are divided into small teams of 3-4 individuals, with a total strength equivalent to a reinforced platoon. The enemy has significant magical capabilities and limited indirect fire. Currently the enemy can be expected to fight to the death as long as the unit commander is present, but will break if he is defeated.

Enemy Course of Action: The enemy will most likely rush toward our closest available unit and attempt to close in order to negate our advantage in air support and magic. Enemies on higher terrain will likely avoid engagement until our forces close or until they are engaged. The enemy's most dangerous possible course of action is to focus their attacks on a single dragon or team and defeat us in detail.

End Report

As we line up to engage the enemy, Matelite makes the suggestion that we should close with the enemy in order to make sure that we can seize as much equipment and money as possible. He's got a point, but I worry about the defensive capabilities of our units.

Our overall goal is to break the enemy, not necessarily to kill all of them. However, reducing the enemy's strength as much as possible is a good idea.

Clyde seems to have listened to Matelite more than just about anybody else did, preferring to close with the enemy rather than stand back and use his lightning or poison attacks to weaken them first. I think that he'll need to eat more armor in order to pull this off in the future.

A flame hit from Byuu not only severely weakens a group of soldiers, but also sets the forest on fire. This will force the enemy to detour around the thicker brush.

Flammie is also charging into combat, but this can be excused by the fact that he has no distance attacks. This will have to remedied.

Inky finishes this group off, incidentally putting out some of the fire at the same time.

Having no enemies within reach, Flammie opts to heal himself instead. I think this capacity might have to be spread among the dragons.

Pinky charges into battle against the enemy in the burnt out ruins of the forest. On the plus side, at least he can't do any more harm to the woods.

Now that most of the initial enemy units have been defeated, focus shifts to the mages in their positions on top of the terrace. As they're the most visible targets, all of the dragons focus their attacks on them.

Some of the enemy units attempt to attack Pinky, although the results for them are hardly encouraging. This is a result of Pinky chowing down on that armor.

Concentrating our healers together along with Flammie as greatly enhanced their ability to restore HP on the battlefield. They've definitely earned their keep in this battle.

Lukia and the mages close with one of the enemies and destroy them with close range magic, discovering in the process that some enemy troops are actually wearing diamond armor. This explains some of their unwholesome durability.

Matelite can't yet close with the enemy, but can utilize his signature ability Inspiration to rain down lightning on them. This is another reason he should be associated with Clyde.

To finish the job, Clyde simply mauls the enemy to death. He appears... pleased at the chance...

While I tried to hold back to let the slower units catch up, Pinky had other ideas.

Rather than trying to cause damage, the enemy mages tried to put Sue to sleep. I'm not even sure if the dragons can be put to sleep magically. So far, no enemies have succeeded.

Lukia and the mages close with the enemy once more. Lukia demonstrates the Tower abilities that only light armor fighters can use. By default, these hit all the enemies in a group.

The rest of her group attacks with lightning magic, vaporizing the lesser troops and severely weakening the heavy striker.

Pinky has to come in to finish the job. Unfortunately he's used to many Hellfires that he's reduced to biting the enemy to death. His teeth have no difficulty biting through any kind of armor.

The enemy's mages hang too far back. Matelite and his troops move in to destroy the leader and finish the battle.

To be more precise, Matelite finishes the battle with his lightning element Inspiration attack. Although this attack has limited range, it can be incredibly powerful.

Defeated the enemy calls out to someone named Groyer, who evidently stands between us and Yoyo.

The remaining enemies give themselves up, and the battle is won.