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Part 6: Battle 3: Campbell Castle

Task Organization

Main Effort

Fires and Effects

Medical Corps



The ultimate objective of this campaign, Princess Yoyo, is located in Campbell castle. The castle and surrounding walls are garrisoned by seasoned enemy troops with dug in fortifications.

Enemy Forces

Terrain: The fortified nature of this terrain will severely restrict operations during this mission. Observation and concealment are non issues, but the curtain walls will restrict avenues of approach during the assault. Thunder based techniques may be used to create breaches if necessary. In the initial movement toward the enemy, our mobility will be restricted by the bridge crossing the river. The river itself presents an obstacle, being too wide for easy use of ice magic to facilitate a crossing. Key terrain for this battle are the gates and the fortified guard houses that can provide medical support to any units that can reach them. The tree stands within the walls are potentially flammable, and may be utilized to control the enemy's movement.

Disposition: The enemy is once again using a three layered defense, with units operating in separate teams of 3-4 individuals. The initial defensive layer is made up of heavy infantry with magical support, while the second layer is a mixture of light and heavy infantry. The central defensive emplacement contains the enemy command team with light infantry and magical support. The enemy's total strength is equivalent to a heavily reinforced platoon. In addition to magical attack capabilities the enemy has deployed cannons on the flanks of the battlefield with a commanding field of fire, including the inside of the first defensive layer. The enemy will likely surrender if their command team is defeated.

Enemy Courses of Action: The enemy will most likely remain behind their fortifications and will have to be cleared from the archways. Once the initial breach has been made the enemy's most probable course of action will be to reinforce the defenses and attempt to overwhelm our forces while their cannons provide indirect fire support. The enemy's most dangerous course of action would be to bottle our forces up between the first and second walls and utilize their long range capability to obliterate our forces.

End report

The enemy commander is more than a bit strange. That doesn't make him any less dangerous.

Our objective here is to destroy that radish loving buffoon.

Lukia's team moves up first and begins bombarding the enemy from a distance. Their ice magic has gotten really impressive.

Byuu's group follows up. The other side of healing is the ability to drain life from your enemies, but their fire attack is still far more powerful.

A single strike nearly vaporizes the enemy mages and knocks half the life from the enemy soldiers.

Pinky comes in to finish the job and succeeds in completely wiping out the enemy's first line of magical support, although a couple of soldiers survive.

In the interim Clyde uses his thunder attack to weaken the enemies and destroy the walls surrounding the gate. Sue finishes up the survivors from Pinky and Byuu's handywork.

The sole remaining soldier in the gate area attempts to strike at Pinky and fails miserably.

He doesn't survive Pinky's counter attack, and his companion from the second arch is whittle down and finally defeated by Byuu and the three knights.

The enemy's lighter troops rush into the gateway, but are utterly unable to threaten Pinky.

The troops barely survive, and Clyde succeeds in destroying another section of walls and opening up our avenue of approach.

Now that he's gained a flame attack, Flammie ends up mopping up a number of enemies in this battle.

A blast of flame from Sue sets the forest ablaze, catching some of the enemy light infantry in the conflagration.

The enemy cannons begin to open up on our troops. They present a major threat, and are capable of doing more than 200 damage to everyone in a unit. Our dragons can shrug that kind of damage off, but it's crippling for humans.

Lukia's unit and the reserve move to attack the right cannon. The mages start bombarding the target with ice magic.

Byuu heads after the left cannon, hammering it with fire damage.

The medical corps is invaluable in this battle, keeping everyone alive while our forces work to take the enemy's cannons out.

Sue brings down one of the enemy's heavy infantry with an ice breath attack, acquiring a new sword for Byuu.

The enemy cannons are situated over buildings, granting them some additional endurance through recovery.

The enemy's final troops move forward and start passing through the gate. This provides some wonderful opportunities to catch multiple groups at once. For some reason the pure mage unit opts to use sleep rather than an actual useful spell.

Groyer and his troops attack Clyde, receiving a face full of electricity for their trouble.

Byuu and the three musketeers finally engage the cannon, utilizing drug strikes to restore their HP.

Byuu strikes the cannon down and Pinky finishes off the two troops that failed to protect it.

Clyde continues to face off against Groyer, steadily weakening his troops.

Luckily Groyer is incredibly inaccurate.

Over at the other cannon things are not going as well. Inky decides that while he will come and watch the show, he's not going to help.

After a full round of strikes at the cannon it still remains active, doing serious damage to Lukia.

Luckily the cannon fires at Matelite and the heavies, since the battle has left Lukia's group severely weakened.

Lukia and the mages finally bring down the cannon, but pay a heavy price.

Ectarina is struck down by a surviving soldier.

Inky appears to be enjoying watching Lukia struggle to keep herself and her soldiers alive as the enemy troops come after them again.

A litancible puts the fallen mage back on her feat, and Lukia's superior speed allows the group to strike first and wipe out the enemies before they can attack.

The enemies leave behind a water elemental spear that will benefit our javeliners and some ice armor for one of the heavies.

Back at the main battle, Flammie is able to finish off Groyer's body guards but the commander himself survives. Matelite and the heavies move in for the kill.

Matelite misses his strike on Groyer, and as a result Groyer survives their confrontation.

Byuu is forced to attack in order to finish the battle, but Pinky intercedes and roasts Groyer.

Groyer should, perhaps, be more concerned about being out of a life.

Nothing stands between our forces and Princess Yoyo's rescue.