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Part 10: Byuu's Journal: Fifth Entry

14th Day, 4th month, 2 years after the fall of Kahna

It's been two days since we brought Yoyo aboard the DamnShip, and people are talking of nothing else. She still sleeps, and evidently has been having nightmares the entire time. If we knew how we would wake her but it seems she'll have to come out of it on her own.

Taicho asked my opinion on his beard. I'm not sure if he liked my response, but I don't think that I'm actually covered in dragon drool. It's impossible not to get a bit messy taking care of dragons.

Melodia has been very put out at having her spotlight taken away. Hornet told her to go to her room, which I have to consider a bit odd. He's not her father or anything, although I suppose he does have some authority on the bridge.

Hornet let me try flying the ship, but it's too different from dealing with a dragon. The ship doesn't react to anything except the wheel, and it's so.. lifeless. I'm afraid I didn't do a very good job.

I went to see Sendak and found this.. thing.. sitting out. I'm afraid to ask what it is, but I know the dragons like them for some reason so I grabbed it. He also had a uniuji by his flowers. Sendak was laying in bed and said he had a headache, so I'm hoping taking that smelly thing out will improve his health a bit.

Now that people are getting a chance to rest and relax, I think there's a certain amount of pairing up going on. Anastasia seemed pretty impressed with Barclay's knowledge of tactics and war, while Ectarina stared out the window, talking about someone who keeps their back turned from her.

Looking ahead to the battles we're going to face, Lukia's a bit worried. I think it's going to be alright, though.

The ship's gossip has gotten more interesting since everybody's come onboard. Evidently the lancers were practicing in front of Yoyo's room and Zora yelled at them. It made one of them miss their mother so much that they've been in bed moping since.

Frederica was worried about her low energy, but I told her it would be alright. I didn't say as much outloud, but it's not like she has to have the energy to do much more than walk and use magic.

For someone who's annoyed at Anastasia, Barclay seems to be talking about her a great deal.

I'll have to ask Hornet when we last took on water. I think Gunso might really need a bath at some point and that's the only reason I can think of that he'd be so tormented by his armor.

Something came out of it that I'm not willing to examine too closely. I think I'm going to shove it in a closet and forget about its existence, unless one of the dragons wants it.

One of the crew members has started up an impromptu enterprise that I can only imagine is extremely profitable. Although now that I think about it, who's doing the publishing on these things?

As I headed toward Yoyo's room to ask about her condition, Zora ran right over me yelling that she was awake. As soon as she got to the bridge and spread the news there, everybody else came back the same way and went over me again.

We all gathered around her bed, except Matelite. Evidently he had his heart set on being at the foot of the bed and was rather disappointed.

For his part, Taicho was being.. Taicho. I'm glad Zora's in here with Yoyo.

Just then, Yoyo came to. Everyone started bombarding her with questions, but she was so confused that she didn't really register that she was awake. It's to be expected after two days of sleep.

When everybody asked about her dreams, Yoyo just said that they were ordinary... something I didn't buy for a second.

Zora tried to shoo us out to give the princess some time to rest, but as we were all leaving she called us back and began to tell us about her dream, still claiming that it was ordinary.

As ordinary as any dream about a Holy Dragon could be.

According to Yoyo, the Holy Dragon Valitora appeared to her in the room she was held captive in and asked her if she was the person that the legends spoke of. When she claimed to know nothing the dragon addressed her again and charged her with a task.

Gathering the Holy Dragons would allow Yoyo to become a Dragnar, a term that neither I nor Taicho were familiar with.

Matelite claimed to understand, but I wonder if he wasn't just pulling it out of his helmet... normally Sendak is the person to go to for old legends and stories.

From there Matelite jumped to the conclusion that we had the Holy Dragons as allies and ran off to tell the entire ship about it. Yoyo tried to stop him and said it had just been a dream.

Sendak disagreed, and I think it shook Yoyo up inside. She stuttered for a moment and then told us to let her go, which brought a third person in to the conversation.

I'd say Zora had heard enough, but considering that Yoyo had only been awake for a few minutes I think 's just the fact that Zora has a really short temper.

As harsh as she can be, Zora does ask some very good questions when she had a mind to. I don't think Yoyo has had a strong woman talking to her since the Queen died.

Of course, it wouldn't be nearly as good for Yoyo or as easy for her to swallow if it weren't clear how much Zora cares about her.

Everybody left toward the bridge... and I have no excuses what-so-ever about my next actions. I'm just hoping that Yoyo never finds out.

Although the merchants claimed to have new goods, they had only just goten what the battlefield salesman brought out to us. I think we need to get him in here permanently.

Evidently growling is a sign of dragon puberty? I'm thinking that he might have mean growing. According to the dragon keeper the excitement about Princess Yoyo has transfered to the dragons.

Inky has developed an appetite for books, and his scales have turned to a lovely green shade.

Pinky went through a growth spurt, and I'll say that he looks fantastic now. He really looks fierce, even though he's actually gentle.

I went in to look for Sendak, but he wasn't in his room. I think he was eating cookies in bed, at his age!

One of the other knights had mentioned that Bikkebakke wanted to talk to me, so I hunted him down. He and the others had a hard life before becoming part of the Dragon Squad and it's hard to imagine how that's affected them. It turned out that his big secret was that he was trying to buy a house for the three of them.

I don't know if selling mushrooms will be a path to wealth for Bikkebakke, but maybe I can help him out a bit. I suppose it's possible some of the dragons might like mushrooms.

When I returned to the bridge a meeting of sorts was in progress. I don't think that Yoyo was interested in the idea of Matelite taking the king's place.

The meeting was breaking up, and Yoyo obviously had something on her mind about Campbell. She asked me to come in and talk to her about it in Sendak's room.

Matelite wanted to come along and listen, probably afraid to leave me and Yoyo alone. I think Yoyo has become rather better at handling people since the last time I saw her.

Zora's talk earlier had really made Yoyo think, which I couldn't say I was sorry to hear. If Yoyo is going to be a queen, that's something that probably should happen.

She also had some more information about her dream, which she seemed to have accepted as genuine now. Somehow just collecting the power of the Holy Dragons wasn't enough to make someone a Dragnar... some element of choice is involved.

Sendak had evidently been waiting by the door, possibly eavesdropping. I heard him muttering about forbidding love on board.

He covered himself by claiming that he was there to ask for answers about why we were still circling Campbell Lagoon. I'm not sorry for stealing his cookie at this point.

Yoyo had some questions that she wanted answered about the legends that Sauzer was using to guide himself and suggested that her aunt might be able to tell her more.

Sendak saw where she was going immediately. I hadn't even thought about the relation. I think I sometimes forget that not every nation was destroyed as thoroughly as Kahna had been. The queen had retained her kingdom and her crown, if not her independence.

Yoyo asked me if I would be willing to talk to her about other things. I said yes in my best Matelite impression, which made her laugh for the first time since she's come back.

Outside we announced our plans. It looks like it might be a bit of a slog, but I think the fact that Sauzer and Palpaleos have left should help out chances substantially.

Once we started to talk strategy, the real surprise was that Yoyo chimed in. I'd never have expected to hear from her. Although I'm not sure what she meant about a perimeter, since there's no way we can encircle an entire lagoon. That might be useful if we were searching a village, but.. well, she was actually using some kind of terminology. Matelite brought up a good question for once: Where did Yoyo start to learn about tactics and strategy?

Before conquering the island, however, we'd need to look into some kind of funds for our organization. As we prepared to leave, Sendak seemed to be feeling a bit odd... why would he have any connection to the dragons?