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Part 40: Byuu's Journal: Entry Twenty-One

5th month, 13th day, 1st Year of Kahna's Revival

After checking on the dragons, the first thing that I saw when I entered the inner chambers was Bikkebakke trying to shove mushrooms down the throats of Rush and Truce. It's days like this that I'm convinced I'm the only sane man on DamnShip except maybe Hornet.

Despite a near fatal dose of mushrooms, the two of them were actually doing fairly well. Their bigger problem was the anger of the Holy Dragon at the center of the ship.

Considering how Sendak had been feeling before the battle I was particularly worried about him... but it turned out I shouldn't have been. He'd been taking a page out of Palpaleos book and pretending to be ill. I'll have to check if that invalidates his will..

Moving forward, Gudolf was blocking our passage into the final chambers. I hadn't expected to see him again, but I guess I wouldn't be that lucky.

His lies were fairly transparent...

and yet Palpaleos fell for them anyway. He's more credible than I would have guessed, especially considering that he was the head of Granbelos military. Considering the general snakiness of his compatriots, I can't see how he managed to pull that off.

Naturally Gudolf was too much of a coward to do anything other than cut the power and run for his miserable life. I don't think he'll be much of a threat now, though.

Any further thought was cut off by a mental voice of monstrous power addressing the Holy Dragons within Yoyo's mind. I can't imagine how she could stand it... even the echoes left most of us on the floor.

Apparently unaffected, Yoyo entered the double doors alone. Matelite asked me to follow her... I don't know why it is, but I seem better able to deal with the anger of the dragons than the rest of the crew.

I picked myself up and tried to follow Yoyo in to the inner sanctum, but she'd closed the door behind her and was talking as if she expected not to come back out.

I couldn't help but feel like a bit of an afterthought, especially with the insulting insinuation that I'd forget to feed the dragons.

Yoyo spoke aloud to a voice none of us could hear...

And was answered by one that we could.

Sauzer chose to surrender the single Holy Dragon he'd been able to make contact with, and essentially said that he regretted his actions in speaking to them. This has taken a far greater toll on him than we'd realized.

I'm beginning to suspect that perhaps we're being duped in this whole enterprise..

From Yoyo's confused repetition of the Holy Dragon's speech, it seems as though this new era might not be what we're expecting.

The doors opened and we all rushed forward, to find Sauzer and Yoyo collapsed on the floor. Palpaleos didn't hesitate for a second to push past Yoyo in order to come to Sauzer's aid. With the ship sinking, there was little else we could do but grab them both and head back to DamnShip.