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Part 11: Of Brage and Bandits

Rex: I believe I was level 3 at this point in time (judging by the amount of Magic Missiles).


Update 9: Of Brage and Bandits

Right. We've had some fun. Time to get back to business.

We went to Feldeposts Inn to confront Tranzig.

Minsc may or may not have provoked Tranzig into a fight. Let's see what this mage has on him.

Not much. I dont think he was anticipating that I would have a lot of magic at MY fingertips as well.

He gave up practically instantly and told us what we wanted to know. What a coward. He didn't put up a fight at all! Minsc was very dissapointed.

Viconia was apparantly more dissapointed. She levelled the poor bastard with her hammer before he had time to run. Oh well. It's not like he didn't deserve it.

Well we found our next destination. However, if we went now: The bandits will be expecting us. Let's see if we can find Captain Brage first so that we're not painfully obvious.

While we discussed where to go: Imoen decided to do a bit of theiving. Let's see what she managed to swipe this time.

Wow this is useful. If I ever wanted to know anything off anybody, I could just wear this cloak and charm the pants off of them. I'll be keeping this one for a while.

Anyways: Time to find Captain Brage. According to the rumours we picked up in taverns, he apparantly went beserk and in a fit of rage killed a whole heap of people, including his family. The preist believes him to be posessed, however, unless that can be proven, Nashkell wants his blood.

We found a ruined caravan and a passerby gave us an ominous warning. She confirmed that it was the Brage we were looking for.

The riddle confused me briefly. War and Death seemed like the most correct choices, however, if you think about the character of Brage the answer is pretty obvious. Death followed him wherever he went.

His insanity ended, he agreed to follow us to Nashkell and be judged for his crimes.

The zealot claimed that letting Brage live was justice. However: I can understand him not wanting to live without family. For Brage: Death is not punishment: Life is.

This was the sword Brage was using. I'm glad we didn't have to fight Brage, he would've cleaved us all in two. Thankfully: Minsc didn't touch this sword. The thought of him running through Nashkell with a beserking sword is quite terrifying.

...Yet also, strangely hila-PUT. THE SWORD. AWAY.

Bah. Enough of this. The Bandit camp should be calmer now. Elminster suggested that we might want to try to infiltrate their ranks. The note from Tranzig suggested that they'd be in Peldvale or Larswood. Let's try Peldvale first.

Sure enough: We were ambushed in Peldvale. We took Elminster's advice and pretended that we wanted to join them. Teven didn't seem to trust us, but at least we arrive at the camp in one peice.

"Welcome" to The Bandit Camp

See that big bastard? That's Tazok. He towered over me as I did Montaron. He didn't seem too happy about us being in his camp.

Tazok REALLY wasn't happy about us being in his camp.

He gave Jaheira one hard wallop which nearly took her out. She retreated to cast a few healing spells. Viconia tried knocking him out with a spell, but he resisted it. Meanwhile, I threw every magic missile I had

For fucks sake, can he ask us a riddle instead?

He eventually yielded and said we could be Bandits. Y'know: If all bandits had to go through that to join his ranks: There'd be a lot less bandits.

Before he left, he said he was off to another mine. That'll explain why the bandits weapons never broke, only the ones bought locally. Obviously Tazok is not the man in charge, but is effectively another Mulahey.

Ardenor Crush of the Chill was in the Bandit Camp. I was suprised to hear a Hobgoblin say something other than: "ARRGGH!" and "Aroo?"

These Bandits sure are loose-lipped. So far I've been in the camp 5 minutes and been told that the Bandits are made up of members of the Black Talons and Chill Hobgoblins. These groups are hired by the Iron Throne to do their bidding.

So who the hell is The Iron Throne?

I love bandits. They're so stupid. Looks like all the information we need is in Tazok's tent.

We waited until night time and managed to sneak past the "guard". Let's see what dirt we can dig up...

Eep. Well it nearly worked.

We were cornered near the entrance. Jaheira was nearly taken out by a viscious poison from the Hobgoblin's arrows. The mage caught Imoen with an Acid Arrow and she was hurting real bad from that. Minsc and Khalid were trapped at the rear of the hut and couldn't join the fight.

When Jaheira and Viconia moved out of the way: Khalid and Minsc charged our attackers and the tide of the battle shifted dramatically in our favour. Minsc made very short work of the mage, I took out the Gnoll and the others fought off the Hobgoblin and the other human.

It was a long hard fight, but eventually: We won.

So it was time to talk to Ender Sai. He knew a fair bit of information about how this bandit organisation was being run.

But he still didn't know much about the Iron Throne. Still, he gave us a lead worthwhile investigating. We looted Tazok's hut and took the documents. We'll read them later. At the moment: We have to get out of the bandit camp.

I'm going to enjoy this.







We had taken a bit of a beating clearing out the Bandit Camp. Since it was now abandoned: It was perfectly safe to rest in this cave and heal up. The lead into Cloakwood is very ominous though. Cloakwood is named due to the dense foilage preventing any light going through. It is infested with spiders and various other beasts. I dont feel like I'm strong enough to take Cloakwood on yet. It may be time to explore and get a bit tougher first.