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Part 12: Grave-Robbing

Update 10: Grave-Robbing

Now that we're not being attacked by a camp full of Bandits: Let's read the notes we swiped from Tazok's tent.

Yeah, remember Nimbul?

His "services" were lacking.

I had another cryptic dream. One day I might know what these mean, but at the moment: The symbolism eludes me.

Anyways: I had a lot of money after raiding the Bandits camp. So I figured I'd go to High Hedge and Spoil myself.

I bought this robe. It grants me a lotta protection against basically everything and makes me look awesome. Unfortunately: I now have a whopping 42 gold peices to my name. While I dont need a lot of money to buy any equipment (We're basically set up now): Some money in case a party member needs ressurecting can be helpful.

The dead are always rich. Let's do a bit of grave-robbing. Not only will we get money, but it'll make Viconia happy...For now.

Back where we found Captain Brage: There was an archealogical dig going on. By archealogical dig I mean: "Tomb Raiding". We cant let them have all the riches can we? Let's go see what we can dig up.

We agreed to help for a fee. Maybe after protecting them, we'll get a trinket or two we can sell.

However, Charleston's "Partner" offered us a different deal.

Considering that on this journey, I have met a talking chicken, seen a child turn into an Ogre Mage and other wierd things: I figured it was safer to just take whatever money Charleston can offer. I mean, the bounty could either be money, food, women, but then again: It could also be 800 tonne meteors crashing to the Earth.

I'd better warn Charleston.

I walked up to him to let him know that his partner was behind the bandit attacks, but he was distracted. Oh well, too late now. Let's see what's inside.

We entered the tomb crypt room and followed Nib inside. Strange paintings adorned the walls. I'm starting to think that it was a good idea that we didn't trust in the "bounty"

Yup. Now much happier with my decision

All the miners went insane and started attacking us. Fortunately: They're miners armed with pickaxes who probably couldn't even take down a Hobgoblin.

Fortunately: We're VERY good at taking down Hobgoblins. They were no challenge.

Kozah, Lord of Pandemonium eh? Stealing that idol probably would've been a bad idea. I'm glad Imoen or somebody didn't...


Oh gently caress. IMOEN

We hid inside the room and tried to return the idol. When we noticed that it didn't satisfy the creature, we hid and rested. We hoped that the daylight would banish the fiend but once again: No such luck. We were in for the long haul. Jaheira, Viconia and I recharged our spells in preperation. We'd need all of them if we were going to survive this.

Minsc went on a Beserker rampage and charged head-first at the creature. The others soon backed Minsc up. Imoen and I stood from afar and launched whatever we had available.

Jaheira copped one blow too many in this fight and went down. The others were having a lot of trouble actually causing any damage on the fiend. Fortunately, he had little magic resistance so my Missiles were still getting through. Not long after Jaheira fell, the Doomsayer crumpled beneath our assault.

We carried Jaheira's corpse and her belongings to the temple in Nashkell and had her ressurected. This was only possible because her body was in one peice.

Well that sucked. The only thing we got outta that was a few hundred gold that was then spent on ressurecting Jaheira. We decide to head East and raid the tombs outside the Nashkell mines. Viconia certainly seemed to appreciate this idea.

A hysterical man waving a dagger met us outside a tomb. He thrust the dagger into Viconia's hands (handle first) and then ran for his life. We entered the tomb to investigate what was going on.

Viconia seemed to derive a certain sadistic pleasure from attacking the undead. The revenant pleaded for the dagger but she would not give it up.

The Revenant eventually fell after a barrage of blows from Viconia's hammer. The dead sleeps again. There might've been a better way to deal with this: But hey! We got a dagger and put the dead to a...well...LONGER rest. That's better than nothing!

(We may or may not have looted the tomb for all its worth)

We found more restless dead in another tomb. Isn't it good that we're here to put all these dead back to sleep? For such a VALUABLE service: We figure anything that's in their coffins is now our personal property.

In the words of somebody else: "Finders Keepers". We were getting a good haul outta this one.

A conjurer was experimenting on some jellies outside one of the tombs. He told us that he had a spell which could be used to control them. Considering how nasty jellies are due to their magic resistance: I must have this spell.

The conjurer decided to be greedy instead and sent his "jellies" after me. That's possibly the most disturbing sentence in this journal to date.

Minsc once again: Charged in before anybody else could react. I fired some missiles at the mage and the two green jellies lurched and lobbed their lecharous sludge at Minsc, poisoning and slowing him.

The poison of a jelly is strong and sticky. Minsc was unable to get back to Jaheira\Viconia to be healed and he was out of antidote potions. He fell unconscious and in dire need of aid. The Mage died after recieving one too many Magic Missiles. The jellies proved to be a much tougher challenge, but they lack flexibility in Melee combat and were torn apart by Jaheira, Khalid and Viconia.

Khalid carried Minsc and we headed back to Nashkell to cure Minsc and restore him to health. There is no way this adventure can continue without Minsc.

Along the way, we met a lady seeking escort. Unfortunately, not for herself: But for her fallen friend. The Friendly Arm Inn was a fair way away, but we could get Minsc healed there just as easily as anywhere else. We agreed to take "Samuel" back to the Friendly Arm Inn.

We made it without too much trouble. I must say: I almost felt nostalgic to be back here.

Samuel was safetly delivered and we got Minsc healed. Now that we had a bit of money, all that we needed was a bit more experience and we'd be ready to take on the dangers of Cloakwood.

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