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Part 15: ! Cloakwood Forest Part 1

Update 13! Cloakwood Forest Part 1

Well folks, it's time to go where the grass is green...but the girls aint pretty. In fact: They have multiple legs, chitter incessantly, attack for no apparant reason and...Come to think of it: I'm almost describing women anyway aren't I? Let's just get on with it

Before we left, we went to the smith in Beregost to load up. We had plenty of cash to spare so Imoen bought...

The best thief armour in the game. This will become very useful later on. Stealth isn't very useful in the wilderness or wide-open areas, but in a mine: It can be very effective.

The first thing we encountered in Cloakwood was this group of Tasloi. They're basically glorified Kobolds with spears, however somebody in Beregost had their cloak pinched from this group. We killed them all, found the cloak...

...And found a welcome clearing. Doubly welcome because Aldeth didn't want to kill us. We could actually have a conversation with somebody that didn't end up with one of us (me) killing the other.

Now it makes sense. People are trying to kill HIM.
Note: Sorry that the wall of text was divided. The window was just a smidgen too small. drat wordy bastard. In the first picture, read up to my response and then continue in the second.

As he suggested: 5 Druids approached, all armed with sticks. This shouldn't be too hard.

These Druids obviously weren't in the mood to bargain.

So Imoen decided to forcefully give them her arrows for free as a gesture of "Good Will".

Now we have an ally inside Baldur's Gate. This could be useful.

And we were attacked by the first group of natives. 6 Wolves, 3 Dread Wolves and 1 Huge Spider. Viconia seemed to hesitate killing the spider. Maybe she had a pet spider or something when she was younger.

We crossed this river to the North. Well...we WOULD have, but this bloke was standing in the way.

However, he was mildly useful. We declined his offer to join his party because we've got a fairly balanced party at the moment already.

Last time we went hunting it was for Ogres: This time? It's personal for Wyverns.

We crossed that bridge and on the other side was Tiber who was visibly shaken.

Spider Colony? Oh please god no. Minsc and Khalid grinned while Jaheira kept the same stony expression. I have a strange feeling that even though I'd rather chew off my drat foot than go into a spider-infested hellhole, my party members are going to have fun at my expense.

Presenting the irritation of this area. Every 10 feet there's a web trap which keeps your party members immobile while these gigantic bastards come up and gnaw on your sweet, tender and juicy flesh. I also was a moron and forgot to buy any antidotes on the way.

This was not going to be pretty. I figured with so many traps out, it was best to put Imoen in the lead so that she can spot any traps and disarm them. If she doesn't spot the trap: She'll just be the one responsible for setting them off. It's her sacrifice that I'm willing to make.

She spotted this one.

But not this one. Fortunately we had only been attacked by one sword spider so far.

Oho great. One giant freaking web that's encompassing trees and blocking out sunlight. I WONDER WHAT'S INSIDE

Wow. I actually wasn't expecting a naked fat man. Out of all the things to expect when you walk into a spider colony: A Naked Fat Man probably doesn't rank very highly.

Yeah, if I was him, I'd hate everything too. Here's a disturbing thought: He's huge and flabby, thus he has obviously been over eating. But he's living in a nest of spiders. The question of what he's been over-eating on will not be pondered any further.

Fireballs however will be liberally used. This took out 2 Giant Spiders and did some nice damage.

The party spread out to minimise the damage of Sword Spiders. They attack\move twice as fast as any other creature and they can poison on-hit. The pair that we were fighting could easily make mincemeat of our entire party very quickly if they were bunched together.

Fortunately: It is still only a spider. A few stabs through the carapace and it dies with a scream. I focused my attention on the hideous creature in the center of the room. Since he was immobile, my spells had no difficulty hitting their target

Buried amongst the webs, we found the corpse of Tiber's brother. Plus a very nice looking sword. We'll have to identify it later.

We returned Chelak's body to Tiber. I'm never sure if these people are greatful for my "help". I mean, I did what they ask, but the end result isn't really pleasant is it?

The rain started, so we hurried to get out of the spiders nest. Just before we left, we encountered Eldoth.

The man is slimier than a conglomeration of mustard jellies. Imoen's a better theif anyway.

The sun was starting to set so we camped for the night. Next up we would face the Druids of Cloakwood and the nest of Wyverns. This was going to be interesting.