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Part 16: Through Fire And Flames

Update 14: Through Fire And Flames

We crossed another bridge which was being guarded by Laskal.

Laskal confirmed that the Iron Throne mines were to the East. Looks like we're on the right track.

Continuing our search, we found the grand and majestic stonehenge which stands 11 inches feet tall. However, we were not alone

Takiyah took offence at Jaheira being in our group. We didn't even get a chance to say that we think Jaheira's an uptight stony bitch before he tried to kill us.

They say that only the good die young. Perhaps its because the good are so eager to defend the "righteous" whereas the evil are smart enough to shut up every now and then.

Faldorn was another Druid who was interested in joining with us. However, she would replace Jaheira and if we kicked Jaheira out of our group, Khalid would follow (whipped).

A Druid came out of hiding from under these trees

He also took offence to Jaheira. Looks like she's as popular with us as she is the rest of the outside world!

Hell hath no fury like a womans scorn. She flattened him quicker than Boo hides in Minsc's armour.

Night fell and we found shelter inside this cave. We went in expecting a fight as it seems that every cave in this land has some sort of beastie in it.

2 Baby Wyverns...and a human? This was strange...


What a strange little man.

Oh well. They were stopping us from sleeping. This is never a good idea. The wyverns put up a bit of a fight but the Woodsman didn't. I guess you could say I made a long sleeper out of him
Note: I am very...very sorry

We woke up the next morning and had a look around. Things seemed suprisingly peaceful. Perhaps Cloakwood wasn't that foul of a-


Right, that thing has to die. If it can carry a cow it can easily carry me away and eat me. Hell it might even get away with Minsc. Plus an extra 2000 gold coins is nothing to sniff at.

It took a while but we found the cave. I dont know if these beasts are nocturnal, but it was time to find out.

I have a strange feeling that this is the right cave.

I launched a fireball, Minsc unfortunately got the outside licks of the flame. He took it in good stride and threw himself at the Wyverns. The two adults took the flanks while the younger ones attacked the center of our group.

The youngest Wyverns were intimidated by the fireball and retreated. This let us surround the leftmost Wyvern focus our attacks on it. It panicked and started to retreat.

Wyverns are supposedly pretty smart. They may be able to outsmart a villager, but it wasn't smart enough to out-smart a Magic Missile, specifically the 3 Missiles that peirced its back. It slumped with a whimper.

We surrounded the last adult Wyvern and attacked. It was backed into a corner and had nowhere to go.

My Magic Missiles hit right on target. The last adult fell with a roar which shook the cave walls.

Imoen and her Ice Arrows finished off the last of the young Wyverns. The Wyvern menace, while impressive was no more.

And I've got the head to prove it

This Wyvern corpse was at the back of the cave. Judging by the amount of arrows and spears in the corpse, it must've taken at least 50 men to down this beast. Taking care of these Wyverns was bad enough, I'd hate to take on this monster.

With that: We had made our way through Cloakwood. Now all that awaited us was the mines. However, we had collected some impressive stuff and finished a few quests. Before taking on the mine, we headed back to town to get rid of some stuff and get the reward for a few quests.

First we tried to return Gurke's Cloak. He didn't want it back because it's made him a mini celeberity. Oh well, free cloak! Let's see what it does.

My that's useful. I give the cloak to Imoen. I'm sure she'd make good use of it.

We gave the head of the Wyvern to Keldath who gave us the 2000 gold reward. It was a good fight and the money is worth it.

We also identified that sword we found in the Spider Colony. It does a bit more damage against spiders and stops the user from being held endered immobile. It's a powerful 2 handed sword, so Minsc got it. He gave his old sword (looted from Greywolf) to Khalid.

Finally: Baldur's Gate odd item #320. Ring Of Folly. This is the ring that made the Mad Arcand turn into some sort of dribbling fool. I was able to sell it for about 250 gold despite the fact that it's completely useless. Oh well, I'm not complaining!

Up next: We piss off the Iron Throne even more.