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Part 19: The Road To Baldur's Gate

Update 16: The Road To Baldur's Gate

Instead of heading directly to Baldur's Gate, I tried to swing around the Bandit Camp to Wyrms Crossing. However, things didn't quite go according to plan.

Firstly: I headed back to Beregost to sell all the useless, albiet valuable stuff. I looked at my quaterstaff and realised that while it's great out in the wilderness, I'm going to need something a bit more...well...subtle if I'm going to be in the streets of a major city.

So I bought this poisoned dagger. Imoen helpfully showed me how to use a dagger effectively in combat. Not only will I hit more often, I'll be able to do a fair bit more damage now. That is assuming something is lucky enough to attack me with a melee weapon.

After Beregost, I headed East. I found this sect of Mages, the same kind that Edwin belonged to.

They took offence to our presence and attacked.

They quickly cast Mirror Image before my Fireball hit. The Fireball took out all their mirrored images, but left them unscathed. This battle just took a quick turn for the dangerous.

Fighting a group of mages is always difficult as they can easily stop your enforcers before they can start laying on the pain. Khalid and Minsc managed to get up close, but they threw everything they had at them.

Eventually they met their demise, but unfortunately, Minsc fell unconscious from the long-lasting effects of Melf's Acid Arrows. We collected his body and headed back to the Friendly Arm Inn.

On the way we met Fahrington.

He didn't really want much and since we were in the area, we thought we might as well have a quick look.

There was a lone Ettercap. I haven't seen one in this entire area and sure enough: He had the scroll which we liberated from its corpse.

Fahrington just gave it to us for free. My this was certainly worth it (sarcasm).

We revived and healed Minsc at the Temple Of wisdom at the Friendly Arm Inn. There was a ring which I collected from one of the red wizards and I had it identified.

Basically lets me do a fair bit of damage on a target. It's suprisingly useful in a pinch so I claim it for myself.

We headed North and were ambushed by a pair of Ankhegs.

You cannot tell how much I loathe Ankhegs without hearing me say it as there are not enough words in the English Language to express how much these bastards annoy me. They're very tough gigantic insects, but what makes them so annoying is that they pop up out of the ground and have unlimited range with their horifically deadly acid-spit. This area is one of the few areas which have Ankhegs and I am forever greatful.

The Paladin Ajantis was nearby and offered to join our group. We have Minsc, thus we have no need for a paladin.

As the sun set, we found this desperate-looking farmer standing out in the open. He cant stop here, this is Ankheg territory!

Haha...he...wants us to search Ankheg Territory for a corpse? Minsc heartily agreed before I could open my mouth and headed East. The rest of the party following him. Minsc quickly found the tracks and followed them...

Well HERE'S your problem. You've got a freaking NEST OF GODDAMN ANKHEGS IN YOUR BACKYARD. Gee, I wonder what happened to your son?

Imoen agreed to sneak down and see if she could find his corpse. I think she's awfully optimistic and think the Ankhegs would've already digested it by now.

She found this treasure trove of fallen adventurers and amongst them was Nathan's corpse. I'd feel pity for him, but once again: Ankhegs. You dont try to repel an Ankheg, you either kill it or get the hell away.

When the sun rose, we told Farmer Brun about his son.


Oh look, we're swimming in gold. We can spare about 100 Gold so that he can start a new non-bug-infested life. Viconia rolled her eyes, Jaheira MAY have smiled a little and Boo snuffled happily. Anyways, we're done here. We headed North, running from any Ankheg until we reached...

Wyrm's Crossing. This was a gigantic bridge which connected Baldur's Gate to the mainland. We are on the bridge to Baldur's Gate.

Oh piss off Flaming Fist. I DONT CARE.

Oh no, all 6 gold? WHATEVER WILL I DO?

His superior approached us. I suppose I should be more polite to him.

Wow we haven't entered the city and we've already been given a quest. I dont think the Seven Suns has anything to do with the Iron Throne, but then again: I cant say I'd be suprised.

We met Quayle outside the Baldur's Gate...Gates (Please note that this sentence caused Minsc a lot of confusion). The little Gnome has got a sharp wit about him that's for sure. If we ever lose a party member, we've just found the replacement!

We took a deep breath and with much hyperbole...

We entered Baldur's Gate.