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Part 20: "Welcome" to Baldur's Gate

Update 17: "Welcome" to Baldur's Gate

This is our new map. I'm sorry that its thumbnailed, but in case you haven't noticed, Baldur's Gate is freaking MASSIVE. Seriously, if you dont look at any other map I post, look at this one. It's the size of 10 Wilderness areas, thus so the map is comprehensible, it needs to be big. I label only the places that we go to for the update. Drawing lines over the map would make things confusing when I do a few fetch quests in an update. The map will show where the places are, the update will explain what happens there\when we go there.

As soon as we entered Baldur's Gate, Elminster approached us.

While I respect the man for being a powerful and well-travelled wizard, the man can be insanely cryptic. All he told me was that Gorion saw me as his son and that I have bad blood in me. You would've thought that after the amount of times my blood has been spilled that I would've bled it out by now.

Anyways, the sun was setting on Baldur's Gate. We had come a long way and needed a drink and a rest. We went to the Elfsong Tavern and spent the night there.

In the morning, Brevlik, a rather nervous halfling approached us with an offer.

He was hopelessly niave. I've never got money out of somebody before just so that I would listen to them. Oh well, free drink!

He seemed more interested in the feat itself rather than the prize.

And my god he could talk. He also didn't seem to really know what he was talking about. Still, it sounded like fun. Why not? We'll let Imoen have a look at the place tonight.

This seemed to be the place to go for magical goods. The multi-coloured roof sorta gave it away. I wonder if he's got stuff to compete with High Hedge.

Two mages fighting? This was interesting. I'm gonna track this Arkion down to see what's happening.

A friendly local pointed his house out to us. It was locked, but there are few locks that can stop Imoen.

Arkion didn't really seem to be in the mood for a chat. We were bound to come across a dead body in our travels (hell we've made a lot of them) so perhaps he'll lighten up a bit once he has a corpse.


We headed North and outside the Counting House we were threatened by a pair of assasins from the Iron Throne, but left it at threats. I'm amazed that we've been in this city for so long and haven't been attacked. It's a nice change from the wilderness

We headed West and checked out the Market. We were all pretty much set-up for whatever anybody may throw at us, but it's still a bit of fun to go shopping for new gear.

Lothander, the non-mouthy of the assassins approached us. As it turns out, we WERE attacked but didn't know about it. Those sneaky bastards.

Right, so we're spending money on a "diviner". I suppose we came to the market to spend money...

Oh great. We had to rely on the "Bitch Queen" to save our lives. This was not looking good.

On the way, we met a Harper friend of Jaheira. While we had made enemies with the Iron Throne, we had made friends with the Harpers. It's nice to know that SOMEBODY around here appreciates you. What worries me is that they actually LIKE Jaheira...

We also passed the Iron Throne headquaters. Jaheira spat on the steps as we walked past. It was tempting to walk in and throw fireballs around and generally mess things up, but there was still more to learn about this Iron Crisis.

We found the Water Queen's house and entered.

She wanted us to fetch a book for her. I thought my days of being a FedEx agent were over once I left Candlekeep.

Still, we were going to "The Lady's House".

Oh damnit it's a church. That is blatant false advertising. Oh well, we got the book at least.

We returned the book and got the scroll to end Lothander's geas.

We released him from his geas and got half of the antidote. Now we needed to travel to the blushing mermaid to get the other half.

Minsc already had ideas for how he was going to "extract" the ingredients.

We entered the Blushing Mermaid and met an Ogre bounty hunter. The advantage about Ogres is that they're easily confused

Patronise them, speak to them and smile and they'll believe anything you say. It's a shame not all bounty hunters are so stupid.

On the top floor we found Marek. Minsc, Viconia, Jaheira and Khalid surrounded him.

The "extraction ritual" resulted in him exploding in a shower of gore. On the remains, we found the antidote and all cured ourselves of the poison.

This has been one helluva first day in Baldur's Gate. We'd walked to pretty much every drat region of this city and we didn't really get much. Oh well, the sun was setting.

That means Imoen gets to have some fun in the Hall of Wonders.