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Part 21: A busy night

Update 18: A busy night

We approached the Hall of Wonders and let Imoen sneak in. If we followed her, we'd only start a massive battle and there's no fun in that now is there?

Minsc, please put down the sword.

The Entrance was being guarded by 4 members of the Flaming Fist. Imoen ducked behind the door until the coast was clear and then slid down the hand-rail, landing quietly.

She found the telescope in a locked pedestal which was unguarded. Another thief was there but we ignored her, we were here for our prize and didn't care about hers.

The Flaming Fist heard something and came down to investigate. Imoen hid behind the stairs and then snuck up them when the coast was clear. She managed to sneak in, grab the telescope and sneak out without anybody catching her.

We returned to the Elfsong Tavern and gave the prize to Brevlik. As I said, he seemed more interested in the story of the adventure rather than the item itself. Oh well, we got 500 bucks and a wand of lightning.

On our way out, Niklos gave Imoen the Thieves Sign by putting his thumb on his nose, spreading his remaining four fingers, crossing his eyes, sticking his tongue out and wiggling his fingers. Imoen returned the sign and Niklos offered us a job for 50 bucks and Imoen accepted. It looks like we've found the Thieves Guild.

Niklos lead us to this rather plain looking house. You wouldn't have looked at it twice if you didn't know what was inside.

And if you did and you weren't supposed to, This Rogue would have sorted you out.

Imoen found the hidden entrance in the fireplace and lead us down. I dont know how she knew where she was going in the pitch-black darkness or why she thought this was a good idea.

We entered a room that was bigger than the building above-ground. Hooded thieves eyed us suspiciously and I suddenly found myself feeling very paranoid despite Imoen's apparant ease.

Narlen Darkwalk approached Imoen and spoke in a language that only those two seem to understand. Apparantly we were just hired to do something. I have no idea what is going on.

Imoen lead us to the Splurging Sturgeon and told us to stay out of sight. She met Narlen who told her to keep an eye out for any guards while they rip somebody off.

A guard approached and Imoen gave the word, warning Darkwalker and his kin that they were about to be sprung.

We escaped the clutches of the Flaming Fist and made it back to the guild.

Imoen got a 100 gold reward for alerting the thieves. I dont see why WE couldn't have done that. Hell we're VERY good at alerting thieves to our presence. Oh well. Imoen's next task was that she had to sneak into a Mage's house and pinch a Rogue Stone, but first we were to meet at The Blade And Star if he had time.

According to Imoen: We still had time. Narlen showed her to the house and let her loose.

Imoen searched the first floor, but found nothing so she carefully tip-toed up the stairs

The Rogue Stone was in the locked set of drawers. She carefully picked the lock...

The *snick* of her picks turning the lock nearly woke the old man. By pretending to be a cat, she convinced him to relax.

She carefully reached inside the drawer and pulled out the stone. Gantolandan nearly woke for a second time, but Imoen convinced him to stay asleep. A "Sleep" spell would be so useful right about now.

She successfully snuck out and we returned to the thieves guild for the second time tonight.

Narlen gave us 3 pearls as a reward. It looks like we're now popular with the Thieves Guild.

Now that we made Narlen happy, it was time to speak with Alatos to see what he wanted. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with him knowing quite this much about me though.

Sounds like we've been the best thieves that this guild has seen in a while. That said, I smell a rat. It's not common for a cheif thief to be so straightforward. Why would he ask a group of goody-two shoes to do his dirty work when Narlen's right there?

Especially when it's a simple burglary. Something wasn't quite right.

Nevertheless, I'm sure we could handle anything these thieves could throw at us. We sent Imoen into the estate.

She crept up the stairs to the second floor and third floor.

The items Alatos wanted were in the top drawer of the bedroom. Imoen snuck them under her cloak and quietly snuck out.

Aha. There we go. The reason why Alatos used us instead of his own members is because we were not members, thus expendable. The Halruaan wizard prepared a spell...

A blade suddenly appeared in Resar's chest. A second one whizzed past my ear and buried itself in Resar's skull. Narlen had figured out the plot as well and jumped in to defend us.

It seems we have made life-long friends with the Thieves Guild. While they are not always the most reputable bunch of people to have on your side, it's better that you be allies with them than enemies.

This had been one long night. I couldn't wait to see what the next day had in store for us.