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Part 24: Dueling Mages

Update 20: Dueling Mages

When I first planned this LP: I thought it'd last 15 updates. gently caress planning poo poo.

ANYWAYS let's get this going.

We lifted up a grate and ducked into the sewers outside Sorceror's Sundries...

...And ran right into the trap.

Ogre Mages: 0. Hammer Floyd's party: Probably somewhere around 50. What was happening is that the Ogre Mage would order his "pet" carrion crawlers to drag somebody into the sewers. The carrion crawlers get fed and the Mage loots the corpse.

Since the night was still young, we had stuff we could do first. So we pinched one of the corpses and gave it to Arkion as he requested. I'm curious who this Nemphre is though.

After a bit of asking around, we found her address and went to speak with her to see what the deal with Arkion was.

How dare Arkion threaten this LOVELY lady! If getting her amulet back will end this fued then I see no reason not to help.

Imoen snuck back into his house and pickpocketed the amulet off Arkion. He may be a mage, but he's not too bright.

Nemphre rewarded us with a scroll and a bucketload of foreshadowing. I suddenly have the feeling that I've been played for somebody's patsy.

Imoen remembered that Ordulinian at Sorceror's Sundries warned us about these two and took some iniative.

She backstabbed Nemphre out of distrust. With Xzar probably still pissy at us for ditching him in Nashkell, Edwin fuming because we chose Dynaheir over him and Dynaheir probably bitchy that she's dumped at the Friendly Arm Inn, we didn't need another spiteful mage at our backs.

Imoen gave Ordulinian the trinkets they were fighting over. As suggested, she sold them.

She also investigated what was up that set of stairs at the back of Sorceror's Sundries. A group of 4 mages were preparing for some ritual.

This seemed interesting! I went up to have a look but they weren't interested. Pfft! Ingrates.

As they asked: We "made it stop". Permenantly.

The next morning a Noblewoman met us on the streets and warned us about Ragefast. It seems he's keeping a nymph hostage. However, knowing the nature of nymphs, she's probably keeping HIM hostage. Regardless, this was worth a look.

On the way, we ran into Ramazith. His name sounded vaguely familiar so we stopped to see what he wanted.

The words "Stealth and Guile" hit home for Imoen and she agreed before we even had a chance to think about it. Two mages are fighting over a nymph. This didn't seem like a very healthy thing for the city.

Regardless, we had to free the nymph in the first place.

Viconia expertly negotiated the release of the Nymph and in return, we were given a lock of her hair. Viconia muttered something about "liberation" and "womans rights" but I didn't pay much attention. I guess we should go tell Ramazith what happened.

On the way, we heard a rumour that the tensions between Amn and Baldur's Gate are growing. War may just break out if the tensions aren't eased.

Imoen picked the lock on Ramazith's tower and we snuck inside.

Ramazith already knew what happened. Sly bastard was keeping tabs on us. He wanted the nymph for some sort of magical experiment. I'm glad Viconia negotiated her release. Nevertheless, he threw down the gauntlet.

So let's run his little gauntlet.

The first floor had jellies

The second floor had Ghasts

The third floor had Hobgoblins

The forth floor had Kobold Commandos

The top floor had Ramazith.

He survived two blows from Khalid before succumbing to his wounds.

From the Nymph hair, we made this cloak. It's as good as Algernon's cloak. Maybe we'll find a buyer for Algernon's cloak since we dont really need it anymore.