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Part 25: Legendary Stuff

Update 21: Legendary Stuff

Now that the nymph was free, I had nothing to do. So I went to see Scar and tell him what happened with the Ogre.

I was thinking about selling that Ruby Ring, but you get more by being a goody two-shoes and owning up. Scar was going to wait for us outside the compound so now we've got some time to wander around Baldur's Gate.

Firstly, inside the compound was Fergus. We had a spare Angel Skin Ring and gave it to him so he could get laid married. I'm yet to decide if we actually helped him or cursed him.

In our exploration of Baldur's Gate, we walked past Degrodel's house and heard some truely horrifying sounds from within. Imoen picked the lock and snuck inside to see what was up.

The house was infested with Invisible Stalkers, Doom Guards and Helmed Horrors! 3 of the toughest monsters in the entire realm.

Imoen proceeded deeper into the house to see if "somebody needed help" (Translation: To see if there were corpses to loot). She met Degrodel who was apparantly in charge of all these monsters. Why would a mage of such obvious power need help from us?

Note: While making this, the screenshot came up all screwy with random green squares and black bars. I didn't realise it until I had finished getting evertyhing for the this update and I was unable to get his explanation of the task at hand. How very convenient. Here's basically what he said:

Degrodel: My task is simple. A few years ago, a mage called Ragefast hired a party of 5 adventurer's much like yourselves to kill the mage Ramazith. However, they were petrified (or for your more simple party members: turned to stone). Ramazith sold these statues to an art collector somewhere here in Baldur's Gate. The reason why I want these statues is because one of them is in posession of the Helm Of Balduran. I want you to retrieve it.

Looks like we were going hunting for this helm whether we liked it or not. In case you haven't figured it out: This helm belonged to Balduran, the founder of Baldur's Gate. Suffice to say: It's practically invaluable. Not much is known about him, but if this city is anything to judge: He was pretty bloody powerful.

We followed Degrodel's directions to this Manor owned by Felonius Gist.

He seemed apprehensive at first, but a little bribe can make a big difference.

Here's the 5 statues. Let's use these scrolls he gave us and see what we can find out.

The first 4 knew nothing about it, so that leaves...


After he gave us the note, I let them go. No need to fight when we have what we came for.

This is what the note said. We had to find a Quanesh to find either the Cloak and Helm.

...Cloak and Helm.

...Or maybe the Helm and Cloak?

There's an Inn in Baldur's Gate called the Helm And Cloak. The note said that they were hidden in a building that was named for the task. It's kinda obvious isn't it?

On the way to investigate the Helm And Cloak, we walked past this Chicken Shop. I haven't had chicken in a looonnnng time. This seemed like as good as any of a time to stop.

EGADS! All the chickens inside were rabid and they attacked us with their pointy little beaks and sharp talons!

So I attacked them with a fireball and had many roast chickens. Some were a bit well-done but oh well.

Now that we had dispatched that fowl foul threat, we proceeded to the Helm and Cloak Inn.

Inside we met a fellow band of adventurers who called themselves "The Merry Fools". I wonder if we should name our party?

Nah, probably not. I mean how are we supposed to compete with a name like "Maulers"?

Anyways, Viconia started a massive bar fight between our party plus The Merry Fools and the Maulers. The Maulers had 2 Archers, 1 Cleric, 1 Fighter and 2 Mages. One of the mages summoned some undead and the fight suddenly got very interesting.

Interesting as it was, we still came out on top with some help from Gorpal Hind and his gang.

Gorpal thanked us for the assistance and left the tavern. That was probably the world's most epic bar fight. Wizards, Archers, Theives, Fighters, Undead and Minsc, all trying to kill each other. Spells, Arrows and Undead bones flying across the room and not a drop of liquer was spilled!

Anyways, the bar fight gave us a good chance to explore the Helm and Cloak. No sign of Quanesh which was a bit of a setback.

But then Imoen noticed this sewer grate, right outside the Inn. What better way to hide something than to bury it? We held our noses and delved into the sewer, hoping to end up somewhere under the Helm and Cloak.

But first we had to deal with "The Sewer King" who was a sentient Green Slime.

Who was apparantly from Candlekeep. That's interesting.

So is that green stain on the sewer floor which is all that remains of him and his people.

We continued to explore the sewers when we found this brothel underneath the city. It certainly wouldn't have been the first time an adventurer fell for a whore (Dont say Khalid, Dont say Khalid Dont say...)

Sure enough, after asking around we were directed to this rather striking elf. We found Quanesh.

After convincing her that Vail would've given us the cloak, she happily relinquished the revered item to us. She told us what we already knew about where the Helm was, but we obviously must have missed something. We thanked her for her time and let her get back to her...craft.

(This is the Cloak of Balduran. 25% Magic Resistance is really really useful)

The sun was setting as we returned to the Inn. Imoen searched both upstairs and downstairs for traps, hoping to notice anything that might hide something. She looked closely at this painting and thought she saw something.

Sure enough, the Helm of Balduran hidden in a compartment behind the painting. The helm seemed to empower whoever was wearing it. So naturally, we gave it to Minsc.

We returned to Degrodel's house, this time as a full party. It was a tough fight, but we eventually killed all of his guardians.

We gave him the helm as we were instructed to do. However due to his malicious nature, we had a strange feeling he would double-cross us and came prepared.

He wasn't prepared for US to double-cross HIM. Minsc practically cleaved the unsuspecting Mage in two and reclaimed the helm.

A short while later, we had finished off all the extra guardians that Degrodel summoned. It was a long quest, but we have walked away with the Helm of Balduran and the Cloak of Balduran, two of the most powerful items in the realm.

Note: Thanks all for waiting!