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Part 26: Help, I'm running out of witty captions

Update 22: Help, I'm running out of witty captions

Note: This update is big. About twice as big as my usuals but it gets a lot of little stuff out of the way. Pretty much after this update, it's all storyline

Scar was still busy organising the next big project, so we decided to see what we could do in the city for a bit and tie up any loose ends. We found the Quest Noticeboard, and thought we'd go through them in alphabetical order.

Algernon's Cloak

Pheirkas wanted Algernon's cloak. It was a good thing we had already pinched it from him in Beregost wasn't it? I replaced Algernon's Cloak with the Nymph cloak.


The second notice was about a supposed monster peeking into people's rooms at night. We went to the owners of that notice and found two twin girls. This quest just took a turn for the slightly disturbing

Gervisse showed up and explained in better detail than the twins. Interesting how he just conveniently appeared out of nowhere however to point the finger.

Voltine conversely blamed Gervisse. This was a case of he-said vs. she-said. Neither party was giving up any more information.

Viconia settled the dispute by casting a spell to detect evil. This pointed Gervisse out as the pervert.

Magic Missile and Minsc's sword quickly fixed the issue.

A scroll of protection and a wand for a reward. There's certainly been worse.

Right, what's next?


Petrine (not to be confused with latrine...poor girl) posted a notice about getting her cat back. Apparantly all she needs is its angel-skin ring.

Imoen snuck in and retrieved it. It's almost habit for her now.

Imoen returned the ring and we recieved gratitude in return. I suppose you cant really expect much when you're helping kids can you?

Next up we have:


Brielbara's daughter "Namara" has been cursed by Yago. She didn't tell us WHY Yago cursed her, but hey: for these little jobs we basically just work on a need-to-know basis.

Wait, so the church is called the Lady's House, but the lady's house is called the...oh to hell with it.

Yago claimed we were not going to be able to stop him.

Guess how I ended up with this?

We have enough money. We're just doing this while we wait for Scar thus no reward was necessary. Imoen and Viconia disagreed, but that's nothing new.


We met this "Noblewoman" in the 3 Old Kegs Inn. She obviously was well off so if we were going to do something slightly dishonerable, we might as well be well-paid for it.

2000 Gold? There's not much I wouldn't do for that kind of money.

Imoen snuck up the stairs and pulled him away privately so that there would be no witnesses.

She backstabbed him with well-practiced precision, however it was not quite enough.

I stepped out of the doorway and threw in a Magic Missile to help finish the job.

We didn't get 2000 Gold out of her, but instead we now have a weekly income. We'll get 2000 Gold EVENTUALLY.


The notice board directed us to a priest who was pressured by pushy perch profiteers.

We found thm to see what the problem was. As it turns out, it was them who was having trouble more so than she was.

We agreed to "sort out" this problem. It wasn't the way I was expecting things to go, but oh well.

She attacked us on-sight, but then yielded after a stern glare from Minsc. It seems she was the one who has been wronged and that her actions against the fishermen were justified.

Normally, I'd be annoyed about having to walk back and forth so many times, but I'm enjoying being outside the city so it didn't really bother me.

I assure them. They wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

We got the bowl from them after being warned not to annoy the gods. I've annoyed people who THOUGHT they were gods, does that count?

We returned the bowl to the young priestess. She was happy to see it returned and assured us that we would be blessed sometime in the near future. That'd be a nice change.


A poorly-written note lead us to Ghorak's address. A frail, barely-alive old man greeted us. He had been cursed for previously committed crimes and wants to redeem himself. Since we kinda did just kill somebody to save somebody elses reputation, I think we could do with a bit of redemption ourselves.

Imoen searched behind the painting in the 3 Old Kegs and sure enough: There was a skull. While it was not in our posession for very long, for the duration it was known as "Murray"

Wow Ghorak didn't mess around. Here's hoping he's greatful that we've restored him instead of vengeful.

Thankfully: He was greatful.

That was easy. If you ever want to make millions living in Baldur's Gate? Become a courier.


Bored or foolish? Hell we're both! Let's go kill a Basilisk.

I should be mad at Gorpal for shipping a freaking Basilisk into the city, but after that bar fight it'd take a fair bit to hold a grudge against that party.

Khalid quaffed a potion which protected him against petrification and I cast my protection spell. Once protected from it's gaze, they're not that much of a fight.

Wahey! Finally a good reward for our efforts.


Courier Mission. Next.


Quinn offered us a mission where we got to get out of the city for a bit. Sure it was only Wyrm's crossing, but I've kinda missed being out of the city. So much so, that I nearly referred to it as "outside".

We found the Ankheg he was referring to. It's drat satisfying squashing these bugs when you get the chance.

On its corpse, we found Nestor's dagger. All that remained unfortunately.

We gave Quinn Nestor's dagger. He gave us a valuable Gem in exchange and we went on our way.

We went to the Blade and Star Inn to sleep until the morning. Hopefully by then Scar has sorted everything out.

The Seer

G'axir the Seer wanted a Sphene Gem so he could tell us our future. We gave him the one we looted from the Basilisk in Nadarin's warehouse. He told us our future, but it didn't look very pleasant. I've never been one to do EXACTLY as I was told though. Let's prove this self-righteous arrogant prick wrong.


We woke up and went to see Scar, but along the way, we ran into Varci here. We might as well see what he wants us to do.

I dont know. Pissing off the "Bitch Queen" doesn't seem like a very good idea.

Reward regardless of result? Well it cant hurt to try can it? Besides, since we helped that young priestess, I'm sure Umberlee will turn a blind eye this time.

We paid 2000 gold and retrieved the body. We might've been able to do it sneakily, but we could afford it so why bother?

"See the wonder"? What is this a circus act?

Whatever it is: It worked.

I'm not sure if we saved that kid or if we doomed him. Oh well, either way we get a reward.

No matter what I say here: It's going to end up sounding like a perverse joke, so I'm just going to say: "We got the reward" and be done with it.

And with that: We cleared the notice board of all quests. Hopefully Scar has got a job for us now.