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Part 28: Welcome Home

Update 24: Welcome Home

Now that we had a useful book, we were permitted to re-enter Candlekeep.

In the time that I've gone, I've seen many things and changed a lot. I wonder how much has changed here since I've been gone?

Cadderly, an old friend of Gorion's wished us well and provided some wisdom which was seemed vaguely forshadowing.

Here's the storehouse where I killed those rats for Reevor for the umpteenth time. Reevor wasn't guarding the storehouse though, I wonder where he's got to?

Dreppin was still tending the cattle. He still hadn't left the walls of candlekeep despite his intentions.

The priest quaters is where I met my first bounty hunter. How many have I killed since then? Probably dozens.

I stuck my head in for a look (and mostly nostalgia) and I learned something that I hadn't figured out since Candlekeep

Despite their appearances: some things never change. Once again my life was threatened in the Priest Quaters. The fact that it was a doppleganger disturbs me greatly, but I didn't let that bother me. I wanted to wander around Candlekeep for a bit first.

The barracks was shut to all but the watchmen these days. It's a far cry of the days of when I was able to walk in and out whenever I pleased.

The bunkhouse is where I was attacked just before I left Candlekeep.

This time however, Prada: a friendly face greeted me when I stepped inside. He gave me more anecdotal evidence of Dopplegangers. I started to get the impression that my home was being defiled.

In the servants quaters, I ran into Fuller. He wasn't hungover this time and seemed to pity me for the things I had probably seen.

Phlydia was as forgetful as always. I used to get annoyed at it, but now it actually made me laugh and I appreciated that she hadn't changed.

In fact: Her book was once again still in the hay. It's like this place hasn't even been touched by the outside world. It's almost like I could just settle down here and forget that the rest of the world exists and I could pretend everything is normal.

The steps of Candlekeep is the last time Imoen and I spoke before we left Candlekeep. I was armed with a staff and 2 offensive spells then. Now I return with a poisonous dagger, and 14 offensive spells committed to memory and Imoen has turned into a frustratingly good theif.

I suppose now I should enter Candlekeep and begin my investigations. But y'know what? Bugger it. I'm home. The Iron Throne isn't going anywhere for a day or two.

I met Hull on his usual patrol. He seemed quieter, but I dont think he was hung over. It's good to know that Gorion's remains were dealt with appropriately. I didn't even think of it at the time.

Returning to the inn was...almost triumphant! I've argued with Winthrop a thousand and one times that nobody would actually notice whether or not the Inn had been cleaned. We haven't been here, so he's had nobody to clean the Inn. But y'know what? NOBODY HAS NOTICED! I WAS RIGHT!

The fat bastard never ceases to make me laugh either.

Reevor was in the pub. As always, if he's not on guard duty, he's at the pub. I should've figured that out earlier.

I rented my old room which is really just peasent lodgings. I've stayed at many more luxurious Inns in my time on the road. That said, I've never been more comfortable in any other place.

The next morning we woke up and went straight to the keep. Enough reminiscing. It's time to get to the bottom of all this.