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Baldur's Gate

by Hammer Floyd

Part 29: Holy poo poo

Update 25: Holy shit

We entered the fabled library of Candlekeep. The statue of Alaundro the Wise greeted us in the hall

We were re-aquanted briefly with Karan who warned us about Koveras. Why would somebody be so interested in those old prophecies? Logic dictated that nothing was going to happen, but my instincts told me to keep an eye out.

Further in the Library, the group met Jessup and Theodon. Two people I wish they didn't.

They told the tale of my..."introduction" to Khelban Blackstaff.

I can assure you: I've never introduced myself like that to another person. After that I learned that naked introductions are NOT typically appreciated. Mind you, I'd love to have seen what Jaheira would've done if I...

Bendalis also warned us about Koveras. I hope I run into him soon. Rather, I hope he runs into Minsc's sword. What worried me was Shistal's behaviour. Every time somebody hasn't been acting like themselves it's been due to dopplegangers. We already fought ONE so...

Ah! Speak of the devil.

The devil who obviously knows too much. I played along for now until I've figured this bloke out. Despite his speeches, he obviously isn't a "friend" of ours so I dont trust his suggestion to go take out the Iron Throne.

It'd be fun, well-deserved, satisfying and justified, but I smell a rat. Koveras probably wants us to take out the Iron Throne so that he can set us up. If we DONT kill the Iron Throne, he'll probably do it and blame US. We're in a neat little trap here. Candlekeep is huge, there's gotta be secret ways outta here.

So we found a Chanter and persuaded him to tell us of any secret places within this keep.

Lovely. A tomb full of traps and wards. Oh boy oh boy oh BOY we've never dealt with this stuff before.

With that sorted: Let's go have a chat to the Iron Throne shall we? We've basically destroyed their little plot, so lets go deliver the final nail in the coffin.

And so we finally meet Rieltar. Admittedly, I was expecting some fat smug bastard but instead we were greeted by a mage who looks like he's thrown a fireball or two in his time.

Right, so it's obvious Koveras WAS with the Iron Throne, but has just betrayed them. I've no idea where that puts him in the grand scheme of things. We left the conspirators to their meeting and went to search for incriminating evidence. As I said before: Killing them here and now would be deserved, satisfying etc. but not while Koveras is playing both sides of the fence.

We ran into Shistal and sure enough: He was acting strangely.

It didn't take much prodding for the doppleganger to reveal its true self.

And even LESS prodding to take it down. Let's hear it for burning hands!

It's becoming easy to tell who the Dopplegangers are on my own turf. Mostly because the ones who aren't recognise me.

On the next floor, we entered Gorions room. It was lit only by a single candle. In the drawers beside his bed was a letter, addressed to me and sealed with his rubber stamp.

With Imoen beside me, I open the letter. These were the last words which Gorion intended for me. This letter will explain why we had to leave Candlekeep in the first place. This will hopefully explain why he was killed and who was responsible.

This is basically: It.

Note: I'm not going to comment on the letter. I'll let you guys digest that one and draw your own conclusions.

After...that. We went upstairs to see Tethtoril. We suddenly had MUCH to discuss.

Oh for crying out loud. We FINALLY get some freaking answers but we cant discuss them with the ONLY PERSON WHO MIGHT KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Fine. Whatever.

Not like we haven't been in a dungeon before...