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Part 30: - Haven't we been in enough dungeons yet?

Update 26 - Haven't we been in enough dungeons yet?

It wasn't long before Ulraunt visited us. It was hard not to cheer when we heard that Brunos and Rieltar had been murdered, but we're trying to be INNOCENT here remember?

Koveras was obviously NOT on our side. I'm going to bet that he killed them and planted the evidence. Shifty little bastard, but he's CLEARLY not with the Iron Throne, otherwise he wouldn't have done our dirty work for us. So which side is he on?

Actually, come to think of it: Who wants to bet that Ulraunt is now a Doppleganger? Anyone?

Right, now how do I get outta here?

Tethtoril to the rescue! Mind you, from what I just heard of the secret catacombs under Candlekeep, it doesn't sound like a very good place to be.

Koveras = Sarevok? Bollucks lets see here, K-O-V-E-R-A-S backwards spells S-A-R-E...alright fine. He's obviously working for Sarevok. Pretty clear which side of the fence he's on. He's going on the "People-I-Should've-Killed-When-I-Had-The-Chance" list.

With a flash of magic, we ended up here. I only knew we were in Candlekeep because there were more bloody bookshelves.

Phlydia was here with us! ...I...think?

Minsc demonstrated that Phlydias insides matched that of a Doppleganger. Those bastards killed Phlydia and made a Doppleganger outta her.

I suddenly have a very bad feeling about all of this.

Imoen headed south and set off a few nasty traps that she couldn't detect. For once it seems the talk about the deadlyness of a dungeon has been accurate.

Viconia helped out with her "Detect Traps" spell. However the problem is that if Imoen cant see them, then she cant disarm them.

Meaning there's only one way to get rid of them. Look at her health and do the math. Believe it or not, they were actually all critical failures and not her running through the traps. Regardless, the loot we got was quite tasty, a book to increase our stats, a magical ring or two and some wands.

Minsc decided he'd "clear the way" of the next corridoor. The problem is that this lightning trap kept recharging. So Imoen would have to run through it herself anyway.

We decided to leave the catacombs alone. The traps were as deadly as they were reported and Imoen isn't capable of spotting all the traps. There's no way we would survive the traps of these catacombs.
Note: Besides, for those of you using this as a walkthrough: I've gotta leave SOME nasty surprises for you!

Damnit a Doppleganger of Dreppin? Why? He's just a dairy farmer for crying out loud!

Khalid's +3 Against Shapeshifter sword was proving to be very useful. Sarevok has pitted me against my own childhood friends and icons.

I swear, I wont let him get away with this.

I fought Jondalar who helped teach me in the ways melee combat.

The amount of corpses here disturbed me. Something in the back of my head knew that these were corpses of old friends. For the first time since Gorion's death, the stench of death overpowered and surrounded me like a cold wet blanket.

gently caress you Sarevok.

Goddamnit Hull. The man couldn't have swatted a fly with his longsword! Why bother?

Karan as well? Who was left in Candlekeep?

Arkanis and Deder offered their assistance. Since they seemed like their normal selves, we could trust them and as they said they would: They leant a helping hand when they could.

Reevor...actually sounded like Reevor. There aint nothing quite like the sting of a Doppleganger who's done his homework.


Fuller as well? That's...

That's basically everyone.


I'm either going to kill Sarevok or die trying.

Some measely skeletons tried to stop us. However as fast as we could kill them, more took up the ranks of their fallen This was another fight we weren't going to be able to win so we retreated down the westmost corridoor.

Before me stood Elminster, Tethtoril and Gorion.

This was just down-right offensive if these dopplegangers thought I'd fall for that.

Eat fireball you Ratbastards

RUN. I bloody dare you. Run as fast as you can but you wont get away from me.

Phlydia, Dreppin, Fuller, Reevor, Jondalar, Hull, Karan, Prada, Tethtoril...and Winthrop. Candlekeep is officially a ghost town.

The only comfort I take is that this Doppleganger was an easy kill. Looks like Winthrop put up a good fight. I remember seeing Winthrop drunk once. He managed to launch a table at an unruly customer (which naturally, I had to clean up).

Those people, my entire past was gone. Soon Candlekeep will become the next Ulcaster

But not before I have my revenge.