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Part 31: Return to Baldur's Gate

Update 27: Return to Baldur's Gate

Imoen noticed some footprints leading south. I cast a few protection spells, meanwhile Jaheira, Minsc and Viconia flanked to the right.

Sure enough Prat (Ha!) and "his boys" were waiting for us. I wonder if Sarevok had something in mind for them or just wanted them to wait here in case I escaped?

This is a really hard fight. One of the archers there has arrows of destruction. Basically, imagine Imoen shooting at you, but instead of using arrows, she was using fireballs. This awesome picture is one of his arrows with one of my fireballs.

However, those arrows gently caress THEM up as much as yourself. That double-fireball did a lot of damage, add a few magic missiles, Khalid slashing away, Viconia pounding with her hammer and Imoen shooting 3x the arrows as anybody else? We'll get there eventually.

Prat was carrying this note on him. It completes the lovely puzzle that had been (as of yet) unsolved.

*takes deep breath*

Firstly, The Iron Throne sent its lackey Mulahey to Nashkell and poisoned the ore there. Since that was the main mine, the want eed for iron increased, thus bandits would focus their efforts on taking Iron. The Iron Throne anticipated this and put one of their employees (Tazok) in control of the two main bandit groups: The Hobgoblin Chill and the Black Talon. While everybody was pre-occupied with broken weapons and armour and bandit raids, Davaeorn went to the recently re-opened Ore mine at Cloakwood and began mining the ore using slave labour. They then put dopplegangers into the Merchants League and Seven Suns trading company, thus they would eventually control all the distribution channels for Iron. Once they did that, they'd announce the ore at Cloakwood, and become nights in shining armour\heros of the day and nobody would notice how badly they're being screwed over by a company who controls all the iron prices, distribution and products in the region. Meanwhile, Sarevok piggy-backed this plot and with the help of Dopplegangers, would take over the Iron Throne AND become Grand Duke of Baldur's Gate. Thus not only would he control the main source of income, he'd actually control the State as well.

Smart cookie. I almost wish I thought of that.

We progressed further into the caves. I'd give more details if I thought they were necessary, but really: Seen one cave and you've seen 'em all. A dwarf might disagree, but we dont HAVE one in our party so it aint a problem. However, I was nearly killed by this Basilisk.

I protected Minsc from Petrification and he went in by himself.

And by himself he killed 2 Greater Basilisks. Hell yeah! I dont care what you say: That is awesome

We crossed this stream and ran into one more of Sarevok's lackeys.

From him, we learnt that Sarevok has already made his way back to Baldur's Gate. We dont have much time.

Imoen slipped up however and Diarmid realised his mistake. He tried to escape (presumably to warn Sarevok)

We had other ideas however.
Note: His corpse is in the shadows above Imoen. Sorry that you cant really see it

We saw daylight and ran towards it. That ominous voice warned us again, but for the first time in a very long time: I was glad to hear it.

Ahhhh. Is there anything more satisfying than knowing that you've weaseled your way out of yet ANOTHER Iron Thr-er...Sarevokian plot? He must be getting REAL sick of us.

We must find Sarevok to clear our name. We must expose Sarevok for the fraud that he is. We must stop Sarevok from gaining control of the entire world.

Mostly: We must find Sarevok for the sake of kicking his rear end.

We stopped first at the Friendly Arm Inn to rest. It'd been a long and bloody hard few days.

Note: If you skipped the others: Read this one. Trust me.

There I had the last of these dreams. I now know of their purpose: My Murderous nature was trying to break free and it demanded blood. I however grew stronger in the face of its adversity. There was one who had the same trials and tribulations however, but he succumbed to the Darkness.

Sarevok. Another heir of Bhaal. He is the product of what I would've ended up as if I succumbed to the ideals of those dreams.

After that morning, we reached Badlur's Gate. This time under much different circumstances.

Sarevok's already made his mark on the local political scene. He either works fast or he's got plenty of agents we're not aware of.

Scar has been murdered and replaced by somebody called "Angelo". Obviously Scar dug just a little bit too deep.

Out of the pot and into the fire.

Wow, it seems Angelo can dish out the insults but he certainly cant take 'em.

So we're in ANOTHER prison. No Tethtoril to teleport us out this time unfortunately.

On the bright side, we're stuck with a child-killer. Yay? At least he had some useful information as to what's been going on. It seems Angelo is Sarevok's second in command who'll take control if Sarevok ever fails to become Grand Duke, thus he'll still indirectly control everything. He's got pretty much every angle covered doesn't he?

33 Kids. You have to's a decent effort.

Regardless, he showed us the way out. So on the to-do list:

#1) Rescue Duke Eltan
#2) Find Sarevok
#3) Stop Sarevok
#4) Kill Sarevok
#5) ???
#6) Profit.