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Part 34: The Duke's a Hazard

Update #30: The Duke's a Hazard

Now that Sarevok has no lackeys in the way, it's time to rescue Duke Eltan. There's two ways we can go about this...

The first has me casting "Strength" on Imoen and her sneaking past the guards at the gate...

Slipping past the captain at the front door...

Having a hushed conversation with Kent...

Wishing Duke Eltan would shut the hell up so that Imoen can carry him out before the doppleganger notices...

Getting spotted by said Doppleganger...

Running like hell when we're spotted by the Doppleganger, but hiding in the shadows when the doppleganger's back is turned...

And sneaking back out the front with Duke Eltan over her shoulder. She can only do this if you cast "Strength" on her before she tries to pick him up (Or takes the equivilant potion)

However, there IS a more direct route.

Minsc tends to favour this option a lot more.

It involves making Benjy explode into gibs.

I also get to fling the occaisonal fireball.

Khalid gets to slice things up a bit too.

The Doppleganger gets his rear end handed to him.

And we casually stroll outside with Duke Eltan. Both are equally effective, so you can go with whatever you want. Sometimes I like the way Minsc thinks, sometimes I like to go in, get what I want and nick off.

As directed, we took Duke Eltan to the Harbourmaster

He was quite pleased to see Eltan. The Harbourmaster didn't blink with two sets of eyelids so I'm pretty certain that this bloke isn't a Doppleganger.

Well we've killed Sarevok's lackeys.
Saved the Duke.
And destroyed the Iron Throne.

Let's go have a chat to the big man himself shall we?

Imoen snuck in first to see what was going on. Sure enough, there was Sarevok. Smugly he stood there, his menacing armour giving presence to the entire room. The last time I saw him was when he was standing over the body of my slain father. I could feel my magic surge within me, begging to be released, but this was not the right time.

We entered the hall and waited.

Right, so we couldn't stop him from being a Grand Duke. With luck, we can make his reign only last until the end of this day.

We're here to see his plan come to fruition though. He comes in like a knight in shining armour and solves the Iron Crisis, but uses his new position of power to start a war with Amn.

Now it was the right time.

All of the Nobles revealed their true form and attacked the two remaining Grand Dukes. I cast a few defensive spells because this was gonna be a tough fight.

But they were instantly dispelled. I retreated as Minsc, Jaheira, Khalid and Viconia ran to the aid of the Grand Dukes

The Flaming Fist guards ran to assist. Belt defended Liia well and could certainly hold his own in a fight, but against this many powerful opponents? We needed backup.

So Jaheira summoned a few friends to help. Minsc nearly forgot the Dopplegangers and went for the Gnolls, but then he remembered that Dyanheir was still back at the Friendly Arm Inn. He focused his attention back on the Dopplegangers and we started to push them back

Outnumbered, the Dopplegangers fell easily. Belt thanked us for the assistance and Minsc handed over Sarevoks Diary.

Enraged, Sarevok attacked...