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Baldur's Gate

by Hammer Floyd

Part 35: Run.

Update 31: Run.

Sarevok attacked, a rather poor decision on his behalf what with the Gnolls, Flaming Fist Guards and our party. He just wants to cause as much death as he possibly can.

Minsc took a few blows, but then Sarevok realised he wasn't getting anywhere very fast.

Suddenly, somebody else teleported in, grabbed Sarevok and both fell through the Dimension Door. Sarevok still has a few allies it seems.

Belt is very good at stating the obvious. Fortunately, he was able to tell us where he went.

Belt teleported us into the theives guild. Denkod wasn't very impressed to say the least.

After healing up, we went down the stairs into the Theif Warrens.

Another bloody dungeon.

Voleta here gave us some useful advice about what was to come. It didn't sound too different to what we had faced previously. The challenge would be taking our time and being cautious in this maze when we're so close to our goal.

We sent Imoen ahead so she could find and disarm any traps that she came across

Unfortunately, this put her in the line of fire a fair bit.

That "fire" down here came in many dangerous forms. Doom Guards, Skeleton Warriors, Slimes and Jellies all didn't appreciate the 6 of us stomping through their maze.

But sometimes...

The fire was very literal. The traps down here REALLY are as nasty as they were advertised (for a change).

Note: Here's a picture of the maze. I didn't think watching me go through the entire thing would be very interesting, so here's what the maze looks like. Also, this came from It's back

Near the end, we came across the man who teleported Sarevok out of the Duchal Palace.

Sarevok had speared his own mentor. What a bastard. I realised this was the equivilant of me spearing Gorion. How different things would've been if Gorion adopted Sarevok instead of me?

We let the miserable wretch live. Chances are, he wasn't going to survive his wounds anyway.

We found the exit to the maze and looked around. We had reached the Undercity: An ancient city buried under Baldur's Gate. On the far side, we could see a temple, the only thing that wasn't in ruin.

We didn't know what we'd find so we prepared for whatever may be ahead. I cast Mirror Image, Viconia cast Bark Skin and Jaheira summoned a fiery blade.

Imoen snuck ahead and a large group of Bounty Hunters lay in wait. They obviously had the same idea and had a few magical protections of their own. Imoen noticed the emblem of the Iron Throne emblazoned on one of their cloaks.

While I was just out of range, I cast a dispel magic and got rid of all their protections.

That got their attention. Imoen was right, they were from the Iron Throne but they were hunting Sarevok. We were apparantly targets of opportunity.

Imoen jumped out of the shadows and backstabbed Rahvin. We weren't going to go down easy.

Imoen was in trouble, she wasn't able to get away from the pack and half the group focused their attacks on her. Meanwhile, the Ogre and the other tank held back Minsc and Viconia.

Then we saw something every adventurer loathes to see: A Cloudkill spell erupted from the Mage's fingertips. Imoen and Jaheira ran for their lives as the noxious fumes spread.

Unfortunately for them: Their mage was a terrible shot and cast the spell right in the middle of themselves. They weren't able to escape the fumes quickly enough and they all succumbed to their own spell.

The Iron Throne were never really the brightest of chaps were they?

Oh well. To the victor go the spoils.

We met Tomoko outside the temple. She demanded we kill her so that she would be redeemed in Sarevoks eyes.

But since when have we given a rats rear end about how Sarevok saw things? Tomoko had a revelation as to Sarevok's nature and let us be, warning us of what was to come.

She can warn all she likes. I've waited a loooonnnnnnng time for this.

Knock Knock Sarevok.