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Baldur's Gate

by Hammer Floyd

Part 36: Revenge.

Update 32: Revenge.

The door to the temple opened to us and invited us inside.

In the floor on the temple was a gigantic seal with Bhaal's face on it. Sarevok had come to what was probably Bhaal's resting place. I'm sure the arrogant prick would quite like the idea of dying in the same spot that Bhaal did.

He stood at the far side of the pillar. With him stood Tazok, the leader of the bandits who we fought not long after clearing out the Nashkel mines and Angelo, the man who assassinated Scar and framed us.

I was going to enjoy this immensely.

But this was going to be a spectacular fight. I immediately launched a fireball, but Sarevok's mage Semaj launched a stinking cloud. The seal was trapped and suddenly webs appeared at our feet.

This was not going to be a fight we could do head-to-head. Not with the trapped seal at our backs.

We retreated to the east, Imoen retreated further and fired arrows at our foes at an impressive rate. We managed to isolate Tazok and Angelo.

Tazok was surprised when Jaheira managed to restrain him. He obviously had not expected us to survive let alone get as strong as we are now. With Tazok a sitting duck, I launched as many magic missiles as I could into that twisted face. It wasn't long until the face stopped screaming. Jaheira released the Half-Ogre, who slumped to the ground.

Meanwhile, Minsc charged after Angelo. His voice echoed throughout the chamber.

Fear not! I will inspire you all by charging blindly on!

After a dispel magic, Angelo had no protections. He backed himself into a corner which was without a doubt the worst place to be when Minsc has gone Beserk. Once Minsc had finished with Angelo, there was nothing left except a dark red stain on the floor, the walls and a little bit on the ceiling.

However, it seems Angelo was not as stupid as we thought he was. The edges of this temple are cursed; Get too close to the wall and a Battle Horror is summoned. Everybody rushed to Minsc's aid and destroyed it right when his beserker rage ended.

Viconia and I stood just on the edge of Semaj's range. Viconia cast "Hold" which paralysed Semaj. After that it was a simple case of launching the odd fireball at him until there wasn't very much left.

3 Down.

1 to go.

Sarevok was standing, right where we left him. He watched the whole fight happen and let his lackeys die. He challenged us, to which I responded with a few Magic Missiles.

Viconia summoned half a dozen skeletons to absorb some of Sarevok's blows. Sarevok not only hit with a strength that made Minsc envious, he had a rather obstructive magic resistance. To top it all off, he hit two times faster than anybody else. It was going to be very difficult to survive any sort of prolonged onslaught by this beast. We had to act quickly.

Which is exactly what Sarevok did against our Skeletons. They lasted one chop before they would shatter.

With a mighty punch, Sarevok took Khalid out of the fight. Khalid's body flew backwards and rolled down the stairs. This started off being good news for Sarevok, but it had an unwanted side-effect.

You do not make Jaheira angry. After all these days travelling with her, I've learned that people who piss her off generally regret it a few moments later.

Which goes to show how powerful Sarevok is. Jaheira charged in with a summoned flaming sword and attacked. She landed several good blows, each one sending great sparks and flames shooting off Sarevok's armour. However, he only had to hit her once before she was forced to retreat.

The fight however was clearly taking its toll. Not just on Sarevok but our whole team. I mustered all my magical power. I remembered Gorion, Scar, Duke Eltan, the people of Nashkell, the bandits, the assassins, the dopplegangers, the bloody mines and every single member from my childhood who had been destroyed by Sarevok. I had one shot left. I had to make this one count. This one had to finish it.

With all the power I had, I launched the missiles at Sarevok with every intention of ending the fight.

Each missile broke through the armour and struck at the man inside. With a shout that shook the foundations of the temple...

Sarevok fell.

It was over.

The physical form inside the battered armour glowed and evaporated. It was carried away by the wind.

Sarevoks ashes floated across the room, into a hole in the floor

The hole lead to a chamber, miles underground

Sarevok's ashes fell upon a statue of himself

Which then crumbled into dust.

But Sarevok was not the only Bhaalspawn. There was an entire legion of his offspring.

Bhaal is far from dead.

But at least Sarevok and the Iron Throne are.