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Part 37: BUT

So I thought you guys might like to see the end result of the OC.

Annnnnnd in regards to doing the Expansion...


Oh alright, but this is only because you did such a fuckin' good job on Daikatana Suspicious.


As you noticed, updates went to a crawl because I've been so flat out. Also, I'm a little burnt out (what was supposed to be about 15 updates ended up being 33). So I'm going to take a break for a while and come back to LP-ing the Expansion later on. If this thread is still around then, it'll go in here, if not, then I'll just open a new one and we'll go from where we left off.

So until I can be bothered doing the expansion:

Seriously, I would've given this up before we hit Nashkell if it wasn't for all the positive comments and stuff. Also cheers for being possibly the most patient LP audience since GWGs Deus Ex threads. Half the reason I'm not going to start the Expansion straight away is because I dont want to keep you guys waiting around forever for updates.

I wont close this thread yet because I'll start playing through the update and stuff, but I wont start the LP in earnest until I've written the first few updates.

Anyways, thanks again for being a receptive audience, being patient and also for teaching me a few things about BG. You can teach an old dog new tricks .