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Part 9: Part B

Update 7: Part B

Fortunately, I still had an antidote potion from when we cleared out that house in Beregost. I drunk the antidote potion and a healing potion to cure the wound. The spiders fell without any more drama, but that was closer than I would have anticipated.
Note: No seriously. My mage has about 6 hit points. Poison could kill me in about 3 rounds. Bit of an anti-climax, but hey: Gotta have SOME drama!

Right, so we've killed about 30 Kobolds, killed some Ghouls and some huge freaking spiders. SURELY we're at the end now right?

I hate this place so much.

Khalid and Jaheira killed all the kobolds. I thought that Jaheira was pretty useless with her little club. She can kill a kobold off my back any day.

Minsc, the big lunkhead stood in a trap right when Imoen was getting rid of it. Minsc is strong, but very stupid. Imoen got rid of the other two traps near the exit.

We enter the bottom level of the mines. There's a big dome in the middle, obviously the mastermind behind the Kobold attacks is here.

Especially if the guards are any indication. I cop a flaming arrow from a Commando before Dyanheir slugs it between the eyes with a bullet from her sling. Jaheira got stabbed twice by two other Kobolds before Khalid came to her rescue.

We were in no condition to continue. We hated the thought of it: But we needed to rest. Jahiera healed us the best she could, so we hid in a dark corner and rested.

Nothing attacked us during the...I'd say Night because that's what it was when we entered.

A Half-Orc Cleric stupidly revealed that he was behind this mess. He called forth his "Minions". This doesn't sound good.

This is NOT good. Jaheira charged and bashed at the skeletons with her club while Khalid took to the fleshy Kobolds with his sword. Dyanheir stood behind them, using her scrolls and casting spells in support

Meanwhile, Minsc, Imoen and I went for the Half-Orc. Minsc and Imoen attacked him from close range while I interrupted his castings with spells of my own.

Khalid sliced through the Kobolds, but Jaheira struggled with the Skeletons. Dyanheir gave them a bit of breathing room by knocking out the remaining Kobolds

Mulahey yeilded and I accepted, hoping to get more information. With his dying breath, he called more minions to help his cause.

Another group of Skeletons and Kobolds arrived. Mulahey died with a scream. Minsc and Imoen ran to assist Khalid, Jaheira and Dyanheir.

With a bullet from my sling, the final enemy fell, tearing his head clean off. The fight was finally over.

And we were victorious.

I need a drink.

We rescued this mage from imprisonment. We had Dyanheir so we didn't need him. Also: A suicidal mage is not pleasant to have around. Especially since we only JUST got rid of Xzar.

We searched the chest Mulahey talked about and found this letter from somebody called "Tazok". I'd guess that Tazok is another Half-Orc. It's strange because Half-Orcs normally aren't smart enough to pull a grand scheme like this off. I'd say somebody else is pulling Tazok's strings.

We crawled out of the mine...

And into daylight. Never have I been so happy to see it before.
Note for those who have played this:  That's how I deal with the amazon warriors. You wont believe me, but I honestly thought that to get out of the mine, you had to walk allllll the way back through the remaining 4 levels. I honestly didn't know that there was a quick-exit that lead to the bloody tough fight with the amazon warriors. Feel free to call it cheap if you want, but considering there's Nimbul, I reckon that this might be the way the writers wanted you to go. Dont worry, we'll still do that fight, just a bit later. 

The miner told us to go see the Mayor. drat straight we want a reward for this. Sure: Not having our weapons break anymore is kinda cool, but with money: We can buy replacement weapons!

900 bucks? HELL YEAH! SWORDS FOR EVERYBODY! I dont really need it, but 900 bucks is great in any language!

And another Bounty Hunter attacked us. He was stopping me from my drink. This was not a good idea at this point in time.

He found this out very quickly.

Not even these helped him. They WILL help me however.

And now: I'ma getting a drink.
Note: No, seriously: I'm getting a drink. That's the end of this chapter! Cya in 2 days.