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Part 8: Part A

Update 7: Part A
Note: Special treat for you fellas. Since this is a long update, I've broken it up into two parts. You'll get Part A today and Part B tomorrow. I tried to keep this one down a fair bit, but I couldn't, so you'll get 2, 25 image updates.

We returned to Nashkel to a suprising welcome. I'm not going to knock back 200 gold. I just hope we dont run into Grewolf any time soon.

Before taking on the Mines, it was decided that we should arm Dyanheir get a few spells into her spell book. We dont know what's in the mines, so it's best to be prepared

We went to High Hedge and encountered some more Gnolls. This wouldn't be worth mentioning, but one of them...

Had Perdue's sword. Since we're in the area, we might drop off a few things and collect some rewards.

We stocked up what we needed from this pompous prick. He's lucky he sells some oustandingly powerful stuff.

So we went to Beregost and tied up a few loose ends. We weren't welcome in Fedelposts Inn unfortunately.

We went to the mines but were momentarily distracted by a face in stone. We agreed to protect it until the artist had finished, when Greywolf showed up. Apparantly, he wasn't happy about me taking his bounty, so we became his new bounty.

He put up a very tough fight, Both Dyanheir and I used up a lot of spells trying to take him down. In the end however Minsc claimed his sword.

Jaheira healed herself and we gained entrance to the mines.

We entered the first level of the mines and talked to some of the miners. We hoped to gain a greater understanding as to what was going on down here.

Demons? In Nashkell? I find that hard to believe. Exactly how far did these miners dig into the ground?

We examined some of the Ore that was being shipped out of the mine. It had obviously been tampered with, but it didn't seem like it was supernatural.

There was nothing else for us on this level. Time to dig deeper

A panicked Miner ran past us, screaming that demons were approaching, let's see what's happening

Bloody Kobolds! How pathetic! These people could hack a Kobold in two with one of their picks, but instead they scream "DEMON!" and run away.

Even Khalid can deal with Kobolds. He cleaved through two of them before they could even draw their swords.

Those sneaky bastards. We were about to cross this bridge when one of them managed to fling an arrow into me. They may die in two hits, but they can sure fire a bow.

Fortunately, Minsc and Khalid can sure swing a sword and Jaheira is pretty drat good with that club of hers.

These corpses yeilded clues as to what's been going on down here. All 3 of them had arrows stuck in them and Kobold footprints danced around their corpses.

As far as I can tell: The Kobolds hid in the darkness, sneakily killed the miners near any ore and then poisoned the ore and then "dissapeared" into the walls. I doubt these miners ever knew what hit them. Local superstition probably created the "Demon" myth.

Being in these mines still was not a pleasent experience. Shadows played tricks with our eyes and the crumbling rock kept us on the edge for a suprise attack by Kobolds. I can understand why the miners were so terrified of being down here now.

We continued deeper into the mines. A hellish red glow illuminated this lower level, creating more shadows to play tricks with our eyes. Paranoia levels soared, depsite the added light. This fallen miner had a small ring on him that was engraved. We might see if we can find the person who this belongs to

Imoen carefully approached this corridor and carefully disarmed the trap. What viscious creatures these kobolds were. Not only do they play with our minds, but they leave us traps!

Since Imoen is the one in our party who can spot traps: We put her in the lead.

Imoen snuck ahead and found this bridge. A Kobold was guarding it, but she was able to kill it before it spotted her. They left about 3 traps on this bridge, but Imoen spotted and disarmed them all.

And there's GHOULS down here! Not just kobolds! Goddamn Ghouls!

And now there's freaking SPIDERS. Goddamnit, this had better be worth it. I'm a mage so I dont really use weapons or armour. I use spells so this Iron Crisis doesn't really mean anything to me except that it shits everybody around me.

One of the spiders bit me. I felt the poison start spreading through my system. This was NOT good.

End Part 1, Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow!