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Baldur's Gate

by Hammer Floyd

Part 7: The first Gno-ell

Update 6: The first Gno-ell

On our way South to the Gnoll Fortress, we were ambushed by a group of Gnolls and a Winter Wolf. We were obviously on the right path. After killing those Gnolls, I levelled up. Now I can cast more spells and take more hits.

We camped out when we got closer to the fortress. I memorised a few extra spells and we all healed up. As we slept, I had a cryptic dream which seemed somewhat prophetic. I dont understand most of the symbolism, but I'm sure it'll become clear in hindsight when it is no longer relevant.

We arrived in the next area to an Ogre Beserker bearing down on us. Minsc fortunately was already hacking into him before the rest of us could get to it. I got a Chromatic Orb off on the Ogre and it fell easily. Where was Minsc when we went Ogre hunting?

We encountered a bounty hunter who was suprisingly well organised.

However: As I said earlier: A Hobgoblin is still just a Hobgoblin and as a result: Many of them are affected by the Sleep spell. Goodnight Hobgoblins. Minsc's sword broke when he attacked Neville. I had him retreat and find a new sword while the rest of us killed the group of bandits.

Jaheira and Minsc copped a bit of a beating that time. Oh well: To the victor go the spoils.

Khalid has a nice new shiny sword. The advantage of magical weapons is that they're unbreakable.

We found the bridge across the river which seperated us from the Gnoll fortress. After clearing out the Hobgoblins who fired at us with poisonous arrows, we trapped the Beserker at the end of the bridge. Beserkers are bigger and stronger versions of the regular Ogres, but we had him surrounded and soon our onslaught wore it down.

We agreed to help this paladin. After all, how hard can it be to wipe out a few gibberlings?

Oh CHRIST. She said SOME not a LOT of Gibberlings! Swindled by a Paladin?!

So after ALL of that: No reward? Not even some vague advice? Yeah. Great. Thanks a lot. Dont mention it. Dont run into Cyric now or anything.

Now that the Gibberling threat was dealt with and we were across the river, we could now finally reach...

The Gnoll Stronghold...Or Fortress. I forget what they're calling it.

We crossed the bridge to the rocky island where the Stronghold was situated. We met some rather...well...slow Ogrillons. That said: A Slow Ogrillion is a bit of a redundant statement.

HammerFloyd: 2
Ogrillons: 0.

We entered what appears to be some kind of gate marking Gnoll territory and were attacked by 3 Gnolls. Their numbers would only increase the deeper we got. A Mage charging head-first into a fortress of enemies will quickly become a Dead Mage. I put Minsc in charge of the party.

Minsc: ...Hmm...Magic is impressive...but now...MINSC leads! SWORDS FOR EVERYBODY!

This may have been a very very stupid idea.

We marched further up the steps and killed a few more Gnolls along the way. The Xvarts actually had better treasure than these things.

The Gnolls tried to trap us at the top of the stairs. A decent idea, however: Minsc is much stronger than any Gnoll. He sliced through them like a hot knife through butter.

And there's the Chief. We trapped them against the wall. Only one Gnoll could fit between the pit and the wall, but Khalid, Jaheira and Minsc could all attack. We fought them one by one until...

None were left standing.

We found Dynaheir in the pit below. Exactly how hard could it have been to escape from this? There's stairs leading out! Sure, you've got a fair few Gnolls to fight and MAYBE for a Mage it might be a bit hard. That said: Khalid\Minsc\Jaheira would have no problem.

Now I had a choice. Edwin, the psychotic Mage who talks to himself and is generally quite annoying, or Dyanheir who doesn't really have a personality.

Look, I either get rid of Edwin and keep Dynaheir and Minsc, or keep Edwin and get rid of Minsc. It's not much of a choice really is it? Besides, I have a strange feeling that if I tried to kill Dynaheir, then Minsc would get mad. I dont think I'd like Minsc angry at me. I get the impression that when Minsc is mad, throwing magic missiles at him will only make him mad.

So I went for Dynaheir in the interests of keeping Minsc.

Edwin wasn't too happy. Then again: Edwin is never happy. Looks like this wont be the last time we see him.

Suddenly, we were ambushed by Xvarts! Obviously we didn't wipe out their colony as...thoroughly as they thought.

That said: We were very thorough in wiping out this group.

Dynaheir requested that we rest so that she can cast spells again. I forgot that she is also a mage so any bit of mental activity tends to wear her out. However, unlike Edwin, Dynaheir does not talk to herself. When she wants to talk, she talks to Minsc.

That evening: We made our way for the exit. More Gnolls and Xvarts tried to stop us.

We fought our way past them and further down the stairs. Dynaheir protected us by casting her spells.

We finally left the gates of the fortress! We are all heroes, but Dynaheir needed to rest again. I considered arguing, but then Minsc pointed out that I'd be arguing with him. His arguments consist of "Dynaheir says so" and "Would you like to hear what my sword has to say?"

So we found this cave to spend the night in.

We woke in the morning and crossed the bridge and headed back to Nashkell. It was time to investigate the mines and see if we can fix this iron issue, before any of us lose any more weapons.

In this journey: We wiped out a colony of Xvarts, a gathering of Hobgoblins and a Fortress of Gnolls. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this.

Note: My connection was still playing funny buggers with me. Let me know if some of the pictures dont load. I think it's all there, but yeah