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Part 6: MINI-UPDATE! Little things I've missed

MINI-UPDATE! Little things I've missed

Alright guys, since I haven't been able to do a proper update due to 56k goodness, I figure I'll do a quick mini-update to go over the things I've missed and one or two other little goodies.

Firstly: Here's all of Gorion's letter:

Suffice to say: That's ripe with forshadowing, but hey: You'll find out what it all means later.

Here's the Diamond in the first area. You can sell it for a fair whack of gold (I think about 500) which is freaking immense at the start of the game. Useful if your main character is a fighter or other type of tank, but considering that a mage is pretty much restricted to sticks and slings: I didn't find it really useful.

This is an encounter that I dont often see people talk about, but it's one of my favourites personally. Mostly because calling him a tool sorta breaks the fourth wall a little bit.

Since we're here, I thought we'd do the graveyard of Nashkell. Instead of doing a thousand and one screenshots though (oh hear my modem whimper), I'll just transcribe them.

Here lies Andrew. The quality of his Armour was not assured.
One note too many, One day too late
Here lies John W:
Looked up the mine shaft
To see if the cart was on the way down
It was.
A bard of sorts, with skill in rhyme and reason made the words come clear.
He gladly wrote for all to hear and therein lies the rub my friends
He set his starts too far from ends, so "less is more" or go unread.
A lesson learned. Too bad I'm dead
Lukas K
Here lies the body of Rob
If not, please notify the undertakers at once
Here lies Dan M
"When I can no longer stand alone, then it will be time to die
This is the final resting place of Russ.
"Everyone dies. It's how you live that matters"
Forever to be remembered: Marcia
Bestiae sumus, ut non bestiae simus
(Beasts we are, lest we beasts become)

Here lies Greg:
Reader if cash thou art
In want of any
Dig four feet deep
And thou will find a Penny
Chris Parker (1 Kythorn. 1347)
He never returned from his journey up North.
Here lies Scott
"Sleep? I dont need no stinkin' sleep!"
I was Nashkel born
and Nashkel bred
and here I lay
Nashkel Dead!
- Dave H
There once was a man named Don
who fell asleep out on his lawn
They thought he was pretending to be dead
then a tombstone fell on his head
And now Don is long gone.
Here lies Kelly: An Athiest (DEAL WITH IT)
All dressed up
And no place to go
Here lies Rick
Who was always a few links shy of a chain
Here lies Arnel
"You should see the other guy"
Dave F. Slain by 13 Gibberlings, 4 Kobolds, 6 Ogres and 2 Dire Wolves
Ne invoces expellere non possis
(Do not call up that you cannot put down)
Mike: "I feel my body rising towards the light...wait, now it's falling. What the HELL?"
Feargus -
Who said: "Is it done yet?"
"Not yet I bet"
(Once too many)
Here lies Tobyn
Who believed in the good of all
Died at the hands of Zombies while asking for directions
Ross the long haired hippy agitator: Dead
But he was so young and beautiful
Larry's Last words: "Let's split up! We'll cover more ground!"
Dean: The lean mean killing machine died.
Here lies Cass
Mors principium est
(Death is the beginning)
Dan W
He died at a public gathering when the platform gave way
Poor Steve
When we said "Heads Up" old friend, we meant it.
This is the final resting place of Elben
Who lost his life to an Ankheg
Eaten, but never forgotten.
When they said "Animate the dead"
Poor Tony took it literally
Ioin O Gallchobhair
"Mea Gloria Fides"
Beneath this stone, a lump of clay
Lies Mark D the young
Who on the twenty third of May
Began to hold his tongue
Stranger: Tread this ground with gravity
Dentist Mark B is filling his last cavity
Here lies Henrik
who was fatally burned
13 Mirtul, 1358
By the explosion of a lamp
Filled with "PJ Stanfords Non-Explosive Burning Fluid"

There we go. When you click on one of the graves too many times: This bloke appears

You can call his bluff if you like

But as it turns out: He's rather popular

And this is almost always the end result. This is the one fight I've never managed to win and I dont know if the designers ever intended for it to be possible. You get 100 XP per gaurd which is basically nothing (especially considering their difficulty) and you get no good loot from the fight. I'm sure there are people who HAVE won this fight, but it's the one thing I've never been able to do.

Since you wont see it any other time: This is the game-over screen. I'm sure we're all very very used to seeing this now, but hey: It's the only time it'll appear in this thread .

And since somebody asked, I thought I'd show you what happens in the Manor House

The Noble inhabitants dont take kindly to your intrusion, but this isn't very surprising.

Imoen snuck into the bedroom of "Samantha". Samantha doesn't seem to have a very good sense of humour and completely missed Imoen's sarcasm

Before Imoen had a chance to explain what a "Joke" was, a naked man jumped out of the closet and attacked Imoen.

A man wearing no clothes doesn't have a very good Armour Class. That said, it was a surprisingly difficult fight form an unarmed, naked assailant.

There we go. Sorry about the delays people. With luck, I'll get the next proper update up by tomorrow.