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Part 5: Took us long enough

Update 5: Took us long enough

Welcome to Nashkell least that's what we thought. As soon as we entered Nashkell we were hassled by a member of The Flaming Fist. After the walk from Beregost, I just wanted sleep, so I co-operated and ended the conversation as soon as possible.

We enter the inn and are attacked by another Bounty Hunter. I am sick of them now, the novelty of being wanted has worn off.

Enough of this. For the curious? I'm now worth 650 Gold Peices. I wonder if I should hand myself in and see if I can collect the bounty.

After a well-deserved rest, we met with the Mayor of Ghastkill. We told him we'd look into the Iron Crisis. Fortunately, none of our weapons had broken in our adventures.

I hope I just didn't jinx it...

Just south of the Mayor was Minsc. Possibly the best character in the Baldur's Gate series. He's dumb as a brick, but very enthusiastic to get into a fight which makes him good fun to have around. Think Gimli from LOTR, but instead of being a dwarf, he is 8 feet tall and carries a pet Hampster.

A "Minature Giant Space Hampster". Minsc may also be slightly crazy.

We left Montaron and Xzar in Nashkell. They wanted to be in Nashkell, so we took them there. Replacing one psychopath with another might not sound like an improvement: But Minsc at least is interested in butt-kicking for goodness.

The man is very protective of his Hampster, which he calls "Boo". I'd ask where he keeps Boo, but there is such a thing as a question which should never ever ever ever ever ever EVER be asked.

We stopped by the temple to recieve a blessing and heard about Captain Brage. There might be a very good bounty for bringing him in so it's worth investigating a bit later. We may go Captain Hunting later on.

On our way south to the carnival, we met Edwin, a mage who looked strangely familiar. He too wanted to see Dyanheir, but he wanted to kill her instead. Now I wanna meet Dyanheir to figure out what's going on. When the time came: I will either side with Minsc or Edwin

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We also met Noober. Noober asked too many questions. Noober asked what that big weapon Minsc had was for. Minsc demonstrated.

I like Minsc.
Note: I might occaisonally use GIF animations for a bit of variety. I'll always link to them as a thumbnail, that way when you click on it, you'll see the animation from the start instead of coming halfway into it.

We found one helluva secret Stash near some crops. Some Ankheg Plate Armour and a Pearl. Ankheg Plate Armour is one of the best in the game. I gave it to Minsc and sold the Pearl for a decent amount of cash.

We'd seen pretty much all Nashkell had to offer, so we decided to check out the Carnival, East of the town.

There we met Oopah the exploding Ogre. I do admit: I rather enjoyed watching this Ogre explode, especially after our LAST meeting with an Ogre. But I think I overdid it. Oh well. At least Oopah wont have to explode anymore.

In our exploration of the carnival, we interrupted a hypocritical oaf about to kill another mage. With his obvious lack of general intellect, he shouldn't be that much of a challenge.

Appearances can be decieving though and he was actually pretty tough. I got a chromatic orb off before he could cast Mirror Image, but he had plenty more up his sleeve.

Minsc: Fear not! I will inspire you all by charging BLINDLY on!

Oh gently caress...

Minsc went Beserk. This means we lose all control of him and he goes on a rampage. He hits faster, more often and for more damage. This is good if he chooses the enemy you want to kill. This is BAD if he attacks you. In fact: If he does? You're hosed. In here: There was an escape route so I got my party out and let Minsc have some fun.

The mage was thankful for killing her captor and for eventually calming Minsc down. She gave us an Antidote potion and went on her way. We looted the...scarce remains of Zordal and found a very useful peice of equipment.

This heavy robe will protect me against those armed with swords. Very very useful.

Not to mention: I now look like a mage. No more tattered rags for me.

We headed West. Local rumours said that the Gnolls who had captured Dyanheir had some sort of fortress there. A large group of Xvarts ambushed us, but were easily taken care of.

As it turns out: That smaller group was actually part of a larger group. We had unknowingly stumbled into a Xvart settlement. A good 30 Xvarts attacked us and though they may be small, a group that large was going to be difficult

The leader of their tribe seemed to take offence at our... "diplomatic" methods. After calling for Ursa, a loud roar echoed behind us.

So THAT'S who Ursa is. We were in trouble now. We were weary from killing the large number of Xvarts and now a cave bear came to join the fight. Things were not looking good. Edwin and I attacked the bear, launching everything we had at it. The rest of the party finished off Nexlit before joining the fight.

We had just wiped out an entire colony of Xvarts as well as a freaking bear. No matter what anybody says: Today we are awesome. Edwin and I had no spells left so we had to rest to recharge.

We found a nearby cave. This was probably where Ursa lived. Normally, I'd be anxious about entering a cave, but we had already killed the Cave Bear so it was probably safe.

Logic, why must you fail me? Fortunately: This bear didn't put up much of a fight and we were able to make a nice rug out of it.

We woke before dawn and raided the corpses for gold and gems. We were now quite rich and had a pretty decent story to tell in taverns.

I just hope the Gnoll fortress puts up as much of a challenge.