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Barkley's Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden

by N.N. Ashe

Part 9: Sewers Area One

We return back to the sewers with our new cyborgballer ally. As you may have noticed, this tileset comes from Chrono Trigger, specifically the future sewer to death mountain.

This is how encounters are represented in this area, let us give them what for. Oh hey fraps numbers, not sure why they showed up?

Balthios is still resting from our battle with the BBALL monster, and we have new enemies to fight. Whistle can attack for medium damage, has an attack that has a chance to give a stroke to all players, and can suicide for big damage. Unlike most games, there is no health threshold for the whistle to pass before that move has a chance to occur, so this can be the first move he uses, which is why to focus on him. The Ball Spider is slightly brutish, he has a mass of hit points, and inaccurate attacks.
Lets check out Vinceborg's fighting capabilities.

While Vince doesn't have the larger move set of his compatriots, his attack is always accurate, and hits pretty hard and can be manually controlled by using the movement keys to target different enemies and hits 9 times.

Just showing off that Balthios, though on the ground, is still gaining experience.
Another interesting note is experience and gold gained from enemies is significantly increased compared to the first dungeon, and it's quite easy just to go straight to the next town area and skip all the beasties. We won't be doing that for this run however.

This is a battle I really wish I got a surprise round in because they all are significantly faster than the my characters, and could have wreck me. I raise Balthios just to be safe. Oh and to correct a previous statement, He levels up as soon as he finishes this battle alive, instead of at the start of the next battle.

The laser is the best attack to use against these new enemies, ball droids, they can attack with a peanut shooter for medium damage or release a power draining gas. Vince's laser can kill one with only 1 tick of his laser attack. For some reason, they have really high Brain, so Balthios's main attack doesn't usually kill them in one hit, it is a tragedy.

By going straight forward we get to this room, with an -

Oh fuck, Al bhed is on. Lucky for you viewer, I am an al bhed scholar and from my expert opinion, this item isn't worth mentioning. (It's a Chicken Dew.)

Now that the top path is cleared, we move to eastern path.

This looks pretty bad, but with Vince, everything works out. He combat prowess easily matches the both of Barkley and Balthios, maybe even surpasses them.

We drag our busted-ass party to a new area "Cesspool X" as it is known.

Enough of this silliness.

What… What are you?

Vulture Heh, I can forgive your ignorance… This time. I am a human being, just like you, but I have shed the entrapments of my human form and have embraced my animal side. On the surface world I was called Aaron Barber, but here I am known as Aethios Silverwind vulture master of the night. We moved here because of the persecution up above. We never knew that they would hurt us like that after the surgery.

Surgery? Oh… You're those god damned animal people, aren't you?
Barkley! I apologize, Sir Aethios. We're travelers looking for the Cyberdwarf. I have heard he lives in this village and we need to see him.

Aethios Silverwind Cyberdwarf, hmmm… Ah, the newcomer? Yes, he lives here but we hardly see him. He's a real recluse, and I think it's because he's ashamed of his appearance. We don't judge here.

Get out of my way.

Next time, we explore all of Cesspool X!

Lately I've been searching old threads about this game, and one thing I keep coming to is what the sewer symbolizes. This play through, I've been thinking it's internet community at large, and I'm really curious if you guys have thoughts on this.