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Part 25: Micro-update: Sagey's Foreshadowing Corner: Mira Edition

Sagey's foreshadowing corner, Mira edition

I didn't want to kill the proper update with all this extra stuff, but I think it's interesting enough to include.


A millennium of solitude and suffering...Beautiful white wings for you...for the world...death, and destruction! Ha ha ha ha!!

As you may have guessed, is Melodia. They even have the same voice actress to clue you in.

To even further implicate her, at the end of Disc 1, there are several scenes that occur in a row. All of the playable characters get one. Calbren gets one. Ladekahn and Corellia get one. But Melodia doesn't get one...

...or does she?


The game has a really interesting trick – the sort of thing that you'd never notice unless you were looking for it.

Like most RPGs, Baten Kaitos has a menu option for viewing your key items. I took this picture right before I left Anuenue.

And I took this picture right after that cutscene ended.

The game actually tells you that Che is gone the moment it happens. You just have to know where to look.


Glazius posted:

Man, here I was half expecting the viewpoint would just kind of punch out of Kalas and start following Xelha around.

Well, look at that.


What do you think, Legion? Do you think someone really took our End Magnus? Is there really a traitor among us? Is someone lying?

You think so?...Kinda sad, isn't it...