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Part 39: Mizuti vs. Revenge of Zosma Tower

Update 36: Mizuti vs. Revenge of Zosma Tower

Mizuti won the last vote, so it's time to return to the Earth.

Music: Castle in the Sand

Mizuti, it's awful! A little while ago, the Great Kamroh and a few others went deep into Zosma Tower. Kee followed them!

Kee, too? Why did you not stop him?!

We tried, but he wouldn't listen. When he heard that the Great Kamroh was going to try to restore the Ring of Stars for you, he wanted to help...


Wellll...I'm not wild about this, but I guess I can brave the Tower again to save Mizuti's childhood friend bordering on love interest. Let's get going.

The tutorial guy pops up out of this new elevator and tells us we can go to the new basement levels. Which is to say he tells us nothing that isn't evident and screw him I'm not transcribing it.

Sublevel 1

Alright, first things first. I went ahead and made videos, one per floor. I thought about speeding them up but the individual puzzles are short enough I didn't feel it was necessary. So you can watch those if you'd like. As for screenshots, I've added arrows to indicate where the red blocks are going, so that will hopefully improve things a little. Maybe? We'll see I guess.

So for this puzzle, as you can see, there are four blocks stacked in a zigzag.

First, push the right block to the right. This will cause a new red block to fall.

Now, push the other high block to the right, but make sure that the elevator is lined up so the red blocks collides with it. This will make the red block stop a little early.

Now, I can push it into the other high green hole, so that should at least end my elevation worries.

And since I no longer need this block as a stepping-stone, it goes into a green hole too. difficult to explain and the game doesn't even suggest this is possible. But anyway, pushing this block (again, time it with the elevator) will make both it and the other red block line up properly with the remaining green holes, and also raise a platform* so you can push them both.

So push them to their green holes. Puzzle solved!

*push the right one first. The platform you need to stand on will fall if you push the left one first, rendering the puzzle unsolvable. There is no reason to believe this will happen. It's kinda bullshit. Don't worry, this puzzle is the meanest, it gets better from here.

Completing this puzzle opens the way forward AND gives us Mizuti's final class up item! I am very, very pleased with this.

Sublevel 2

The second floor is a pain because you have to do a lot of waiting for the central elevator to bounce between its three stops (the two levels plus going back up the the previous floor). That said, the puzzle is relatively simple.

First, push both of these blocks into the wall. Doing so will spawn frog enemies below, and that's a shame, but we really need them out of the way.

You need to be careful with this block's placement. The idea is we want to climb from the upper level to the other side of the block. If you push it too far, we can't climb down from the red block to push it, rendering the puzzle unsolvable.

All right, that's one block down. Now, how to deal with the other?

First, push it to the middle level.

Now, because we pushed those blue blocks in earlier, we have room for Kalas to sneak to this side of the red block and push it onto the bottom level.

(you can also push it from the left but that pushes it into a corner, rendering it immobile and the puzzle unsolvable)

And then it's just a matter of getting it to the green hole. The enemies will most likely get in the way; there was also a huge dog monster here I had to kill because I just couldn't find a way to push the block around him.

...phew! I'm getting a little tired.

Let's take a real quick break and run a couple of errands in Mizuti's hometown of Gemma.

bracelet? What about it? I wonder how my son, Sabin, is doing. He's adopted, but he's a really good bot. I wonder if he's still in Pherkad...Oh, about the bracelet. My son has one, too. He's adopted...Oh, I told you already, didn't I? Quzman/ I've heard that name somewhere...I don't remember where...Ah! That's my ex-husband! I think...What about him? Aww, he's dying? That's horrible. So I should go to see him, too? Okay, I'll go then. You want me to write my name here?

I assume you have to get Sabin to sign before she will, lest her memory escape her, but I don't know for sure and Sabin's signature is easy enough to get anyway. Although I have to disagree with her about the “good boy” part...although in retrospect, since he's adopted, that makes it at least a bit less creepy that he's boning two of his cousins...

Oh, here's something for you. It's sort of a welcoming present. I don't think you can use it for anything, though.

Awesome! We're getting so close to having all of the's so weird, thinking that I am actually going to finish all of these collect-a-thons for once...

Incidentally, this man disappears once you leave and come back. I guess he left for the Sky and was just waiting here to give us that constellation so it wouldn't be lost forever. It's a rare show of mercy for completionists.

And there's an animal, too! That's +1 to each of the collection sidequests. I think I only have two or three more animals to find, maybe even just one. I'll have to check the list again.

Since I was in town, I also classed Mizuti up. My characters really need to level again, I'll be sure to do that at the end of the update. When was the last time I did that, anyway? Right when I got Kalas back?

Anyway, that's enough putzing around. Let's go back to the tower.

Sublevel 3

This floor is annoying because there's one enemy you HAVE to kill, and you are all but required to clear out the others as well. Upon lighting the torch, your first order of business should be clearing out the ground floor, then pushing the red block as shown.

That ground floor red block can then be used as a stepping stone to get up here and kill this frog. You MUST kill this frog.

Now, use the red block as a stair again, and use the mid-level red block as a stair, too (do not push the mid level red block)...

...and now I can push this red block from the other side. If I hadn't killed the frog earlier, it would be in my way now.

Now we have to red blocks and two green pits. We need to push the mid-level block into the pit closer to the camera (it's impossible to get the ground floor one in there), so let's move the ground floor block a bit...

Phew! One more floor to go!

This floor also offers nice prizes. As annoying as this tower can be, there is some very nice stuff here.

Sublevel 4

This level is kind of hard to figure out at first, but probably the easiest to do once you get the solution. First, push the closest red block like so – do NOT push it into the green pit, just to the lower level.

This creates a bridge to push the other block around in a rectangle like this, and into one of the pits on the opposite side.

The opposite side works pretty much the same way. One creates a bridge for the other to cross. It's actually pretty straightforward, the main challenge is realizing that the blocks don't necessarily go in the pits they are closest to.

We have our final elevator and a save point. It must be time for the boss fight!

Why do you disturb my slumber?

The world is in dire straits due to the resurrection of Malpercio. We come to ask you for the Ring of Stars, which you have wielded in times past.

Hmm...And do you deserve to receive the Ring of Stars?

Evidently not.


Kee does no better.

Very disappointing. The Ring of Stars will not be wielded by the likes of you.

Suddenly, our heroes run in!

Stop, stop, stop it! The Great Mizuti won't allow this to happen!

Hmm...and who might you be?

Mizuti. The Great Mizuti! Just wait. There.

Mizuti runs over to Kee's side. Incidentally, I love how Mizuti is not only so awesome that she tells her moderately frustrated and dangerous wizard ancestors to just fuck off for a sec while she does something more important, but that they actually do.'s nothing.

Why not wait for the Great Mizuti? The Great Mizuti would never let Kee down.

Because you're out doing your best...Fighting so hard for us...I wanted to do something for you...

No, no, no...Kee doesn't need to worry about that. The Great Mizuti be fighting for everybody.

No, that's not the way it should be...When we would go out together, you'd always call yourself “the Great Mizuti” and take the lead, so the monsters would ignore us and attack you. But you no longer need to be the Great Mizuti for us. We'll fight with you, Mizuti. Maybe we won't be that much use, but we'll do our best. All of us should work together, every one of use, not mighty hero. Just be Mizuti, just the way you are, okay?

Kee...Okay. Kee should get a little rest.

Be careful, Mizuti!

Mizuti runs up to the glowing shadow figure...

Okay. The Great Mizuti be ready!! The Great Mizuti be here for the Ring of Stars.

What a little badass.

So Zosma Tower is frustrating and annoying. Kind of fun in its way, but still pretty tedious.

And it's worth every second, because...

Mizuti versus Giant Demon Mizuti!


Sadly, the fight is identical to Xelha's duel with the Snow Queen, so there's really nothing else to show off. But frankly, I think those two pictures are good enough.

Oh, and this, too. Alias Fall is great. Poorly aligned with Mizuti's current element selection, but great anyway.

Wow, Mizuti! You're as great as always!

No no no...It be thanks to Kee, the Great Kamroh, Krumly, everyone!


But, then again...The Great Mizuti still deserves to be called the Great...


Come now, my dear. Why don't we let it pass just this once.

Oh, dear me. Father will never learn...

No, he won't!


I love these people. Mizuti, Kay, and Koh (and Kee) make for a pretty cool family.

Now, that wraps up the sidequest. But there's a little more I'd like to do real quick.

This is found on the first sublevel. I passed up on it before, but let's grab it now.

Its enchanting, rebellious glitter will be an irresistible draw for female visitors! Please let us exhibit it.

These four items are undoubtedly the best possible choices! The shrewdness of your discerning hand has touched my heart. This isn't much, but please accept it as a token of my gratitude.

Hmm...that's as good a note as any to do one more status/leveling up bit. I should have turned in my constellations here too, but I decided to hold off, which was really kind of dumb. Oh well.

Finally got Lyude classed up (I forgot to do it before, when I classed Mizuti up). He's shaping up a bit better than before, but I still hope I can find his ultimate equipment soon. At least he's got the skull earrings for the moment to help out.

Wow, Savyna's stats really skyrocketed with the Fairy Barrette. Good to see.

Gibari's equipment is rather outdated. I better get him something new sometimes soon, too. Even so, his atk/def seem to be doing just fine, but his agility is back to being kinda crap.

Oh, so that's why Xelha was doing such little damage to Rampulus. Holy cow her ATK is low. I need to find her a new equip too. I really should have gotten that anklet after beating Malpercio. Too late now, though.

By the way, Xelha got ten level ups. It really has been ages since I've done this.

Holy shit Kalas is a badass


...The Great Mizuti is the biggest badass of them all.


Take a good look at this mask!

>> Arcana! Alias Fall! <<


Decision Time!

Who's next?