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Part 40: Savyna vs. A World Without Sunscreen

Update 37: Savyna vs. A World Without Sunscreen

All right, it's time to go back to the Empire for what may well be the last time.

This area only appears after Catranne informs us of all the sidequests, so it's a good place to start.

Hey, look, Lady Death! She's back!

You're safe...We made it in time.

Boy, am I glad to see you! We could really use your help around here. So far we've managed to avoid any serious confrontations with the monsters. But there's a nest of ghouls ahead that we weren't able to get through. With your help, we should be able to fight our way through it and get to the other side safely.

Understood. But...why didn't you guys just leave to save your own hides? The Azhani villagers must be making things difficult. Why are you helping the ones you once helped to slaughter?

Uh, you're one to talk, Savyna.

Hmm...I can't say for sure. Back then, we were on a mission. As the world got caught up in this mess, I felt the least we could do is save what lives we can...I guess that's what I figured. I'm not so sure myself. Some of my men have deserted to save their own necks. I guess that's somewhat understandable. At any rate, what brought you here?


Hmmm. You've changed, Savyna. Well, let's get some rest and set off first thing tomorrow.

I'm glad all of you came, too. Welcome to our little hell. I really appreciate the help.

Well, Azdar seems like a pretty cool guy. Anyway, the group starts walking off, but...

Looks like the Mad Wolf Unit maybe still hasn't earned Azha's forgiveness...

Video: Savyna talks a bit

Music Dusty Wind

Being near Azha, the village where this whole mess started...Being with the villagers, even being allied with them...I never saw this day coming.

I'd say life goes that way for everyone. More or less. Not knowing what lies ahead is half the fun, right?

Maybe so...

Two years ago, after Operation Sweep...I took part in another mission. Our target was in Mira. His name was Georg. But all I could do was stand and watch as Giacomo and the others tore his place up. I just watched and waited outside. When it comes to fighting, I have no trouble getting the job done, without any fear or remorse. That part of me will never change. But from that point on, I knew I could never hurt the innocent, the defenseless. When I realized that, I turned my back on everything I had, and ran...

Kalas...I was there that night, as an Imperial soldier. I was one of those who killed your family. When this battle is over...There's no need to hesitate. Do what you need to do to avenge them.

The only thing I was taught as a child was how to fight, how to kill. I've known Azdar since way back in those days. Some called me a killing machine...which was exactly what I was. I only knew how to kill...nothing else. So that night, when part of me refused to fight, I had no idea what to do. All I could do was to drop everything and run away, to run as fast as I could...I already told you about what happened later, back in Anuenue. I moved from place to place, and met one of the witches from Wazn. She told me where to find a cause, something righteous to fight for...So I waited there, in Anuenue, for my battle to begin...The waiting itself wasn't so bad. weren't just waiting for a cause, were you? You were waiting for somewhere to die, something to die for...Weren't you?

Hmm...Could be.

Well, never mind. It's just that I've never seen you so talkative.'re right. I just felt like opening up, I guess. I just needed someone to listen.

...Everyone has nights like that...

Savyna, you and your friends should follow us at a short interval, securing the area. I've asked the villagers to wait here for now. Once we've secured an escape route, we'll come back and escort them out.

Understood. Be careful, Azdar.

Yeah. I don't get hurt that easily. We'll teach those ghouls to fear the Mad Wolf Unit.

All right, gameplay time!

First of all, the barrels near this guy have water. We will need to take at least three.

Savyna's class up item.

By the way, remember that guy who gave me prizes for feeding lava to children? Well, he's set up a shop.

He sells some nice things. I went ahead and passed the food to Mizuti. In case you've forgotten, the Shampoo is what I need to unlock the final six songs in the Magnus aging it for two I'll be leaving the Wii on a lot. Incidentally, I guess this means that there is a mandatory two week gap between when I got it (two days ago) and when I can start with the very last updates, but between my snail's pace and how much content is left I doubt that will be a major issue.

Oh, and this is waiting at the entrance. Nice. Anyway, I made a quick run to the church to class Savyna up and came back.

All right, leaving the cave through the north exit will take us into the desert proper. A guy standing at the exit will give us the compass; the arrow indicates Azdar's position, and the blue dot indicates where there's a water source nearby.

These are the only enemies around. They're okay powerful but nothing special, and like most undead desert monsters are heavily weak to water and light.

The idea is, of course, to get from the start to the goal. However, every time you pass from one screen to another, you lose one use of Pristine Water. If you run out and try to leave the screen, Kalas will pass out and wake up back at the cave, forcing you to start over. This is why you need three Pristine Waters, to reach the nearest Oasis. Also note that you can't reach Azdar's section through the red lines – there sand is too deep there and Kalas won't cross it. Oh, and trying to go outside the grid doesn't work and takes a use of water. Finally, the game also seems to run a timer, and automatically takes a water use after a minute or so, regardless of where you are or if you're crossing a boundary or not.

Basically, you need lots of water all the time.

Furthermore, there are several survivors of some sort of wreck out here. If you give them a Pristine Water, they'll give you an item in return. This guy gave me a Red Impulse – the map shows the other various rewards.

Another animal for Wazn hangs out at this Oasis.

All right, yet another sidequest that furthered each of the collectathons! Good thing we came out here, huh?

Oh, good, I'm running out of water.

Son of a bitch! Well let's try going west. I have one more water, after all.

...And so my game decides that my time is up and checks for the water I just spent to get this far, and knocks Kalas out.

Incidentally, the kids tell you that Azdar dragged you back here, which is weird because aren't we going out there to find him? I guess it's better than the kids going out and dragging you back themselves.

So I went back out, collected everything, saved the wreck victims, and found Azdar...

Oh god, not this again.

Music: Metallic Stroke

Welcome to the Sowzana battle. It's...kind of a drag, honestly. Remember Agyo and Ungyo, the twin bosses of the top floor of Zosma Tower? Well, it's like a fire-based version of the defense-oriented one.

Since the enemy is heavily fire based, Savyna with a water setup can do quite well for herself. Unfortunately, I had a lot of trouble getting a good combo set up for her, not so much because of her fast attacks, but just because I never seemed to get the right numbers at the right times. Perhaps I should check her deck again and see if I can't line those up.

Obligatory Sforzando pic

This is why this fight is so boring. The boss is already a bit tanky, but using this just makes the fight drag on for much longer than it really needed to be.

On a related note, this is after he used the Orb, and Xelha still broke 2000 damage. Serves me right for bashing her offense earlier.

The boss can unleash some respectable hurt once it's HP drops (and since it has that defense boost it can stay at critical health for a while), but still nothing I can't easily manage. The finisher can also paralyze, but since he mostly went after the Skull-equipped Lyude, that wasn't an issue either.

Okay, I'm calling bullshit on this.

Not on the boss being a mutant version of the girls' father, but on the girl actually somehow making it all the way out here without turning into something's deep-fried lunch.

The boss hits Savyna, who just stands there holding a defensive position...

After the mission, I remember bodies being thrown into a pit, deep in the Lava Caves...Those bodies must have been tainted by Malpercio!

Is it wrong that this cracks me up? It's like Kalas was going to take action in a scene where he wasn't supposed to, so the game created a sudden quicksand pit as a way to keep him from doing so.

The boss keeps beating Savyna up, and she keeps doing nothing...

The monster attacks the little girl...

I'm sorry for what I did two years ago...Please forgive me. But this is not your daddy...He's gone.

We should...let it sleep...right?

<sob> ...uh...huh...

Good girl, good girl. Savyna!

Savyna gets up, nods, and...

Punches it in the face as the screen fades to white.


Thank you, Savyna. If it wasn't for you and your friends...

Don't get mushy on me.

The little girl walks up to them...

Don't you ever go following someone again without permission. Okay?

What's the matter? Do you want to tell us something?

She holds her hand out to Savyna...

…? Is this...for me?

The monster...that stole my daddy's face...You didn't fight back...even though it attacked you...again and again...Thank you.

She runs off...

Thanks...Thank you!

Looks like an Azhani design. A token of their craftsmanship. Likely her father's...


I'll see you, Savyna. Good luck.

You too, Azdar. Stay strong.

Hey, that went pretty well! I'm glad that Savyna finally got her time in the limelight, but I guess it's time for us to move on to someone else.

Oh, but before I do,

It's almost as powerful as the Void Phantom, and that 20% death is nice. Too bad I can't find some more good magnus for her...


Decision Time!

Xelha or Gibari?

And to think that I used to believe peaches were useless.