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Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

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Part 46: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Update 42: Lather, Rinse, Repeat


There's not much left to the castle. Only one hallway connects this room to Malpercio's throne, and it's just another hallway with crawly hands running all over it.

Let's move on to the showdown.

Video: She be crazy

Music: Divine White Bell

Welcome, my friends, to the Throne Room of the Gods! You arrived just in time, for the feast is about to begin.


She's behind the dialogue box, in case you're wondering why you can't see her.

How do you feel after shedding those beautiful white wings, reverting from the white raven that you could have been, to a pathetic, black goat?

Melodia. We came for you. Let's go home, together.

Go home? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Home, you say? You have a way with words. Do you really think I'll let you leave this room alive? I guess it's about time to wrap things up. Honestly, I'm getting tired of having to play all these games with you...I must bid you farewell. Many happy returns. There's nothing to worry about, as everyone outside will be joining you very soon...

You may have given me life...But I'll be putting you back to sleep! I promised you, Malpercio, to send you back to the depths of darkness...Your thousand years of suffering...Your thousand years of despair...It all ends here!

Music: Supreme Ruler of the Nine Heavens

All right, it's time for the Malpercio redux! This fight plays out quite similarly to the Duhr battle, so there's not too much new to worry about; the only major difference is that Malpercio has gotten a power boost and can do a good 1500 damage if you don't get some good Light defense magnus up.


Hmm. Could have been better, but still pretty damned painful.

Not too bad either. I never did get a good straight with Savyna, but she can still dish out some respectable damage with pairs and triplets and the like.

He still hits like a truck, but he can't do enough damage to even come close to offsetting what I'm doing to him.

Meemai vs. ancient god of evil!

Meemai is victorious!

Music: Chaos Awakened

How could mere mortals overcome the powers of a god? Impossible?

There is a line, Melodia, which cannot be crossed.


It is beyond the means of us mortals to revive the true power of the gods of old...


Grandfather...Even you don't understand, do you, Milord? Look at me! I'm no longer the weak and sickly Melodia I once was. As true heir to the Duchy of Mira, I have claimed the End Magnus, and harnessed the power of the gods of old!

No, Melodia. It was not you who harnessed their power. It was they who came to take you back.

What are you talking about, dear Grandfather?

Melodia...I can no longer hide the truth from you...

Well, I was wondering what would happen if Calbren and Melodia got to talk. I guess it's time to find out...

Stricken by the plague, as Father and Mother were? can't be true! Then I am but a shadow...a fake...An empty shell, restored to a feigned existence by the End magnus...Is that what I am?! Back from the dead...I belong to darkness...Just like Malpercio.

That night, in my state of depression, I heard a voice, a whisper...It claimed it could bring you back to life, using the power of the End Magnus. I could not accept my loss. I could not stand losing you! I could myself...Let us finish this now, Melodia. With our combined efforts, we can return Malpercio to the End Magnus that bore him, and banish him again, this time for good.

The End Magnus...granted me life? I was the one being manipulated?

Ha ha ha ha ha...


How hilarious! All of it! The gods had arranged everything, an entire millennium ago?! Why did you bring me back to life?! Why didn't you leave me alone, so I could die in peace?!

Melodia turns back to Malpercio, pauses for just a second, and then...

...Jumps inside him?


Malpercio...He took her into his being!

The empty vessel...Now has a soul...

The other gods...What's happening?

The other gods erupt into blue fire and fly into the light...

Ooookay, now THAT is a god of evil.



The two leaders fire piddly little magic beams at Malpercio, accomplishing nothing.

No one, nothing may escape from the curse...Escape from destruction...

Malpercio does his usual laser rain, but this time...


Malpercio jumps through the roof, and Fee's image disappears...

Everybody okay?!

Yeah. Fine.

The Great Mizuti be alive and kicking!

Kalas! We must end Malpercio's reign once and for all!

Let's finish this, Kalas!

We can do it!

You bet we can! Let's do it!

Well, here we are. The very last save flower in the game...


I'm getting kind of thirsty!

> Yeah, I'm parched.

> I'm good for now.

What brought you here, Legion?

> I followed my heart

> The voice acting.